Impact Wrestling Results (2/17)

Impact Wrestling Results (2/17)

Impact Wrestling Results (2/17) – The show opens with a video package recapping the opening events of last week’s episode of Impact. The removal of Josh Alexander is a huge blow to Team Impact. A replay of Moose’s brutal chair attack on the back of W Morrisey’s neck is also shown.

Moose kicks off the show for an in-ring contract signing segment with Scott D’Amore. Moose acknowledges the chaotic nature of contract signings, and he points out Morrisey’s absence. He also alludes to the possibility of Morrisey missing this weekend’s championship bout.

D’Amore vows to give Morrisey the next two days to make it to the match. He professes his faith in Morrisey’s ability to show up. Moose warns D’Amore that if Morrisey shows up this weekend, he’s stepping into the ring with a wrestling God. Moose brings up D’Amore sending home Josh Alexander for being a hothead and says he won’t send home another one for being a hothead.

D’Amore shrugs off Moose’s comments and asks him to continue through with the contract signing. Moose tells D’Amore to prepare to send another talent home after this weekend. Moose signs the contract and walks out of the ring with the title in hand.

On the ramp, Morrisey makes a surprise appearance and lands a big boot on Moose’s face. His eyes are set on the destruction of Moose. Morrisey launches Moose off the stage in a continuation of the violent ambush.

He hits Moose with a massive chokeslam off the stage to put an exclamation mark on the assault. Morrisey signs the contract, and the World Championship match is now OFFICIAL.

Commentary gives their official predictions for the championship and their faith is firmly behind W. Morrisey.

Backstage Gia Miller catches up with The Bullet Club. She references their six-man tag match later tonight. However, Chris Bey interrupts. He promises to win the fatal four-way match for the X-Division Championship at Impact Wrestling’s No Surrender.

Jay White says he will give The Bullet Club three wins at Impact Wrestling’s No Surrender. He claims it’s not fair for Eric Young to have to face him. He says Eric Young is trying to create a bootleg Bullet Club on Impact. Jay White wants to give VBD a taste of what Bullet Club’s all about.

Masha Slamovich vs Kiah Dream

Commentary isn’t giving Kiah a chance in this one. They’re ready to witness Masha maul her like a bear. Masha starts with a headbutt on Kiah and follows it up with a powerful Hammer. This match could be over, but Masha isn’t done. She’s enjoying herself too much.

Masha lands a Russian Dip Device on Kiah and remains undefeated. It was short and sweet and to the point. Masha continues to plow her way through the Knockouts division.

Winner: Masha Slamovich

Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match: Ace Austin vs Blake Christian vs Laredo Kidd 

Triple threat matches are often a lot of fun, and this shouldn’t disappoint. The actions starts fast and furious. Laredo Kid lands a picture-perfect dropkick on Christian followed by chops in the corner. Before he can get much momentum Austin attacks him. Austin tosses Kid out of the ring, but before a high-flying maneuver, he’s attacked by Christian. Christian attempts a suicide dive to the outside, but Austin is protected by his ace in the hole, Fulton.

With everyone outside, Kidd dives off the top rope and takes everyone down. He doesn’t maintain control long because Austin takes him out. The actions stays in a frenzy when Christian wipes out Austin. Nobody is staying in control longer than a few seconds. Total bedlem!

Austin slams Christian’s face off the mat following the commercial break. Austin attempts to make the cover on Kid, but he’s able to power out. He stomps Kid in the corner in the longest time of control in the bout thus far. Christian tries to intervene, but Austin keeps him down. Austin executes a belly-to-back suplex on Kid to further beat him down.

Kid’s able to reverse an Irish Whip to the corner and hit Austin with a flying forearm splash. With Austin down, Kid goes to the second rope, but he misses. Christian regains control of the match with a gutbuster to Kid. He got every bit of it.

With Kid in the corner, Christian nails a forearm splash of his own. Christian completes a split-legged moonsault off the second rope, but he fails to capitalize in time to win. Christian leaps out of the ring and hits a double reverse DDT onto both opponents. Perfect precision!

Commentary puts over all three as a threat to Trey Miguel’s championship at Impact Wrestling’s No Surrender. All three are showing out. Christian lands another dive through the ropes taking out both Austin and his security Fulton. The crowd’s chanting “this is awesome”, and it’s hard to disagree with that.

Kid evades Christian’s attacks and spikes him with a poisonrana. Up top, Kid hits a frog splash, but Austin’s able to break up the pin in time. With Austin back in control, he lands a devastating kick on Kid. Before he can take out Christian, he’s hit with a running Spanish fly. Unfortunately for Christian, it’s not enough to secure the victory.

On the top turnbuckle, Christian hits a beautiful stomp on Kid which looks enough to win. However, Austin out of nowhere nails Christian with “The Fold” and secures the 1, 2, 3. He’ll challenge for the title at Impact Wrestling’s No Surrender.

Winner and NEW #1 Contender: Ace Austin

Lady Frost vs Gisele Shaw

It’s time for the Impact Wrestling in-ring debut of the “Quintessential Diva”! Commentary puts over Gisele’s destiny for the spotlight. For someone who hasn’t wrestled in the company yet, they’re putting her over big-time.

Things kick off with Shaw pushing Frost with her finger across the ring. Frost tries to take her down with a head scissors, but Shaw lands on her feet. So far, the women at a standstill.

Shaw whips Frost into the corner, but she takes two boots to the face. With Shaw in the corner, Frost lands a cartwheel cannonball on Shaw’s face. However, Shaw’s able to regain control with a Randy Orton type of middle rope DDT. Frost is reeling.

Shaw lands a big right to the jaw of Frost and follows it up with a running uppercut. Before she can land a second one, Frost counters with a strike of her own. Shaw quickly regains control with a knee to the back of Frost’s head.

Frost downs Shaw with a hard kick to the side of the head. Frost is firmly in control. With Shaw down, Frost lands a flawless moonsault off the top rope. Everyone thought that was it. However, Shaw stays in the match and powers out of the pin.

Shaw takes control and smashes Frost to the mat with a top rope Spanish Fly. These women are tearing the house down in this contest. Shaw executes a corkscrew from the middle rope, and that’s enough to claim the victory.

Winner: Gisele Shaw

Backstage Honor No More is interviewed about their big match this weekend. Kenny King says it doesn’t matter if it’s Chris Sabin in the ring because he’s going to take him out. He promises Sabin will bend a knee to the king.

Kenny King vs Chris Sabin

King’s able to take down Sabin right away which could set the pace for the bout. He rolls out of the ring leaving Sabin alone. Once King’s back in the ring he hits Sabin in the gut with a forceful stomp.

Sabin takes a page out of King’s book and rolls out of the ring after hitting a move of his own. The psychology’s strong in that match right out of the gate. Sabin locks King in a side headlock, but King’s able to escape. King runs off the ropes and finds himself on the receiving end of a hip toss.

Honor No More distracts Sabin long enough for King to regain control. King lands a series of strikes on Sabin’s face, but it’s not enough to get the pin. Back on his feet, Sabin hits King with strikes of his own. He doesn’t stay in control long because King is quickly on top with a modified clutch submission. Sabin reaches for the ropes, and he’s able to break up the submission.

Sabin finds reprieve in the corner, but King still gets the best of him. After a kick to Sabin, King attempts another pinfall. Yet again, it’s not enough to win. King locks Sabin in a chin lock, but Sabin elbows his way out of it. Sabin attempts his first pin of the match, but once again, he can’t keep King down for long.

Both men struggle to get back to their feet, but Sabin’s able to do so first. He lands a series of clotheslines on King followed by a back body drop. Sabin lands a kick to the face in the corner and is showing his first signs of true momentum. He follows with a powerful tornado DDT from the turnbuckle, but it’s still not enough to win.

Sabin runs off the ropes and finds himself on the receiving end of a King spinebuster. King goes to the outside which allows Sabin to hit him with a kick to the face from the apron. A crossbody nearly puts away Sabin, but it’s not enough. King swings wildly and misses and instead meets Sabin’s foot from a superkick.

King destroys Sabin with a Tiger Driver, but he can’t secure the victory. Sabin regains control and hits King with a backslide for the pin! That’s a blow for No More Honor ahead of Impact Wrestling’s No Surrender.

Winner: Chris Sabin

Backstage, Team Impact is in complete disarray. However, they realize they must stand shoulder to shoulder if they’re going to win this weekend at Impact Wrestling’s No Surrender. Everyone reluctantly agrees to the plan, so the match is set!

Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans vs Impact Knockout’s World Champion Mickie James & Chelsea Green

Green & Steelz start things off for their teams, but Steelz quickly tags in Evans. Green tries to roll Evans up for the pin, but she can’t match Evans’ power. She catches Evans and slams her face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Green tags in James and the two hit Evans with a double flapjack. James goes for the quick cover, but Evans easily powers out.

Evans rams James into the corner and tags in Steelz. This is a little taste of what’s going to go down at No Surrender. Steelz huts James with a big uppercut to the corner, but James counters the second one. Instead, she sends Steelz for a head scissors ride.

Impact Wrestling Knockout’s World Champion James tags Green back in who tries to cover Steelz. Green gets the best of Steelz and hits a modified move that looks like Charlotte Flair’s natural selection. Evans tries to intervene, but Green kicks her off the apron.

With Green focused on Evans, Steelz can take advantage. Green fends Steelz off, but Evans launches Green off the top rope and into the mat.

After the commercial, Steelz is firmly in control of the match. Steelz hits a knife-edged chop on Green that echoes throughout the arena. Green lands a sunset flip and attempts a pinfall, but it’s not good enough. She is still alive. Steelz runs after Green, but she’s hit with a hellacious back body drop by Green.

Steelz attempts an elbow drop on Green, but she misses wildly. She doesn’t stay down long and tags Evans by in the match. Evans stops Green with her power from tagging James in the match. With the ref distracted by James, Steelz and Evans can pulverize Green in the corner.

Evans sets Green up for a powerbomb, but she slips out and tags James back in. James is cruising and takes down the giant Evans. James climbs on Evans’ back and tries for a sleeper. She doesn’t hold it long because Evans tags Steelz back in. James lands a flapjack and sends Steelz facefirst into the mat.

James hits her signature Mick Kick on Steelz, but Evans breaks up the pin just in time. Evans takes out Green who tries to get involved, and she gets planted with a DDT to the mat. With James distracted, Steelz lands a crucifix bomb and plants James for the victory. If she does that this Saturday, she’ll become the new Impact Wrestling Knockout’s World Champion.

Winners: Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans

Bullet Club w Chris Bey vs Violent By Design

Eric Young & Jay White start the match which is a nice preview for their Impact Wrestling No Surrender match. They lock up, and Young hits White with an insulting slap to the face. The two trade chops in the corner until White hits Young with a back body drop. White tags in Loa, and Young tags in Deaner.

Before anyone can do much, Loa tags in Tonga who hits Deaner with a powerful jumping neck breaker. Doering is tagged in next and slams all three Bullet Club members into different corners. The number’s game is too much for him and they can power him out of the ring.

Violent By Design are all tossed out of the ring with Bullet Club standing tall as we head to the commercial. Doering is in control when we return from the commercial break. Doering beats down Tonga’s arm before tagging Young back into the match.

Tonga tries to battle out of the corner, but VBD stops him. Tonga can’t knock down Doering no matter how hard he attempts. Doering nails a crossbody on Tonga before tagging Young back in. VBD makes frequent tags as they beat down Tonga in the corner.

The ref counts as Deaner pushes Tonga’s neck into the bottom rope. He makes the break and tags big man Doering back in. So far, Doering cannot be stopped in this match. Tonga finally escapes Doering and tags Loa back in. Doering begs Loa to give his best shot, but Loa’s unable to take him down.

Both men nail one another with clotheslines before they both fall to the mat. Youn and White are tagged in, and once again it’s the leaders facing off. White rips into Young’s chest with a series of deafening chops. He whips Young into the corner, but Young escapes the ring. White counters Young’s attempt at offense and keeps him knocked down.

G.O.D. work together to finally take down the big man. They take a dig at The Good Brothers by nailing Doering with a Magic Killer. Insult to injury!

VBD tries to turn things around and Young lands a perfect elbow drop on a fallen White. It’s still not enough to secure the victory, however. Deaner tags himself in, but he’s taken out by Loa & Tonga before he can do anything. White’s able to capitalize on their attack and picks up the win for Bullet Club.

Winners: Bullet Club

After the match, The Good Brothers appear at the top of the ramp, and tease this weekend’s dream match!

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