Impact Wrestling No Surrender Results – February 19, 2022

Impact Wrestling No Surrender Results - February 19, 2022

Impact Wrestling No Surrender Results – February 19, 2022 – Chapel Hart sing the national anthem to open the show.

Video package running down tonight’s card.

The first man out tonight is Chris Bey for the Number One Contendership for the X Division Championship. Out next is Ace Austin, accompanied by Mad Man Fulton. Out next is Jake Something, then the final man is “Speedball” Mike Bailey.

X-Division Championship Number One Contenders Match: Ace Austin vs. Chris Bey vs. Jake Something vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey

Austin and Bailey form an alliance, Something takes out both of them, Bey catches him in a cover, 2 count. Something clotheslines Bey out of the ring. Bailey ducks under a strike and hits combination kicks, take out Something, Bailey with a double dropkick, Something hits a big Thez press. Something suplexes Bailey out of the ring onto the other men, then hits a suicide dive onto all 3 men.

Something with a splash in the corner to Bey, Austin his a flying kick, then a facebuster, cover 2 count. Austin with kicks to Something, knee to the face, forearm, kick, kick, roundhouse kick, cover, 2 count. Bey and Austin with kicks to Something, Bey with a Superman Punch to Bailey. Bey dives to the outside onto Bailey. Austin with a superkick to Bey, Bailey with a moonsault onto all 3 men.

“Speedball” chants for Bailey, roundhouse kick to Austin, Something catches a dive and hits a Powerbomb after an Austin kick, Bey hits a Poisonrana, Bey covers, 2 count. Bailey blocks a cover with a Shooting Star Press. Something takes out Bey and Austin with big right hands. Something with a Spear in the corner, Bailey and Austin hits a double superkick, Bey hits a cutter, Austin breaks the cover. Austin with a clothesline to Bey on the top rope. Something catches a dive and hits Into The Void, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Jake Something!

Commentators Tom Hanifan and Matt Rehwoldt run down tonight’s card.

Eric Young video package.

Jonah makes his entrance for our next match, Jonah has the skull of a bull around his neck. Black Taurus is out next, accompanied by Crazzy Steve.

Black Taurus vs. Jonah

Lock up, Jonah powers Taurus to the corner. Lock up, Jonah wrings the arm, Taurus with a big right hand, then another right hand, chop, shoulder block has little affect. Taurus with a roundhouse kick, goes for a Thez Press but Jonah overpowers him. Jonah clotheslines Taurus out of the ring. Taurus throws Jonah into the corner post, Taurus hits a suicide dive! Taurus hits a spinning dive!

Back in the ring, Jonah picks up Taurus over his head and throws him into the corner. Jonah hits another overhead throw, headbutt, another headbutt, then a bearhug. Taurus with back elbows, jawbreaker, Jonah hits a back elbow of his own. Jonah with chops in the corner, Taurus with high boots, then a running dropkick, reverse Slingblade, then a Crucifix Bomb, cover, 2 count. Taurus with a running uppercut in the corner, then a high boot, Jonah hits a splash in the corner, Taurus with a headbutt, Jonah with a running splash.

Taurus with a kick to the face, climbs to the top, then hits a twisting Senton, cover, 2 count. Taurus with a headbutt, Jonah picks up Taurus then throws him off the top rope, then Jonah hits a Thez Press from the second rope, Jonah hits a Powerbomb, cover, 2 count. Clothesline from Jonah, then a Splash from the top rope, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Jonah!

Jake Something is interviewed backstage, says he beat 3 of the X Divisions finest, he is the best he has ever been. He cant wait to beat Trey Miguel. Miguel interrupts and says he has no intentions of losing his belt. Ace Austin comes in and mocks Miguel for not having any friends, they set up a tag match for next week.

Video package for Eric Young vs. Jay White. Eric Young is the first man out, accompanied by Violent By Design. Violent By Design leave at the stage and Young goes to the ring alone. Jay White is out next.

Eric Young vs. Jay White

Both men mouth off, lock up, White gets a headlock, shoulder tackle, Young get a shoulder block of his own. Chops back and forth, Young with kicks in the corner, White blocks a suplex, hits a back body drop. White throws Young into the ring apron, White with a big chop, another big chop, Young whips White hard into the turnbuckle. Young with stomps in the corner, then a guillotine from the top rope. White hits a DDT, running uppercut in the corner, then a twisting Suplex, cover, 2 count.

White with a chop, then stomps in the corner, Young hits a DDT. Running elbow then a discus clothesline. Young with a Death Valley Driver, cover, 2 count. Strikes back and forth, Young gets the upperhand, White knocks him off the top rope. Young bites at White, then hits a Elbow from the tope rope, cover, 2 count. White hits a back body drop, then hits a Uranagi, cover, 2 count. White with a back suplex, then a Flatliner on the apron. Both men gauge at each others eyes, Young hits a Piledriver on the apron!

Young covers, 2 count. White with a quick cover, 2 count. Young gets a rollup, puts he feet on the ropes, White kicks out at 2. White hits the Half and Half Suplex, then hits the Bladerunner, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Jay White!

Ace Austin confronts Speedball Mike Bailey backstage, Austin asks him to he his tag partner. Bailey says he doesn’t want to be in a tag team. Austin says Miguel doesn’t respect him, they need to give this a shot, then they shakes his hand.

Deonna Purrazzo makes her entrance for the Champ Champ Challenge. Her opponent is… Miranda Alize! Alize choese the Ring Of Honor Women’s World Championship.

Ring Of Honor Women’s World Championship: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Miranda Alize

Lock up, Alize gets a rollup, 1 count. Purrazzo escapes a crossface, Alize with a dropkick to the knee, big chop, arm drag, another arm drag then a hurricanrana. Alize with a dive to the outside. Alize covers, 2 count. Purrazzo with a trust kick, stomps to Alize, short arm clothesline, cover, 2 count. Purrazzo with a surfboard submission, knees to the back, Alize with a rollup, 2 count, another rollup, 2 count. Purrazzo hits a kick to the face, a chop, chops in the corner.

Alize escapes a splash, Spikerana to Purrazzo. Forearms back and forth, Purrazzo with a running back elbow, Alize returns fire. Alize with strikes in the corner, running forearm, boot to the face, cover, 2 count. Purrazzo with a Exploder suplex, cover, 2 count. Alize with a ripcord knee, into the Miranda Rights crossface! Purrazzo reverses into a pin, 2 count. Alize with a Spikerana, Purrazzo gets an armbar, Alize taps out!

WINNER: “And Still” Ring Of Honor Women’s World Champion, Deonna Purrazzo!

Chapel Hart are interviewed backstage, say they’ve got Mickie James’ back.

Matt Cardona vs. Jordynne Grace video package. Jordynne Grace makes her entrance, then Matt Cardona is out next. The lights cut out… production error… And the lights are back!

Impact Digital Media Championship: Matt Cardona (c) vs. Jordynne Grace

Grace with forearms, clothesline, knees, rollup, 2 count. Grace with a back elbow, sleeper, Cardona powers her to the corner. Grace with combination strikes, then a big suplex, cover, 2 count. Cardona tries to leave up the ramp, Grace chases him and hits chops and strikes dragging him back to the ring. Cardona puts the ref in front of him then hits a cheap shot on Grace.

Cardona with knees in the corner, throws Grace into the corner, Grace then throws Cardona into the corner, Cardona hits a suplex into the turnbuckles. Cardona with strikes to Grace, Grace with a high boot, then a rollup, 2 count. Grace with a sliding lariat, then open palm strikes, then a big spinebuster, cover, 2 count. Cardona with double knees then a missile dropkick. Cardona hits the ReBoot in the corner, then another ReBoot, Cardona covers, Grace kicks out at 2!

Grace reverse Radio Silence, then hits double knees in the corner, running elbow strike. Cardona gets a steel chair but Grace boots it into his face. Grace picks up the chair… the ref takes the chair away, Cardona gets a quick rollup, 2 count. Cardona threatens the ref with the chair, Grace hits a low blow… the ref sees the low blow and calls for the bell!

WINNER: “And Still” Impact Digital Media Champion, via Disqualification, Matt Cardona!

Grace attacks Cardona with the steel chair after the bell.

Tasha Steelz interviewed backstage, says she has been confident, what she did on Thursday was just a small preview. Tonight is the last night James will call herself Champion. Tasha Steelz will become Knockouts Champion. there is a commotion off camera and we see Eddie Edwards has been beaten down.

Video package for the Impact World Tag Team Championship match. Guerrillas of Destiny make their entrance first. The Champions, the Good Brothers, are out next.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) (c) vs. Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa)

Anderson and Tonga start, strikes back and forth, Tonga with a back elbow. Tonga with strikes in the corner, then a big splash, Anderson falls out of the ring. GOD with a two on one beat down before Gallows takes them out. Gallows and Loa with strikes in the barricade. Anderson and Tonga are back in the ring, strikes back and forth.

Tonga with a clothesline, Loa tags in, combination strikes, cover, 2 count. Loa with shoulders in the corner. Gallows tags in, clubbing blows to Loa to little affect. Strikes back and forth, Gallows gets the upperhand. Loa with big clotheslines in the corner, Gallows gauges the eyes, Loa tags in Tonga. Gallows catches a splash, then hits a powerslam. Gallows with clubbing blows in the corner. Anderson tags in, stomps in the corner, tag back to Gallows. Gallows with hammering elbow strikes, then gets a headlock. Loa with a jawbreaker, then a high kick, flooring Gallows. Anderson tags in, blocks Loa’s tag, Loa hits a big lariat.

Tonga tags in, shoulder blocks, takes out Gallows, combination kicks, Anderson hits an uppercut, Tonga hits a neckbreaker. Double neckbreaker from G.O.D., cover, 2 count. Anderson with a neckbreaker, cover, 2 count. Gallows with a cheap shot to Loa, Good Brothers with a double neckbreaker, cover, 2 count. Anderson tags in, Tonga escapes the Magic Killer, Loa with a big spear, Anderson hits a Spinebuster, Loa blocks the gun Stun, and hits a neckbreaker.

Tonga hits a Death Valley Driver, climbs to the top, and hits a bi splash, cover, 2 count. G.O.D. goes for the Magic Killer, Chris Bey runs down to stop them, Loa and Gallows spill to the outside, Gallows with a Chokeslam to Loa on the outside! Jay White appears from nowhere and hits the Bladerunner on Tonga! The Good Brothers hits Magic Killer, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” Impact World Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers!

Jay White, Chris Bey and the Good Brothers stare at each other in the ring, White offers a 2 Sweet, Bey throws it up and then eventually the Good Brothers do as well.

Video package for the Knockouts World Championship match. Tasha Steelz makes her entrance, accompanied by Savannah Evans. The Knockouts World Champion, Mickie James, is out next. Dave Penzer does the official ring introductions.

Impact Knockouts World Championship: Mickie James (c) vs. Tasha Steelz

Lock up, clean break. Chapel Hart are watching from the front row. Lock up, roll to the outside, still locked up. Steelz rakes at James’ face. James rolls back in the ring, invites Steelz back in the ring. Test of strength, Steelz bridges back, then James bridges back, Steelz sweeps the leg, cover, 2 count. James with a snapmare, then a running boot, cover, 2 count.

Steelz with a chop, another chop, whip tot he corner, James with a back elbow, shoulder to the midsection, Steelz dropkicks James to the floor. Steelz with a superkick on the outside, the throws James into the steel steps. James with forearms, then a neckbreaker on the outside. Back in the ring, Evans pulls out James and throws her into the ring post.

Steelz covers, 2 count. Steelz with a short arm clothesline, stomps in the ropes, James with a hurricanrana, James with forearms, Steelz hits a pump kick, cover, 2 count. Another cover, 2 count. Steelz with forearms, James bites Steelz. James with a big kick to the groin… James with clotheslines, flapjack, Thez Press from the top rope, cover, 2 count.

James with the Mick Kick to Evans, Steelz hits a cutter, Chelsea Green runs down and goes after Evans, dropping her to the mat. Greens is up on the apron, Steelz pushes James into her but she stops herself, James then throws Steelz into Green, then James gets a rollup, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” Impact Knockouts World Champion, Mickie James!

Team Impact are interviewed backstage but the audio isn’t working for the first half of the interview. Willie Mack is brought in as a replacement for Eddie Edwards.

Video package for the Impact World Championship Match. The World Championship match is not main eventing and is up next. Brian Myers joins commentary. W. Morrissey makes his entrance. The Impact World Champion, Moose is out next. Dave Penzer does the official ring introductions.

Impact World Championship: Moose (c) vs. W. Morrissey

Both men charge at each other, evenly matched. Right hands back and forth, clotheslines are evenly matched, then both men go down. Moose hits a Spear! Another Spear from Moose and Morrissey falls out of the ring. Back in the ring, Morrissey jumps over another Spear and hits a big boot, Morrissey hits a Powerbomb and Moose falls out of the ring. Morrissey throws Moose into the barricade. Morrissey throws Moose into the opposite barricade.

Moose hits a Uranage threw the table! Then Moose throws Morrissey into the ring post. Morrissey hits a big boot, then hits the BQE onto the apron. (Myers is burying everything on commentary). Moose reverse a BQE into a hurricanrana, Moose with a dropkick in the corner. Moose with chops in the corner, Morrissey with a chop in the corner, back and forth, Moose with a dropkick, then a big collision between the two men as something got botched.

Moose slips out of a Powerbomb, then hits the Spear! Moose covers, Morrissey’s arm is under the ropes. Morrissey hits the BQE, cover, Moose’s foot is under the ropes. Morrissey with right hands, Moose powers Morrissey to the corner, Morrissey knocks Moose off the top, then Moose springs back up to the top and hits a Superplex. Moose hits another Spear, drags him to the middle of the ring then covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” Impact World Champion, Moose!

Video package for Team Impact vs. Honor No More.

Honor No More makes their entrance. Rhino is out first from Team Impact. Rich Swann is out next, then Willie Mack, then Steve Maclin, then Chris Sabin.

Vincent takes a cheap shot at Maclin and all 10 men break down into a brawl. All 10 mean brawl on the outside.

Team Impact (Chris Sabin, Willie Mack, Rhino, Rich Swann, and Steve Maclin) vs. Honor No More (Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, PCO, Vincent, and Kenny King)

Maclin and Bennet start with strikes back and forth, Bennett with a shoulder tackle, chops, Maclin with a back elbow. Sabin tags in and Taven tags in. Taven with chops in the corner, Sabin with a crossbody, hurricanrana, Sabin with an armbar, tags in, Swann. Taven with right hands, then a roundhouse kick. Vincent tags in, chops to Swann, then an uppercut. Vincent with a crossbody, Swann blocks a suplex, and hits a dropkick.

PCO tags in, Swann with kicks to little affect, dragon screw leg whip from PCO. Rhino tags in. PCO with chops and kicks, strikes in the corner, Rhino fights out with chops, PCO with chops, a clothesline has little affect. Rhinos strikes have little affect. PCO bites at Rhino, Rhino with a big clothesline finally flooring PCO, Mack tags in, PCO hits a clothesline, Kenny King tags in, armbar to Mack. leg lariat, shoulders in the corner. Mack hits an armdrag, shoulder tackle, dropkick, tag to Swann.

Swann with an uppercut in the corner, frequent tags from Team impact, Maclin with a clothesline in the corner, Maclin with a Backbreaker, cover, 2 count. Double team offence from Sabin and Maclin, cover, 2 count. Sabin throws King out of the ring, Maria blocks a Sabin kick. Bennett hits a Death Valley Driver, King covers, 2 count. Taven tags in, shot to the midsection, backbreaker, tag to Bennett. Bennett with chops, then a clothesline, cover, 2 count. Sabin fights out of a double team and hits a Tornado DDT!

Swann tags in and runs wild, Taven accidentally boots Vincent! Bennett and Taven hit Kingdom Come. Vincent dives onto Swann on the outside. King tags in, right hands to Swann, shots in the corner, Spinebuster, cover, 2 count. Bennett tags in, stomp, takes out Team impact, hits a Brainbuster, cover, 2 count as Sabin breaks the count. Taven tags in, Swann fights off both men, Taven and Bennett with double team strikes, cover, 2 count.

Vincent tags in, elbow drop, Swann with chops, Vincent with a high boot, backdrop, Flatliner, cover, 2 count as Sabin breaks the count again. PCO tags in, clothesline in the corner, DDT, cover, 2 count. PCO with a nerve hold, Swann fights out with shots to the midsection, PCO goes for a dive but he crashes and burns to the outside. Bennett and Mack tag in, Mack runs wild, with double clotheslines in the corner, double clothesline.

Mack with forearm shivers in the corner, but crossbody into the opposite corner. Swann and Mack hit a spinning neckbreaker, cover, 2 count as Taven breaks the count. Taven with a superkick to Mack on the top rope. Kingdom hit the Proton Pack, cover, 2 count as Sabin breaks the count again. Maclin and Vincent tag in, Maclin hits the Spear in the corner, PCO tag in and hits a Chokeslam. PCO hits a legdrop from the top, King tags in, hits a Chin Checker. King with boots to Rhino, Vincent with a neckbreaker, Sabin breaks a count again.

King throws Maclin into the ref taking him out. King dives onto Maclin on the outside. Sabin dives onto King, Taven dives onto King, Maclin and Sabin, then Swann dives onto them all. Taven flapjacks Swann onto the apron. Bennett Spears Mack on the apron. Kingdom hold down Swann and PCO hits a Deanimator onto Swann!

Vincent hits Redrum onto Swann and Mack. Both teams brawl on the outside. PCO climbs to the top rope and hits the PCOsault to everybody! Maria stands in front of Rhino, Bennett and Taven get in the way, Eddie Edwards runs down and fights off Kingdom with a Kendo Stick, Edward holds onto Maria, Rhino goes for the Gore but Edwards hits him with the Kendo Stick! Edwards has truned on Team Impact!

Edwards takes out Swann, then everybody else on Team Impact, Edwards attacks Rhino with the Kendo Stick, King covers, Rhino, Honor No More drag the ref into position, the ref slowly makes the count, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Honor No More!

No Surrender ends with Eddie Edwards joining Honor No More. Honor No More are now officially staying in Impact Wrestling!

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