AEW Rampage Results (2/18)

LIVE AEW Rampage Results (2/18)

AEW Rampage Results (2/18) – We are “live” on tape inside the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, TN, as Adam Cole makes his way to the ring for our first match of the night.

Adam Cole vs. Dark Order No. 10

We see No. 10 jump off to a good start, as he dominates from the word go. He takes it to Cole for a minute or two and then Cole starts to shift the momentum in his favor.

Cole takes 10’s leg outside the ring and wraps it around the steel ring post. From there we see Cole start to focus his offensive attack on the leg of The Dark Order member.

Back in the ring, Cole is now in a comfortable offensive lead. Excalibur talks us into a mid-match commercial break as the action continues.

When we return from the break, we see 10 in the midst of an offensive comeback. Cole slows down his momentum with an enzugiri and then a backstabber for a near fall attempt.

Cole then heads to the top rope looking for his Panama Sunrise spot but 10 counters with a back body drop as he was on his way down.

10 hits a big discus punch to follow up and now he finds himself in the offensive lead. Once again it is not long-lived, as Cole once again turns the tables and takes over.

We see Cole again look to connect with his Panama Sunrise off the top but is met with a spear on his way down. 10 takes back over and gets Cole in a full nelson. Cole eventually escapes and lowers the boom for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Adam Cole

Dog Collar Match Vignette

After the match we see Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly waiting to celebrate Cole’s victory with him at the top of the ramp.

As they head to the back, we move to a special vignette looking at the Dog Collar Match between CM Punk and MJF scheduled for AEW Revolution next month. After this, we head to another commercial break.

Face Of The Revolution Qualifier
Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Dante Martin

Hobbs runs across the ring and blasts himself into Martin to jump into the offensive lead. He dominates the action straight out of the gate in the ring and then launches Martin out to the floor.

Now Hobbs follows Martin out to the floor for some follow-up punishment before bringing him back into the ring, where he continues to control the offense with ease. We head to a mid-match commercial as the action continues.

Back from the break, Hobbs has Martin in a bear hug. Martin escapes into a corner and lands a few strikes. A hard clothesline by Hobbs ends the rally and gets a 2-count. Hobbs drops a knee on Martin. He pulls down his kneepad and goes for another knee drop but Martin moves and Hobbs misses.

A clothesline by Martin has little effect. A springboard European uppercut does take down Hobbs. Hobbs rolls outside. Martin follows with a springboard twisting splash onto Hobbs. Martin rolls Hobbs back into the ring. Martin climbs to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick for a 2-count. Hobbs overpowers Martin into a spinebuster and that gets the pin.

Winner:Powerhouse Hobbs

Hobbs qualifies for the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match. Wardlow and Keith Lee are already qualified.

Backstage with TBS Champion Jade Cargill. She wants to know who’s next. Matt Hardy enters with The Bunny and says she should be the next challenger. Mark Sterling agrees to a match next week.

Serena Deeb vs. Angelica Risk

This is another one of Serena Deeb’s 5 Minute Rookie Challenges.

Deeb finds a hammerlock, takes down Risk and steps on Risk to mock her. Deeb takes down Risk again and grinds her boot on Risk’s head. Deeb charges with a clothesline to Risk in the corner. He pulls Risk’s throat up against the bottom rope. Deeb covers Risk but pulls her up before the referee can finish the count. Deeb lands a European uppercut and follows with a powerbomb.

Deeb locks on the Serenity Lock and gets the submission victory.

Winner: Serena Deeb

Jay White vs. Trent

After the usual Mark Henry hosted split screen pre match interview, we get back down to the ring for our main event of this week’s special Slam Dunk Week show.

With both men in the ring, the bell sounds and our main event of this week’s show is now officially off and running.

Early on we see White faring well, however it isn’t long before Trent fights from underneath and eventually into the offensive driver’s seat.

The action spills out to the floor where Trent adds onto his lead. Back in the ring, White connects with a cheap shot that shifts the momentum back in his favor. On that note, we head to a mid-match commercial break as the action continues.

When we return from the break, we see the match still in progress. As we settle back in, the two start taking turns in the offensive lead until finally White begins a lengthy run in the offensive driver’s seat.

The action spills out to the ringside area on the floor again where Trent charges at White with a full head of steam looking for a spear, but instead runs face-first into a big knee strike from The Bullet Club leader.

Back in the ring, White adds to his lead and tries on a few occasions to finish this one off. Trent keeps hanging on and hits a big side suplex to slow White’s momentum. Still, moments later, White hits his Switchblade finisher for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Jay White

Afterwards Excalibur mentions some upcoming action scheduled for next week’s AEW Dynamite and Rampage and then wraps up the show. That’s how this one goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!

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