Chelsea Green Talks Ideas She Pitched To WWE

Chelsea Green Talks Ideas She Pitched To WWE

Chelsea Green Talks Ideas She Pitched To WWE – Chelsea Green sat down for an episode of the Those Wrestling Girls podcast. During the interview Green discussed whether she would’ve been open to the idea of joining the WWE main roster, even if it was just in a manager role for Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, now known as Matt Cardona and Brian Myers, respectively. Green, who is set to marry Cardona on New Years Eve, said she would’ve been open to the idea. She also revealed what her goal was when she joined the WWE.

“I honestly at [that] point I would say absolutely,” said Green. “Of course, I want to be a wrestler, but at the end of the day I’m a woman. I’m eventually I’m going to get pregnant and have babies. And I want to just have a platform for when I do that and I step away from wrestling to still be able to do something. Whatever that is. So that was my whole goal of going to the WWE, was to build a brand for myself.

“And, unfortunately, I just didn’t because I wasn’t on TV and it actually did the opposite. I didn’t get gain the followers I thought I would, I didn’t gain the traction, I didn’t get the opportunities. So, if I were to be given that opportunity [to manage Hawkins and Ryder], even if it wasn’t in a wrestling capacity, I would do it because I would try to make the most of the platform.”

Green later talked about what gimmicks she pitches to WWE creative. She said that she pitched really hard to get her crazy stalker-type character on TV. The gimmick would’ve been similar to the one that Mickie James had when she originally debuted, but with a darker twist.

“I really think one that stuck with me, that I tried to shove down WWE’s and NXT’s throats was always the crazy, obsessive character,” shared Green. “Someone a lot like Mickie James, but possibly a little darker, a little more like the movie Obsessed and Swimfan, kind of in that direction. Very creepy. I like that. For me, character work is my thing. So I just want to do something that shows my character work and my mic skills, as well as my wrestling skills. I mean, I don’t know why I’m not just an actress. I don’t know why I’m wrestling (laughs).”

One of the interviewers praised Green’s abilities and gimmicks, and mentioned she could’ve filled Alexa Bliss’ current role with The Fiend. Green then interjected and noted she had tried to get that role and admitted she is jealous of Bliss’ character.

“Trust me, I tried, I really tried,” revealed Green. “And when I saw Alexa Bliss do what she’s doing, I’m so happy for her, but I have forever been jealous of that character. Because I know that that is the exact type of character I would’ve thrived [in] if I was given it. But, you know, that’s the crazy thing about wrestling.”

Mike Bennet also recently revealed that he was supposed to portray Sister Abigail, but that the idea was ultimately nixed.

Green also said she would’ve been open to any role with the group, even as Alexa Bliss’ doll Lilly.

“Honestly, if they called me and said do you want to be Lilly, I would in a heartbeat,” admitted Green. “Because that is totally the type of character that I just feel like we need to see, and I want to be that person.”

Green said that the Hot Mess character would’ve been a perfect fit for Alexa Bliss and The Fiend. She then went on to reveal one of the ideas that she had pitched for joining the two, and that they could’ve impacted both the male and female divisions.

“[The Hot Mess character] would’ve been perfect!” exclaimed Green. “Trust me, I tried for so long. And I also thought if it was just The Fiend and Alexa Bliss, before Lilly, they could have a third person because Alexa wasn’t really wrestling at the time, she was kind of just going along with The Fiend. So, I thought if they had kind of like a woman they could puppeteer, that could be me and I could

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