Impact Wrestling Results – April 8, 2021

Impact Wrestling Results – April 8, 2021

Impact Wrestling Results – April 8, 2021 – This week’s Impact Wrestling on AXS TV opened with recent highlights as we head towards this Saturday’s Hardcore Justice PPV.

We see AEW Champion Kenny Omega, Don Callis and The Good Brothers arrive.

Alisha Edwards & Tenilla Dashwood & Neveah vs. Havok & Jordynne Grace & Rosemary.

Grace and Alisa started.  Alisa tried to use a sunset flip takedown for a two count and then drilled her with a DDT.  Alisha chopped away at her but was shoulder tackled down.  Grace nailed her with a Jackhammer, scoring a two count.  Rosemary tagged in and continued working over Edwards.  Edwards cut her off with a drop toehold and nailed a senton back splash.  Rosemary caught her and nailed a Fall Away Slam.  Dashwood tagged in with trepidation.  Rosemary offered a test of strength.  Dashwood backed off and was chased to the floor.  She tried to escape but Decay being at ringside made her stop.  Havok nailed Dashwood and sent her back in the ring.  Kaleb with A K got involved so Grace nailed a dive.

Dashwood battled with Grace, who tossed her back in.  Kaleb grabbed Grace’s leg as she returned, allowing Dashwood to nail a neckbreaker in the ropes.  Dashwood beat down Grace and trapped her in Dashwood’s corner.  Team Tenille tagged in and out, working Grace over.   Havok and Alisha tagged in.  Alisha nailed a series of forearms but was snatched up for a DVDR.  Alisha raked the face and slipped off the shoulders with a slam.  Rosemary nailed a double underhook sit-down slam but Neveah broke up the pinfall.  She snapped Rosemary on the ropes, leaving to Havok drilling her former partner.  They battled on the apron.  Neveah nailed a Russian Legsweep off the apron through a table on the floor.
Alisha went to come off the top but Rosemary caught her and nailed the Red Wedding, scoring the pin.

Your winners, Havok & Jordynne Grace & Rosemary!

Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown ran down the lineup for tonight as well as Hardcore Justice.

Gia Miller interviewed Matt Cardona.  She asked him about Brian Myers turning down his challenge.  He said Myers turning down his challenge doesn’t matter as as he came here to prove himelf and his fans.  Matt said he wanted a match against someone he could fight with and tonight, Matt will be facing Jake Something.  He said Jakes big break won’t come at his expense.

They aired a vignette that had GET WILDE written on lipstick, so it’s the return of Taylor Wilde, who we reported months ago would be back here.

Susan was unconscious in a chair.  Deonna and Dr. Ross Forman checked on her.  It was a tease for the return of Su Yung.

Jake Something vs. Matt Cardona

They locked up but neither man had the early advantage.  Cardona sent Jake into the corner.  Jake shoved him and Matt responded in kind.  Jake sent Matt into the ropes and shoulder tackled him down.  Cardona set him up and nailed a dropkick.  Jake went to the floor.  Cardona went for a sliding dropkick through the ropes but Jake moved.  The battled and Cardona again nailed the Basement Dropkick, this time getting the move.  He tossed Jake back in but was caught with a big boot.

Jake mauled him with a big forearm.  He cloberred Matt with a stiff clothesline across the chest.  Jae nailed a big suplex.  Something nailed several knee strikes but was caught with a bulldog and nailed with knee strikes in the corner.  Jake caught him charging and muscled him to the corner, but missed a spear attempt.  Cardona nailed the Broski Boot for a two count.  Cardona went for Radio Silence but was caught with a powerbomb for a two count.  Jake went for another but they tumbled over the ropes to the floor.

Brian Myers charged out and attacked Something, including sending him into the ring post.  He then sent him face-first into a corner of the steel steps.

MNyers grabbed the mic and said he changed his mind and would face Cardona at Rebellion.  He said Cardona would regret it.

XXXL came across Trey Miguel backstage.  Miguel reiterated he wasn’t going to team with Sami.  They said he sounded like a man with no passion and walked off, leaving Trey seething.

They aired the latest great video package on Violent by Design.  He warned Deaner that he match tonight was too important and if he failed tonight, there would be severe consequences.  He’s going to go out tonight and prove himself.

XXXL vs. Sami Callihan & Trey Miguel?

Trey’s music played but he didn’t come out.  Sami was prepared to go it alone but Trey finally came out.  The announcers said he didn’t come out to help Sami but to stand up for himself against XXXL.  

Trey battled hard and knocked both members of XXL out of the ring.  He set up for a dive but Callihan tagged him as he rebounded off the ropes, playing mind games.  He attacked Acey and knocked him off the apron.

They returned from a commercial, showing that Callihan scored with a big lariat.  He and Miguel tagged in and out with Miguel taking his anger out on Romero until being cut off with a sideslam.  XXXL grabbed Miguel and yanked at his extremities.  Miguel was worked over but made a comeback, nailing a springboard into a DDT on Larry D.  Miguel went to the top but again Callihan tagged himself in.

Miguel and Callihan began arguing and shoving each other.  Acey attacked and nailed Sami but Miguel drilled him and came off the ropes.  Acey rolled to the floor.  Miguel went for a dive but Callihan got in his face.  They stared the other down, then hit stereo dives on opposite sides of the ring on XXXL.

Miguel locked Larry D in the Hourglass submission.  Larry tapped.

Your winners, Trey Miguel and Sami Callihan!

Callihan grabbed Miguel’s arm and raised it but he pulled away and walked out.

At Swinger’s Palace, James Storm, Chris Harris and Chris Sabin kept losing at blackjack.  Sabin has to get ready for his match so Storm asked Harris to keep playing and win them some Beer Money.  Harris said, “That ain’t right” and Storm apologized.  That was pretty funny.

Chris Sabin vs. Deaner

Deaner is alone.  James Storm is with Sabin.

They go back and forth with some nice wrestling early.  Sabin was playing the technically adept babyface with lots of quick near falls and controlled Deaner.  Deaner grabbed the hair to pull Sabin back to the corner and stomped away at him.  Deaner choked him in the corner.  Deaner nailed several slams, scoring a series of two counts.  Deaner worked him over for a long time until Sabin caught him with a clothesline.

Sabin nailed a big right, then hit an inverted atomic drop.  He charged with a big boot in the corner, then nailed a Fisherman’s Buster for a two count.  Deaner cut him off and placed Sabin across the top, then charged and drilled him.  Deaner nailed a sit-down powerbomb for a two count.  Deaner raked his eyes and rolled him up, but the referee caught him with his feet on the ropes.

Deaner argued with the referee, allowing Sabin a chance to recover and nail Cradleshock for the pin.

Your winner, Chris Sabin!

Eric Young appeared on the video screen and said that Deaner sees the big picture and so does Storm now.  The camera pulled back to show Joe Doering beating down Chris Harris.  Before Storm could react, Rhino slipped into the ring and speared Storm.  Deaner attacked Sabin.  They were beaten down as Young directed Doering to pick up Harris.  Storm and Sabin were forced to watch as Young brandished a chair, but the screen cut before we saw the act.

Backstage, Ace Austin was complaining to Madman Fulton about having to constantly leap through hoops to get what he wants.  Josh Alexander showed up and said they are in a three-way at Rebellion with TJP.  Austin was dismissive towards him and about TJP, who arrived on the scene.  TJP said he’s beaten both of them twice.   They were all arguing.  Tommy Dreamer broke it up and made a three-way Mystery partner tag team match for Rebellion.  

Backstage, Tommy Dreamer asked Eric Young if he thinks he can get away with whatever he wants.  Young said he does and he questioned Dreamer still being around when he retired and ran off into the sunset.  Dreamer said he never said he was retired.  Young said he was going to take out Dreamer one day for good.  Dreamer told him to get his boys and come face Dreamer and his boys at the PPV.  Young told him that he should remember he brought this upon himself.

They aired a really great video piece on Jazz and her career, talking about training under Junkyard Dog and Rod Price, wrestling Debbie Combs, her ECW tryout, wrestling man there and finally getting an opportunity in WWE.   She always wanted to be in Impact and when Jordynne Grace invited her, she was excited.  She would have beaten Deonna Purrazzo had it not been for outside interference and now she’s put her career on the line.

Gia Miller interviewed Deonna Purrazzo.  She said watching the package made her emotional,  remembering what it was like watching women setting the stage for The Virtuosa.  She’s building upon the foundation of what Jazz built but she has surpassed that and she’s building a new foundation for the next generation.  Gia said she’s heard that Kimber Lee won’t be at ringside and asked if Susan would be.  Purrazzo said the only way to do justice to Jazz is to walk into Hardcore Justice by herself.  She won’t be defeated.  She’s going to give back by retiring Jazz.  

Brian Myers burst through a door when Tommy Dreamer was waiting.  Dreamer said he’s always pissing people off and Jake Something wants a match at him at Hardcore Justice.  Dreamer booked him in a Blind Games match, a Blindfold Hardcore match.  Myers said no one ever booked that before because it was a stupid idea.  Dreamer said it was booked because he’s the Executive in Charge of Wrestling (ECW).   Myers stormed off.

They ran down the lineup for Hardcore Justice this Saturday.

Impact Wrestling Champion Rich Swann & Eddie Edwards & Willie Mack vs. AEW Champion Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers.  

Everyone started brawling at the bell.  Everyone else spilled to the floor, leaving Omega to stomp and punch at Swann in the corner.  Swann fired back with a series of punches.  He rebounded off the ropes but was tripped by The Good Brothers.  Omega went for a dive but Swann moved and he took out The Brothers.  Edwards, Mack and Swann all hit dives as they went to commercial.

When they returned, Team Impact had control and worked over Anderson with a series of combination maneuvers.  Edwards was trapped in Team Omega’s corner and beaten down as The Good Brothers and Omega tagged in and out.  Gallows worked over Edwards with a side chinlock.    Edwards fought his way out and came off the ropes with a missile dropkick.  Mack tagged in and nailed a slam on Anderson.  Mack nailed a Fall Away Slam.  Omega tried to attack him but ate a Fall Away Slam as well.  Mack nailed a standing moonsault on them both but Gallows attacked him and worked over Mack with a series of rights.  

Mack was worked over until nailing a double clothesline on Omega and Mack.  Mack made the hot tag to Swann, who cleaned house on everyone on Team Omega.  He laid out everyone with kicks and covered Omega for a two count.  Swann and Mack double-teamed Omega and scored a two count.  Edwards tagged in but was nailed with a jawbreaker and a rana.  The Good Brothers charged the ring and knocked Mack and Swann off the apron.  This left Edwards open to be triple-teamed.  Everyone went nuts with a crazy series of offensive moves.  Omega wiped out Mack with the V-Trigger.  They nailed a triple splash on Edwards but Swann dove off the top to break it up.  With everyone down, Swann recovered and made it to his corner.  Edwards tagged him in. 

Swann nailed a series of kicks and chops but Omega caught him and went for the One-Winged Angel.  Swann escaped and drilled Omega, then hit a 450 splash off the ropes.  Swann covered him and would have gotten the pin but Don Callis pulled him off.  Anderson tagged in and was nailed with a TKO but he kicked up.  The Good Brothers went for the Magic Killer but Mack and Edwards made the save.  Swann nailed a Lethal Injection.  Edwards nailed the Boston Knee Party.  Swann nailed a Phoenix Splash and scored the pin on Anderson.

Your winners, Impact Wrestling Champion Rich Swann & Eddie Edwards & Willie Mack!

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