Ryback On a Potential WrestleMania Match Between The Rock And Roman Reigns

Ryback On a Potential WrestleMania Match Between The Rock And Roman Reigns

Ryback gave his thoughts on The Rock mentioning that the only thing that would make sense for a WrestleMania match in terms of box office would be against Roman Reigns.

The Rock has not wrestled since dropping the title to John Cena at WrestleMania 29, but teases wrestling from time to time. Reigns recently responded to the comment, saying he feels like he is the one guy that could get a good match out of The Rock, but also mentioned it would take quite a bit of work to make the match happen.

Ryback mentioned his concerns in regards to The Rock’s age and how hard he works when he does get in the ring. He has concerns about potential injury risks that could jeopardize his filming projects. The Rock did suffer an injury during his last match with Cena.

“I think at his age and getting hurt – and he’s fit and active. But to get back in wrestling shape, and go out and do it, and come out of it whole so it doesn’t effect [those projects]? He goes hard,” Ryback said. “Especially when you get out in front of the camera like that and on the biggest stage of them all, the adrenaline and how hard you push yourself, injuries happen. He injured himself on that last one, but you never would have known it because he’s a champion and he goes out there and gets through it.

“He has this once in a lifetime opportunity to get all this money with every role that he takes,” Ryback added. “That only lasts for a certain period of time before the new star comes along. We see that with everybody; eventually that time comes, and I don’t think his time is anywhere near ending. But can wrestling bring the payday that those do? I don’t think that’s the main motivation at this point with the amount of money that he has. But the time, and commitment, and energy – the training for wrestling is entirely different because of the conditioning that has you push yourself so hard.”

Ryback continued on talking about how much more training is involved from the in-ring performance standpoint. The question, from Ryback’s mind, is whether The Rock has time to devote to getting ready for such a high profile match.

“He can train and get looking jacked, and do his cardio and elliptical, and keep his body healthy for his roles, but he has to do so much more for wrestling,” Ryback said. “He obviously knows that. He’s done it at the highest level and knows how to do that. It’s just does he have the time to do that, and the commitment, and is he hungry to do that at this point?

“You mentioned the one thing – if Roman Reigns has that access to his ear like, ‘Hey, I think this could be really good,’ and get him involved mentally and do it with the story of the family with that storyline type of deal, I think it’s really good. With a heel Roman and babyface Rock, that makes Roman a star. Everyone’s already been in there to make him a star, but WWE should give Rock any amount of money that he wants to get that done, because if they have Roman there for any substantial amount of time, that will help put him on that different level and be beneficial for everyone with drawing and everything. WWE will probably get Stone Cold and The Rock one last time.”

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