Friday, June 26, 2020

WWE Producer Jamie Noble Has The Coronavirus

WWE Producer Jamie Noble Has The Coronavirus
WWE Producer Jamie Noble announced on Instagram he has the coronavirus.

He wrote, "Not how we expect this month to go! Covid-19 has hit home. Prayers for me and my family will be greatly appreciated!"

An extra that was used at recent WWE tapings has also revealed via Twitter that his COVID-19 test has come back as positive.

'The Ultimate Pusher' Tyreke, who is known for managing stars in Major League Wrestling, explained that WWE contacted him with the news of his positive result. He also noted that his wife is pregnant and hoped to get in contact with Renee Young to get some further advice on handling COVID-19 with a significant other.

As noted earlier this week, WWE Producer Adam Pearce also has COVID-19, as do on-air talents Renee Young and Kayla Braxton. Braxton noted on Twitter that this is her second bout with the virus, her first coming back in March.

It's believed that there are up to a few dozen positive COVID-19 tests coming out of WWE this week. The company is reportedly testing before all TV tapings moving forward. Tapings are set to resume today and tomorrow at the Performance Center in Orlando.