WWE 205 Live Results – June 26, 2020

WWE 205 Live Results - June 26, 2020

Byron Saxton and special guest commentator Drew Gulak welcome us to 205 Live from the WWE Performance Center.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. He’ll be taking on former cruiserweight champion, Tony Nese.

Tony Nese vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

They lock up and Nese wants Scott to watch him pose. They lock up and Scott with a wrist lock. Nese with a waist lock and take down. Scott escapes and Nese goes to the apron to regroup. Nese with a single leg take down and he works on the ankle. Nese leans back to try to get a near fall but Scott keeps his shoulders off the mat. Scott with a wrist lock and Nese backs him into the corner. Nese pie faces Scott and Scott returns the favor. Scott with a head scissors and Scott follows with a wrist lock into a side head lock.

Scott with a head lock take down. Nese gets a rollup for a near fall. Nese sends Scott into the corner but Scott floats over and he takes Nese to the mat with a side head lock. Nese with a head scissors and Scott rolls through and escapes. Scott with a reverse chin lock. Scott with an Irish whip and Nese with a back elbow and Nese with a moonsault but he lands on his feet when Scott moves. Nese with kicks to Scott but he misses a leg sweep and clothesline. Scott with a matrix and arm drag into an arm bar. Scott traps the head while working on the arm. Nese gets to the ropes and Scott with a break.

Nese with an uppercut and he goes over the top rpoe and drops Scott on the top rope. Nese pulls Scott to the floor and Scott avoids being sent into the ring steps. Scott with punches. Scott chops Nese and Nese tries to climb over the plexiglass. Nese is pulled back to the floor. Scott is sent to the apron and Nese with an elbow and a back drop driver onto the apron. Nese gets a near fall and then he connects with a forearm. Nese with an Irish whip that sends Scott sternum first into the turnbuckles. Nese gets a near fall. Nese kicks Scott in the corner. Scott kicks Nese away and Scott with punches. Scott with kicks and forerms. Nese trips Scott and goes to the floor. Nese goes for the double jump moonsault and hits it but he can only get a near fall.

Nese kicks Scott in the corner and hits a belly-to-back suplex. Nese goes for a second belly-to-back suplex and hits it for a near fall. Nese with a boot to the back and more kicks. Scott with chops and kicks to Nese. Nese blocks a kick and slaps Scott. Scott blocks a suplex and Scott hits Nese in the leg. Scott with a knee to escape a suplex. Nese with a kick but Scott with a suplex. Scott goes up top but Nese with a jumping palm strike to stop Scott. Nese goes for a superplex but Scott blocks it. Scott punches Nese off the turnbuckles.

Nese goes back up top and tries for another superplex but Scott blocks it and pushes Nese to the mat. Scott with a sunset flip but Nese rolls through and kicks Scott and gets a near fall. Nese with a body scissors. Scott wtih chops to try to get out of the body scissors and it succeeds. Nese and Scott pie face each other. Nese slaps Scott and Scott is not in a good mood. Scott grabs Nese by the beard and punches Nese. Nese with an elbow but Scott with a back fist. Scott with punches in the corner. Scott goes toth e turnbuckles and hits a European elbow to the back. Scott sends Nese to the floor and Scott goes to the apron and hits a running kick.

Scott with a rolling flatliner for a near fall. Scott grabs Nese and tries to pick up him but Nese kicks Scott. Nese goes for a missile drop kick and Scott blocks it and hits a deadlift German suplex for a near fall. Scott goes for House Call but Nese moves. Nese blocks a drop kick and Nese applies a Boston Crab. Nese pulls Scott into the center of the ring. Scott rolls over and he punches Nese to get free. Nese goes for a pump handle slam and hits it for a near fall. Nese sets for the Running Nese but Scott sends Nese to the apron.

Nese with a shoulder and Scott is back dropped to the floor. Nese with a cartwheel to avoid Scott. Nese with a forearm and he sends Scott into the ring steps. Nese goes up top for the 450 splash and hits it but Scott grabs the ropes to break the count. Nese goes to the floor and grabs a chair. The referee warns Nese to get rid of the chair. Nese does not listen to the referee. Nese throws the chair to the floor and Scott with a leg sweep and Scott with a double stomp while Nese hangs off the apron.

Nese is sent back into the ring and then Scott goes up top and hits a double stomp for the three count.

Winner: Isaiah Scott

Next week, The Legado de Fantasma will be on 205 LIve.

We go to credits.


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