Update on the Future of NXT UK

Update on the Future of NXT UK

Before the #SpeakingOut movement on Twitter, there were questions regarding the future of the WWE NXT UK brand.

Dating back to April, Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that nobody knew about the status of the NXT UK. At the time, WWE was looking to downsize in order to cut back on the budget. There were questions about the brand, which is a money-losing operation.

This came at the time where WWE had been forced to cancel TV tapings for the brand due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Fast forward to this month, several members of the NXT UK roster have had accusations made against them. So far, WWE has released Jack Gallagher, Travis Banks, and Ligero due to accusations.

Although not confirmed, WWE has been rumored to have a tentative plan to start taping empty arena shows within two months. Whether that happens remains to be seen.

There had been rumors of WWE looking to shut down NXT UK because of the allegations. However, a new report by Alex McCarthy of TalkSport tells a different story.

Per the report, WWE is “committed to their global expansion and a big part of that is opening up performance centers and brands internationally.”

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, WWE had plans to set up Performance Centers in other countries such as India, Japan, and Mexico. NXT UK was already the first step in that plan.

WWE also has a TV contract with BT Sport that carries all TV shows in the country. It was added that “The obligations they have on that front, WWE aren’t in a position to shut up shop even if they wanted to – which they don’t.”


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