Sunday, June 14, 2020

Possible Spoiler on Jeff Hardy's Real Attacker

Possible Spoiler on Jeff Hardy's Real Attacker
As noted, on this week's SmackDown the WWE rehashed an old angle from 2006 where Jeff Hardy was asked to take a urine test. It ended with Hardy throwing the urine in Sheamus’ face.

The announcers and the production team were given specific notes to remind fans that Hardy and Elias’ attacker had red hair and a red beard. This was mentioned during Hardy’s promo in the opening segment while Corey Graves tried to cast doubt that the attacker was Sheamus.

It's worth noting that another person who fits the description of the attacker is Sami Zayn, who will be returning to WWE TV very soon. On Twitter, Zayn has been playing up with his disgust over being stripped of the Intercontinental Championship. Elias and Hardy were in opposite brackets in the tournament.

For those of you that missed it, click below to see the opening segment from Friday’s SmackDown. The drug test segment with Hardy throwing urine in Sheamus’ face was a copy of when Shawn Michaels threw urine in the face of Shane McMahon in 2006. They also did a similar angle in ECW at Cyberslam 1999 when Lance Storm gave a urine sample. The urine ended up in Storm’s face, courtesy of Tommy Dreamer.