MLW Fusion Results (3/21)

MLW Fusion Results (3/21)

Zenshi makes his way out to the ring for our opening contest. He still wears tape on his shoulder from his previous matchup with Dominic Garrini. He’ll be taking on El Lindaman from the STRONGHEARTS.

Zenshi versus El Lindaman

Tie-up. Lindaman aplies a waistlock… Zenshi counters with a pin. Pace picks up… both men avoid attacks… this ends in a stalemate and a staredown. Zenshi offers a handshake… Lindaman forearms him to the face instead. Zenshi shakes it off and drops Lindaman, then follows up with a standing moonsault. Snap suplex from Zenshi. He sets up for a plancha but Lindaman gets the positioning and takes Zenshi out with a tope con hilo. He drives Zenshi into the apron. Back in the ring Zenshi rolls Lindaman up… two count. Lindaman grabs the taped up shoulder and targets it… leg drop to the arm. Back and forth striking… Lindaman dumps Zenshi to the apron, who hits a headbutt, a leg sweep, and a springboard senton in succession. Slingshot neckbreaker from Zenshi. Lindaman goes for a release German… Zenshi lands on his feet but walks right into Lindaman’s cross-armbreaker. Zenshi in trouble… he somehow gets a foot on the ropes to break the hold. Lindaman angry now… sends Zenshi into the turnbuckles with a release Northern lights suplex. Zenshi responds with a backflip kick to slow Lindaman down. Another striking exchange… Zenshi wins the encounter with a flurry of kicks… sit-out powerbomb from Lindaman. He goes for a Tiger suplex… he gets it… Zenshi can’t get a shoulder up with the bad arm.

El Lindaman wins by pinfall

Commentary tells us that LA Park will be giving us a promo later.

Cut to the Von Erichs, Davey Boy Smith, and Killer Kross. Ross and Marshall say that their father told them to pick their friends wisely, and that’s why they aligned with Davey Boy and Kross. Smith and Kross say that all of Team Filthy are in big trouble. “Everybody pays a toll,” says Kross.

We are told that Mance Warner was attacked by MJF at a pay window. He will still accompany his mystery man to the ring in a matchup against Dynasty’s Richard Holliday. Holliday is interviewed by Alicia Atout. He’s not sure who Warner has chosen for him to face this evening, but jokes that it’s most likely an out of work bartender or even his garbage truck driver. “Whoever it is… I promise they’ll be breathing my rarified air.”

Promo from Contra’s Josef Samael. He says that their soldiers prepare for their next attack, as they are ready to go to war.

Similar clown-esque vignette hyping the MLW debut of Psycho Clown. Commentary tells us that King Mo battles Low Ki next week. Also announced for next week… Brian Pillman Jr. takes on Injustice’s Jordan Oliver. Video footage of Injustice attacking Pillman is shown. Davey Boy Smith helps Pillman fight Injustice off.

Richard Holliday makes his way out still carrying Savio Vega’s Caribbean championship. Warner’s mystery man is… The Blue Meanie!!! Warner joins the commentary table.

Richard Holliday versus Blue Meanie

Before they tie-up Holliday tries to do Meanie’s signature dance. Meanie “shoos” him away and does it the correct way. Holliday asks Meanie if they can dance together… he takes that opportunity to attack Meanie with a clubbing forearm and boots to the gut. Huge lariat from Holliday drops Meanie to the mat. Snapmare and knees to the lower back. Meanie ducks another lariat attempt… jab combination, followed by a huge right from Meanie. He charges Holliday in the corner but misses a splash… Holliday takes advantage and hits a running elbow for a nearfall. He mounts Meanie and lays into him with stiff forearms. Holliday starts arguing with Warner on the outside… he spits beer in his face! Referee doesn’t see it and starts counting… he gets to ten! It’s over!

Blue Meanie wins by countout

Injustice speaks with Alica Atout. She asks if they have any problems with AAA. They all shoot her down, saying that they don’t care, but wonder why MLW management would be bringing in an outside company when they are the “stars” that are putting butts in seats.

Footage of a promo by Low Ki. He runs down King Mo’s accolades as an MMA fighter. However, this is the world of pro-wrestling, and promises that all of Mo’s trash talking won’t matter when they meet in the ring next week. Cut to Mo calling Low Ki a fraud. “I went to Youtube, typed in Low Ki, and I all saw was a midget getting bodyslammed. Low Ki is a low-key fraud.” Mo’s manager says he demands that Low Ki have a corner man so that they can throw in a towel after Mo destroys him.

LA Park and El Hijo de la Park are showing the MLW fan base how to make sausage and eggs from the kitchen. He calls it a champion’s meal, and tells you not to forget the recipe. It’s quite a fun time watching Park scream at how much he loves cooking.

Main event time. “Team Filthy” (Erick Stevens, Rip Von Erich, Dominic Garrini) led by Tom Lawlor are out first. The babyfaces (Davey Boy Smith Jr, Killer Kross, and The Von Erichs) are out second. Here we go.

Team Filthy versus The Von Erichs/Killer Kross/Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Brawl to start. Fight quickly moves to the outside. Ross and Lawlor go at it as Garrini and Kross trade huge blows. Smith jumps in and headbutts Garrini. Stevens chops at Marshall, who absorbs it and kicks Stevens in return. Referee finally gains order and Lawlor and Ross begin as the remaining members take their spots on the apron. Sling-blade from Ross, followed by a flush dropkick. Running boot and splash in succession from Ross. He goes for a flying knee but Stevens moves Lawlor out of the way, then tags in and stomps Ross down. Team Filthy wears Ross down. He eventually makes the hot tag to Kross, who suplexes all of Team Filthy. He screams at Lawlor to meet him in the ring… Kross rocks him with forearms but Lawlor hits a flying heel kick. Kross pops right up and back suplexes him. Kross accidentally runs into the ref. Rip takes advantage of the situation and low blows Smith, then picks up a chair… Marshall cuts him off with the claw… .claw slam. He climbs to the top… Marshall hits the top rope moonsault. Kross gets the referee back in the ring to make the count… it’s over.

The Von Erichs/Killer Kross/Davey Boy Smith Jr. win by pinfall

Afterwards… Smith pulls out a door and powerbombs Rip through it. Team Filthy grab the remains of their fallen comrade and flea ringside as the babyfaces celebrate. Team Filthy comes out again for one last flurry but Kross, Smith, and The Von Erichs fight them off with ease. Backstage… King Mo nails Kross with a plank, and declares himself the newest member of Team Filthy.


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