Saturday, February 1, 2020

The Revival Respond To Fans Criticizing Them Regarding Their WWE Status

The Revival React To Fans Responding To Them Reportedly Requesting A Release Again From WWE
Yesterday it was reported The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) had put in another request for a release from WWE, last week. No word yet on if WWE had given a response.

Going back to January 2019, Dawson and Wilder had reportedly asked for their release for the first time, unhappy with how they (along with the tag division, as a whole) were being used. In May of that year it was said the tag team turned down a new 5-year contract, worth $500,000 per year.

Since then, The Revival has filed to trademark their finisher, "Shatter Machine," and "#FTRKO."

Their WWE contracts are reportedly expiring in April, but it's been reported that WWE added another 10 weeks to Wilder's contract due to the time he missed in 2016 with a broken jaw.

Today on Twitter, Dawson commented on fans reacting to the news of them either stay or leaving WWE.

"If we settle, you guys say we're lazy & complacent. If we try to be better, you guys say we're whining & complaining. Make up your mind."