Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Randy Orton Shuts AEW Rumors Down, Re-Signs Multi-Year Contract With WWE

Randy Orton Shuts AEW Rumors Down, Re-Signs New Multi-Year Contract With WWE
We noted last month how Randy Orton was posting photos with "Elite" in them, teasing a possible move to AEW with his contract expiring soon. That is no longer the case as Orton has re-signed a new, multi-year contract with WWE.

Orton’s 10-year deal with the company was set to expire in a few months and there as a ton of speculation that he might consider going to AEW. The speculation was fueled by an Instagram post from Orton where he teased making the jump. Orton has also been complimentary of AEW and said that he’d love to work with Sammy Guevara.

Many people in WWE felt that Orton’s social media teases were being done to leverage more money from WWE and that has apparently worked for him. There are no details available on the terms of his deal but he is already working a limited scheduled compared to the rest of the roster so he will likely continue working the same (or less) amount of dates.

Orton has been with the company since 2001 when he signed a developmental deal. He made his Monday Night Raw debut in 2002.