Sunday, October 6, 2019

Becky Lynch Retains, Makes Sasha Banks Tap Out in Brutal HIAC Match

Becky Lynch Retains, Makes Sasha Banks Tap Out
Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks continued their intense rivalry at WWE Hell in a Cell as Lynch defended her championship against Banks in a HIAC match.

After a brutal match, Lynch emerged victorious when she made Banks tap out.

After an inconclusive finish to their match at WWE Clash of Champions, it was perfectly fitting for Banks and Lynch to face off in a Hell in a Cell match. The Boss took the fight to the Man early on and the brawl spilled out of the cell before it was lowered. Lynch fought back and both women were locked inside the cell. The champion took the chain on the door and hit Banks with it. Lynch grated Banks against the steel wall of the cell. Banks hit Lynch with a steel chair but Lynch returned the favor. The Man slammed Banks’ face into a chair. Three missile dropkicks sent Banks sprawling into the steel wall. Banks hit a meteora into Lynch against a ladder. The Boss repeatedly slammed Lynch’s arm between the cell wall and the door. Banks then used a chair to further damage the arm.

Banks then hit a meteora on Lynch, who was sitting in a chair. Lynch suplexed Banks into the steel wall of the cell. The Man hit a bulldog on Banks onto a steel chair for a near fall. Banks hit Lynch with a kendo stick but the Man bounced the Boss’ head off another kendo stick. Lynch hit a dropkick on Banks while she was seated in a chair in the corner of the wall. The Man hit a diving leg drop for a near fall. Banks hit another meteora through a table for a near fall.

The Boss locked in the Bank Statement with a kendo stick but Lynch escaped. Banks threw a pile of chairs into the ring and hit Lynch with another chair. Lynch hit a Bexploder off the second rope onto the chairs. The Man locked in the Disarm-Her to win the match.