WWE 205 Live Results – September 24, 2019

WWE 205 Live Results - September 24, 2019

Vic Joseph, Aiden English, and Dio Maddin welcome us to another edition of 205 Live., as Humberto Carrillo is out for the opening contest. Angel Garza is second.

Humberto Carrillo versus Angel Garza

Tie-up. Garza forces Carrillo to the corner. Referee separates them and they reset. Garza goes to give a fan a high five, then burns him by leaving him hanging. Back in the ring… Garza takes Carrillo down and applies a headlock. Carrillo tries to get to his feet to break the hold… Garza muscles him back down. Carrillo transitions to a wristlock but Garza retakes control by picking the leg. Pace picks up… Garza hits a frankensteiner… Carrillo lands on his feet. Both men trade arm-drags and quick pinfall attempts. Garza offers a handshake to Carrillo… he kicks it away. Garza stops the action… TEAR AWAY PANTS to the delight of the crowd. Basement dropkick from Garza sends Carrillo to ringside. Garza follows up with a moonsault. Carrillo connects with a few punches to the gut… Garza shakes it off and traps Carrillo in the corner… dropkick to the knee. Handspring maneuver from Carrillo but Garza catches Carrillo with a dropkick to the back. Modified chinlock is in, as Garza attempts to wear Carrillo down.

Carrillo begins mounting a comeback. Stiff elbow rocks Garza. Carrillo hits his signature handspring arm-drag, then nearly wins the match with a standing moonsault. Garza goes to the outside to recover… Carrillo takes him out with a twisting tope con hilo. Back inside… Carrillo climbs… missile dropkick for a nearfall. He goes to the top again but Garza swings out his leg and dropkicks Carrillo’s gut. Boom drop and dropkick in succession. Cover… only two. Carrillo to the apron… roundhouse lands. Carrillo goes to the top again… he moonsaults and lands on his feet. He picks Garza up in a standing surfboard stretch… Garza reverses and applies the submission himself. Both men off the ropes… they collide hard. Crowd gives them a loud ovation. Springboard moonsault from Garza for two. He charges… Carrillo moves and Garza hits the post. Aztec press from Carrillo. It’s over.

Humberto Carrillo wins by pinfall

Carrillo celebrates, applauding his cousin for giving him a great matchup.

Commercial for Connor’s Cure featuring WWE superstar Roman Reigns, followed by an advertisement for Raw’s season premiere.

Commentary takes us back to last week’s 205, when Brian Kendrick attacks his friend Akira Tozawa with a kendo stick after already assaulting Jack Gallagher. Cut to an interview with Kendrick. He says that there’s an epidemic consuming the 205 locker room… and it’s an epidemic of disrespect. He says that the locker room forgets that he’s knocked down barriers for them to even be in the WWE, and that he hasn’t received a title shot in nearly three years despite being a former champion and veteran. “It’s time for everyone to remember what respect looks like.”

Main event time. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch are out first. Tony Nese and the champ, Drew Gulak, are second. Here we go.

Oney Lorcan/Danny Burch versus Tony Nese/Drew Gulak

Burch and Gulak begin. Tie-up. Burch with a wristlock… he switches to a headlock. Gulak rolls him across the mat but Burch doesn’t release the hold. Gulak bounces him off the ropes… shoulder block but no one budges. Lorcan tags in and hits a big chop. Burch and Lorcan utilize quick tags to wear the champ down. Gulak eventually tags out and he and Nese take control by beating down Burch. Lorcan comes in hot nailing Nese with running uppercuts. He lays some stiff shots into Gulak as well. Nese eye rakes Lorcan, then connects with his signature springboard moonsault for a nearfall. Gulak picks up the pieces and smashes Lorcan’s face off the turnbuckles. Now the heels make quick tags. English calls Gulak the “stretch-a-cutioner” of the division. Modified camel clutch from Nese. Double back suplex by Nese and Gulak. Cover… only two.

Eventually Lorcan creates separation and tries to tag in Burch but Gulak cuts him off with a standing guillotine. He slams him off and in Burch comes. Burch strings together his offense including a running lariat, uppercut, and middle-rope dropkick. For some reason he tags Lorcan right back into the match… Burch and Nese get dumped to ringside. Lorcan traps Gulak in a single-leg crab… Nese goes to break it up but Burch catches him in the crossface. Burch picks Gulak up for a doomsday device… Gulak falls forward and pushes Burch into Lorcan… Fosbury flop takes out Lorcan. Gulak powerslams Burch… Nese with a 450. Lorcan breaks up the pin. Burch headbutts Nese… Lorcan decapitates the champ with an uppercut. Doomsday uppercut device… Nese kicks out! Assisted DDT from Burch and Lorcan… and that’ll do it.

Oney Lorcan/Danny Burch win by pinfall

Burch and Lorcan celebrate their victory. Gulak and Nese quickly flea up the entrance path.


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