Friday, September 6, 2019

Possible New Name For LAX in AEW

Possible New Name For LAX in AEW
Ortiz and Santana will need new names in All Elite Wrestling because Impact Wrestling will retain the rights to the LAX name.

The team formerly known as LAX debuted at All Out attacking Pentagon Jr. and Fenix after their match against The Young Bucks. Excalibur referred to them as Los Puerto Ricanos (The Puerto Ricans) and Dave Meltzer wrote in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that they could use the name Los Boricuas. That’s another name for The Puerto Ricans, and it happens to be the name of a late 90s WWF tag team.

Well, according to their Twitter accounts, it looks like they might be going by the name Proud-N-Powerful.

They are using the usernames @Santana_PNP and @Ortiz_PnP on Twitter and Instagram and they have “Proud-N-Powerful” on their Twiter bios.

We’ll see if they stick with that name and there is time to come up with something else by October 2nd but since they have PNP in their usenames, it looks like a safe bet that they’ve settled on that name.