Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Drew McIntyre Talks People Complaining In WWE

Drew McIntyre Talks People Complaining In WWE
Many current and former WWE talents have recently complained about WWE and their creative process.

Drew McIntyre has a different take on the perceived lack of opportunities. He spoke with Sam Roberts on Not Sam Wrestling about that and the journey he had back to WWE.

"You look in the mirror, you know if you are not giving it everything you got," McIntyre stated. "There are a lot of people that are talented and do deserve more opportunities. But there are those not putting in the work and maybe in their head think they deserve this, this and this. I assure you, outside the company when it is 100 percent on you, it becomes your life. You have to give it all you've got 24/7."

When McIntyre returned to WWE, many felt he would be stopping his momentum from the independent scene. For McIntyre, that was never a concern.

"No, it never crossed my mind," said Mcintyre. "I thought about it long and hard before I made my return. I was very lucky how things worked out after I was released. I remember telling my wife, things are going to be fine. I spoke with a couple of other guys that were in the same position. They said you will travel around, be the same guy, make a lot of money, but eventually when people get used to seeing your face, that money will come down and you will see the wage that you can live at."

Several NXT stars have struggled once they made it to the main roster. McIntyre has been an exception, and has some simple advice on how current talent can prevent that from happening.

"Don't lose what brought you to the dance," McIntyre said. "The nature of Raw and SmackDown and NXT are very different. You're going to get more time in NXT, whereas on Raw and SmackDown the matches are kind of commercials for the characters and the future pay-per-views. At NXT, I'm going to have 30 minutes, it is easy to tell a story in 30 minutes. How good are you really? Are you able to tell that story in five minutes? Are you going to be able to keep what brought you from NXT to Raw or SmackDown? You figure out what brought you to the dance and how to tell the story you want to tell and get yourself over."

You may listen to the full interview below.