Impact Wrestling Results – May 17, 2019

Impact Wrestling Results - May 17, 2019

We kick off with a video package recapping of last week’s IMPACT– LAX tag victory, Madison Rayne victory, oVe victory, etc.

Knockouts Battle Royale

Jordynne Grace vs Madison Rayne vs Scarlett Bordeaux vs Tessa Blanchard vs. Carissa Rivera vs. Solo Darling vs. Tasha Steelz vs Ashley Vox vs. Alisha Edwards vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Glenn Gilbertil

Glenn Gilbertti comes out to trash talk, immediately gets tossed out of the ring by the ladies. He heads to announcing.

The group splits and stars fighting, separating groups into the corner. Steelz hurricanranas Blanchard, Solo Darling gets chops on Alisha Edwards, Bordeaux gets a backbreaker on Madison Raynes. Chaotic beginning to the match. The pace slows as Ashley Vox gets offense on Blanchard before Grace attempts to eliminate Vox. Blanchard eliminates Alyssa Rivera. Gilbertti continues to talk trash at the announce table. Solo Darling eliminates Steelz. Darling gets bumped off and eliminated. Blanchard tosses out Edwards in a show of strength, eliminating Edwards. Grace goes to work on Hogan, attempting an elimination. Blanchard tries to eliminate Grace, Hogan slides back in and eliminates Grace. Blanchard fights back off the apron and back into the ring. Bordeaux gets Rayne in the corner and rubs her ass in her face. Rayne gets up to recover and Taya Valkyrie comes out an attacks Rayne. Rayne gets eliminated by the remaining Hogan, Blanchard and Bordeaux.

We go to break.

We return, Blanchard hits a codebreaker on Hogan, Bordeaux hits a powerbomb on Blanchard. Bordeaux and Hogan team up on Blanchard before Hogan super kicks Bordeaux then clotheslines her out. Hogan and Blanchard left. The women are exhausted. Blanchard and Hogan exchange blows. Hogan goes for a hurricanrana and Blanchard reverses into a powerbomb over the ropes but hogan grabs the ropes. The two battle on the apron. Hogan goes for a german suplex, Blanchard block. Blanchard grabs Hogan’s leg and eliminates her. Gilbertti goes in and eliminates Blanchard and wins.

Winner via top rope elimination: Glen Gibertti

-A video package showing Willie Mack in the parking lot. Elgin greets him, the two exchange words and fight. Elgin powerbombs Mack against a U-Haul truck and leaves.

-Backstage video. Elgin say he left NJPW because he was sick of waiting for a chance. Says he learned if he wanted something he had to take it himself. Brings up Cage, Pentagon and Willie Mack. Talks about Mack, Swann comes to stand up for him, the two start brawling.

Demon Collar Match
Su Yung vs. Rosemary

The match begins with both women chained at the neck together.

Rosemary immediately wraps her chain around Yung’s neck. Gets her up on the turnbuckle and gets kicked by Yung. Rosemary goes outside and pulls her chain over the turnbuckle from the outside, effectively momentarily hanging Yung. The two go back in the ring. Yung runs out, tripping up Rosemary. She pulls her chain to whip Rosemary against the turnbuckle. She sets up a chair. She slaps Rosemary around, sitting her down on the chair and choking her. She goes up to the side apron and front flips onto Rosemary. The two fight up the ramp, pulling their chains an slamming into each other. They fall and crawl toward the ring. They trade slaps and Yung sweeps Rosemary off her feet with the chain. Su gathers some of the chain and tries to hit Rosemary, narrowly missing. Rosemary gets up and reverse DDTs Yung. Rosemary whips Yung into the corner, Yung hits a pedigree from the corner.

Yung pulls out the blood stained glove, setting up for a mandible claw. Rosemary dodges and Yung spits mist and misses, gets the claw in but Rosemary gets out of it. Yung climbs to the turnbuckle. Shes free of the collar and attempting to do a move to Rosemary. Rosemary hits Yung with Mist, spears her, hits a modified Samoan Drop(?). Gets the pin and wins. She drags Su Yung up the ramp.

Winner via pinfall: Rosemary

-Backstage segment with Madison Rayne. She’s pissed about Taya. She says Taya is avoiding defending her Knockout Championship because she’s scared. Rayne says she’ll win when they fight. Says next week when Taya has to defend it against her, her reign is up.

Madman Fulton (accompanied by Sami Callihan) vs. Randy Shawn

Shawn, clearly a local enhancement talent, strikes Fulton… no a good idea. Fulton just stands there. Grabs Shawn and bangs his head against the turnbuckle. Tosses Shawn. Callihan yells KILL HIM. And, well, that’s what happened. Shawn goes for strikes, a chest chop. Fulton smiles. Boots Shawn. Chokeslams Shawn. Fulton bashes his own head against a turnbuckle, chokeslams Shawn. Callihan yells ONE MORE TIME. Yet another chokeslam. Fulton picks Shawn up and does an End of Days (with respect to Corbin!). Fulton chokes Shaw after the match and Callihan has to stop him. Clear that Callihan controls (or tries to control) Fulton.

Winner via pinfall: Madman Fulton

-Backstage segment. RVD is back in Philly. Says he’s improved so much since last time he was in the venue. RVD says next week he’ll be wrestling Tommy Dreamer. Says it’s all love but he’ll love giving Dreamer a Van Daminator. 1000000% sure homeboy is high.

-Video call on Cage’s status. The doctor and definitely not an actor says Cage ha a spinal contusion and more, exacerbated by Elgin’s actions. Cage’s return time? Doc says significant spinal trauma. A normal person could hope to walk again. Says Cage is already walking. The Definitely Doctor said it would be medically irresponsible to say when or IF Cage could return to action.

Killer Kross vs. Eddie Edwards

Edwars runs in and Kross gets on top of him immediately. Edwards throws Kross out of the ring and leaps on to him, continues beating him up outside. Kross throws Edwards back in the ring, he dives back out at Kross. Edwards takes his jacket off and hits Kross with it, tosses Kross back in. Starts chopping Kross before Kross suplexes Edwards. He gets Edwards in the corner and stomps him multiple times. The two continue to go at it. Edwards suplexes Kross and gets him in the corner. Attempts to run at Kross and Kross knees Edwards. Kross stomps Edwards and rakes his eyes from behind, continues working on him. Kross whips Edwards into the corner so hard Edwards falls. Kross laughs maniacally.

Crowd starts to chant for Edwards. Edwards gets inspired, yelling for Kross to hit him more. Ducks a kick from Kross and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb. He’s too hurt to cover and both men are down. Kross is laughing at his own pain. Edwards gets Kross in the corner, hits a hurricanrana. Chops Kross and goes for a pin, only gets one. The two exchange strikes and Edwards hits Kross with a tiger bomb. Kick out at two.

Kross eye rakes Edwards. Edwards rolls out and grabs his kendo stick Kenny from under the ring. The ref tries to stop Edwards, Kross pushes the ref into Edwards, hits Doomsday Saito for the win.

Winner via pinfall: Killer Kross

Kross gets zip ties and straps Edwards to the ropes. He tells Edwards “I have to do this.” Kross puts on gloves and grabs the kendo stick. He charges to hit Edwards and… stops? Edwards tells Kross to hit him. Kross takes Edward’s kendo stick and breaks it. Edwards is super bummed, screaming NOoOOOoOOOOOO!!! Kross laughs.

-Backstage video segment with the Rascalz. They mention LAX gave them a title shot so we get a gloriously goofy 80s montage of them training.

Rich Swann vs. Michael Elgin

The two tie up in a grapple. After they break up Swann hits a strike then gets Elgin in a headlock. Elgin whips Swann into the ropes. Swann tries to shoulder check Elgin and Elgin doesn’t budge. Swann tries to use his athleticism but Elgin shows he’s athletic too, matching flips and rolls. Swann gets some offense in on Elgin and slows him down with some strikes and chest chops. Elgin attempts to suplex Swann and Swann knees Elgin while midair. Elgin gets Swann in the corner and German suplexes him. Swann takes it right on his head. Elgin chops Swann, slowing down the pace of the match. He whips Swann into the corner hard, knocking Swann down to the mat. Elgin picks up Swann and Swann fights back until Elgin elbows Swann in the face. Elgin walks to the side apron and springboard splashes into the ring onto Swann. He whips Swann into the corner turnbuckle and keeps trying to position a move but Swann won’t let him. Swann headbutts Elgin causing Elgin to fall. Swann goes for a cross body and gets dropkicked by Elgin. Elgin goes for the count and gets a two.

Swann is up now and tries to build some momentum with strikes. Elgin goes for an Elgin Bomb and Swann reverses it into a DDT. Elgin goes for a dive and misses, landing out of the ring. Swann dives on Elgin, runs back in the ring and dives again. Swann climbs to the top and front flips onto Elgin. Swann gets Elgin in the ring and hits him with an elbow drop. Pins him and only gets two. Elgin and Swann still going at it after break. Swann survives several corner splashes and a corner powerbomb. Swann clotheslines Swann front and back several times. He goes for a big clothesline and Swann counters. Hits Elgin with a superkick and gets a stiff clothesline from Elgin. Elgin hits a End of Days on Swann and Swann kicks out. Elgin gets Swann on the top rope. Gets Swann on his shoulders and Swann reverses. Tries to hurricanranas Elgin, Elgin reverses for a powerbomb but Swann reverse that into the hurricanrana. Swann hits a springboard clothesline and a stunner. Elgin kicks out. Elgin hits a big clotheslines and a big Elgin Bomb. pins gets a two. Swann hits two reverse hurricanranas and a superkick. Swann goes for the pin and gets two.

Elgin eventually works Swann to the outside. He powerbombs Swann onto the turnbuckle twice. The referee warns Elgin if he does it again he’ll be disqualified. Elgin pushes the official and powerbombs Swann again.Elgin is DQ’d.

Winner via DQ: Rich Swann

Elgin chases the ref then gets Swann in the ring and tries to powerbomb him again, Willie Mack comes to his aid and beats up Elgin. Johnny Impact comes out and beats up Mack. Johnny Impact then attacks Swann. He and Elgin look at each other and the show comes to an end.

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