Sean Waltman On AJ Styles Making Good Money In WWE, Recent WWE PC Stint, CM Punk – Luke Perry, More

Sean Waltman On AJ Styles Making Good Money In WWE, Recent WWE PC Stint, CM Punk - Luke Perry, More

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman recently spoke with Rory Karpf on Waltman’s X-PAC 12360 podcast. You can catch the podcast in the YouTube embed below.

Here are highlights that were sent to us by the podcast:

Karpf on CM Punk and Luke Perry giving each other advice over the phone, Punk texting after Perry’s recent passing:

“The person that reached out to me and sent me a nice text offering condolences about Luke was CM Punk. Because Luke actually called him, they connected when we were filming the Evolution of Punk series and he gave Luke some advice for his son [AEW star Jungle Boy] and they had a nice connection. Luke maybe gave him a little bit of acting advice since he was getting in that world so they connected there and Punk said the same thing that he was in shock at how cool of a dude Luke was.”

Waltman on the WWE Performance Center in Orlando and being happy for the young talents that have access to the facility:

“It’s heaven down there, for someone that’s been in the industry for decades and came up a certain way and had to overcome certain things that we didn’t have in the industry coming up. People go ‘Oh, these kids nowadays,’ but this is great that they have all this stuff. People my age doing that ‘kids nowadays’ stuff – c’mon, be happy for these kids. Yeah, we didn’t have it, and yes we busted our asses and a lot of us paved the way for these things to happen. And yes, it would have been nice for us to have these things but we didn’t. If people are going to go out there and risk their lives, especially nowadays with the way the bar is raised- the crazy things that they are doing in the ring, the risks. And the damage that everyone is doing to their body long term. They deserve the very best, and they have the very best stuff down there in Orlando. I’m just blown away by the whole thing. Be happy for them and for everyone coming up that has that at their disposal down there. You had to have brought something to the table, you have to had worked your ass off or worked your ass off in another field or sport to have caught their eye and end up at the Performance Center. Even if they are just taking a chance on your potential, if that’s the case , if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. People come through there and some don’t last long.”

Waltman on his recent guest coach gig at the Performance Center:

“They work their asses off, that whole crew. There’s a bond there, because they all get there and they do a live event, everyone’s there at 5 o’clock. Everyone. From the first match to the main event and everywhere in-between, they are all helping put the ring up, set the chairs up, do all that stuff. I was more than happy to help do it too, no one let me and really they have a system down there. Everyone knows how to put the ring up and tear it down and honestly my help would have just slowed them down, to be honest with you. And you can sit back, and you could occasionally see some people can’t hide the fact that they think they’re a little above setting rings up and things like that, you know. I don’t mean to be cliche but those things build character.”

Waltman on appearing at the WWE NXT live event in St. Petersburg, Florida:

There was two, the first one in St. Petersburg, those are tough. They [NXT talent] go out there and they perform at such a high level and it’s such a great locker room, such a great roster, so much talent in there. And when NXT does live events here or any of the live events outside of Florida, Takeovers, etc., the crowd responds to the work, they do. And then they go to St. Petersburg, my hometown. I love St. Pete very much but my God, they are out there busting their humps and I don’t know ‘WTF’ St. Pete wants to get off their hands and make some noise. You got Velveteen Dream and Roderick Strong crushing it, and the people are just sitting there not making a peep. I would quit running St. Pete until they are actually grateful to have a wrestling show there again. They run it too much. I go to Full Sail, it’s just fine in there. They know what they’re looking at and here’s another thing too, partly in defense of the fans. The fans like a certain thing in certain areas. In Florida, they like the gaga. I am not sure if you understand what I mean but the old southern, work the people, one, two, in the corner. And NXT shows are going out there and they’re giving them just their normal NXT show. And if they maybe sprinkle a little gaga in there it might help. You have to know your crowd. And adjust accordingly.”

Waltman on AJ Styles re-signing with WWE:

“I just couldn’t imagine AJ leaving [WWE]. He’s established there, he’s established as one of the top guys in WWE. So, regardless of whatever number is on a contract, on a downside guarantee, there is way more money being made. Trust me, AJ Styles is gonna make a s–t load of money. He deserves it. Good for him.”

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