Bound For Glory Results – October 14, 2018

Bound For Glory Results - October 14, 2018

Opening video for the PPV with Santana and Ortiz, we see clips hyping each of tonight’s matches.

Matt Sydal and Ethan Page vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack

The crowd chanted “Return of the Mack.:” Everyone jawjacked at the bell. Swann dropkicked Sydal and Page. Sydal told Swann he wasn’t scared of Mack. Mack tagged in. Mack and Sydal squared off and had some nice and forth action. Mack did a handstand on the topo turnbuckle to mock Sydal, then caught him with a great clothesline. Swann tagged in, as did Page. The crowd booed the heck out of Page.

Swann had control of Page until Sydal kneed him from behind. Sydal came off the ropes with a big knee across Swann’s arm. He took him down to the mat and controlled him with an armbar. They tagged in and out, controlling Swann. Page nailed a nice elbow in the corner, then flipped him off the ropes for a two count. Swann reversed a Sydal whip into the corner but was kicked as he charged and dumped to the floor. Swann and Sydalk battled on the floor. Page distracted the referee to allow Sydal to commit additional damage. Mack finally had enough and did a flip off the apron onto Sydal.

Swann returned to the ring and attempted to make the tag out but was caught and trapped by Sydal in a side chinlock. Swann fought to his feet but was hit with a Side Russian Legsweep and trapped again. Swann fought his way out of the corner but was drilled by Sydal with a slam. Page came off the ropes with a big elbow for a two count. Swann finally made the hot tag to Willie, who cleaned house and nailed a big cannonball on the corner on Sydal. Page kicked him but was caught with a big overhead suplex.

Mack went for a short arm clothesline but was kicked off. He came back with a Samoan Drop and a standing moonsault for a two count. Mack and Swann nailed a double team flapjack/bulldog combination for a two count. Page slammed Swann off the top and nailed a swanton bomb into the ring for a two count. The crowd chanted “This is Impact.” Everyone battled in the ring. They traded big spots and strikes.

Sydal nailed a top rope rana on Swann, who flew into Page and nailed him with a rana instead. That was pretty damn cool. The crowd chanted, “This is awesome.” They battled back and forth with kicks and punches. Page accidentally kicked Sydal. Swann nailed a handspring cutter and came off the top with a twisting 450 splash for the pin.

Winners: Rich Swann & Willie Mack

After the match, Mack took the mic and said he was glad everyone enjoyed his debut and that everyone is having a good time at Bound for Glory. He said they had 2 empty seats in the front row, so whoever makes the most noise gets them. He said those seats were courtesy the show’s sponsor and he hopes next time everyone at home comes and sits in the front row live too. He said they just set this “b***ch on fire” and told everyone to have fun.

– They aired a video piece on Austin Aries going “too far” on Twitter while talking about Johnny Impact’s wife Taya Valkyrie with clips from TMZ Live. They then showed the scene that closed the Hall of Fame ceremony last night between them.

– Backstage, LAX found Konnan beat up in a locker room. The crowd booed this, realizing it means he’s probably not wrestling.

In the Arena:

Drake took the mic and said he wanted to talk to NYC. He said the gravy train has rolled in and you can feel it. He said you can feel the tingling in your loins. Well, OK. He said that he rolls in and asked that the best NYC can give him in this open challenge. He looks for faces he hasn’t seen before and didn’t see anyone. He said he’s in a town who’s claim to fame is pizza. Fans chanted for “pizza.” He said since he didn’t see any new faces in the back, he looks in the crowd and sees some players for the New York Giants. He said he knows it couldn’t be them with their 1-5 record. So, he wonders who can it be to challenge Eli Drake. He said it doesn’t make a difference.

Out came James Ellsworth. The crowd groaned. He took the mic. The crowd chanted, “Delete!” Drake told them that was the wrong guy. Ellsworth said that he’s badmouthing New York but if you bad-mouth a New Yorker, they fight. Drake asked him if he was a New Yorker. The crowd chanted, “No!” Ellsworth said he not really, but he was dating a girl from Staten Island for awhile. OK, that was a great line. He said he doesn’t like when people knock NYC. The crowd reacted to him taking up for them by chanting, “F*** you Ellsworth.”

Drake said that it looks like someone knocked his chin off already. Ellsworth said he doesn’t have a chin, but it looks like he doesn’t have any b****s. He began doing his line about any man with two hands but drilled Drake with the mic. He worked over Drake, who nailed him with a flapjack and worked him over in the corner. The crowd chanted for Drake. Ellsworth came off the ropes and nailed a tornado DDT. He set up for Sweet Chin Music but was caught and chokeslammed. The crowd chanted “Gravy Train.” Drake pulled him up but was caught with a surprise super kick. Drake came back to hit the Kryptonite Krunch, then another and scored the pin.

Winner, Eli Drake

Drake said he didn’t come for garbage. He wants top guys. He wants former Champions. He wants Hall of Fame material. Abyss’ music hit and he came to the ring. Drake attacked him as he entered but Abyss nailed a series of clotheslines and a running Avalanche in the corner. He nailed the Black Hole Slam, then left the ring. He pulled a table into the ring. He grabbed Drake for a chokeslam but Drake nailed him and drove him into the corner. He set up Abyss sitting on the table and came off the ropes but was caught and chokeslammed through the table. The crowd liked this, but not as much as they liked Eli Drake beating up Ellsworth.

– Earlier today, Tessa Blanchard was caught by McKenszie Mitchell coming into the building. Blanchard said tonight is her night and she is true wrestling royalty. She said is the greatest and the title proves it. She said diamonds are forever and so is Tessa holding the Knockouts Championship.

Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie

They locked up and Tessa began working over her arm. Taya nailed a head scissior takedown and drilled Tessa with a kick in the gut. They fired back and forth with big shots in the corners. Tessa rebounded off the ropes but was speared by Taya and rolled to the outside. Taya went to the top for a moonsault to the floor but Tessa nailed her and hit a neckbreaker off the ropes to the floor. Tessa brought her back into the ring but was immediately kicked off during a charge. Tessa nailed her and knocked her off the ropes for a two count Tessa began working over the challenger, choking her against the ropes. She nailed a nice leaping kick to the back.

They grappled back and forth until Taya nailed a back suplex. Taya nailed a hip attack in the corner. Taya nailed a double knee strike. Taya is yelling a lot in Spanish and that’s getting very over with the crowd live. They battled on the top. Taya nailed a big superplex and turned her over into a guillotine choke. Blanchard fought to her feet and charged Taya into the corner, then nailed a Northern Lights suplex. Hiroshi Hase would be proud.

They battled back and forth with hard uppercuts and forearms. Taya nailed a TKO variation for a two count. They continued battling until Tessa nailed a cutter. Tessa came off the ropes but was caught and hit a chokeslam, which looked painful. Taya scored with a moonsault off the ropes but the Champion kicked out at two. Taya cinched in an armbar submission. She turned Blanchard into a bow and arrow and drilled her down with a curb stomp. She tied up Tessa in another submission as her arms flailed for the ropes, finally making it and forcing the break.

Taya nailed her with the Implant Buster but Tessa got up at the last second. The timing was wonky with the count and the crowd knew it. Taya sent her into the buckles but the Champ sidestepped her and sent her into the ringpost shoulder-first. Tessa caught her staggering out of the corner with a DDT but Taya kicked up at the last second, which shocked the crowd. They battled back into the corner. Taya went for a powerbomb but Blanchard hit a rana, sending her into the buckles. Tessa flew off the top and came down with an inverted Codebreaker and scored the pin.

Winner and still Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion: Tessa Blanchard

There were a few moments were the timing was rough, but not enough to hurt the match. Athletically, this was the best Taya has looked in awhile and she got the crowd behind her. Blanchard is a phenom and looked great here. A good match.

– McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Moose, who was dressed like Prince Nana. He cut a good promo about how pro wrestling takes friends and turns them into enemies. He promised tonight why Eddie Edwards was going to find out why he’s the legend known as Moose. Moose’s promos have gotten 100,000 times better.

Moose vs. Eddie Edwards

Accompanied by three women, Moose (in a very silver jacket) heads to the ring. Edwards rolls out to the ring with a kendo stick, momentarily chasing Moose out of the ring. Edwards nails the boston knee party early on, but doesn’t go for the cover. He instead goes for his kendo stick and Killer Kross attacks from the crowd. Referee calls the match.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via DQ

Kross tosses Edwards in the ring and Moose continues to hammer away on him. Moos with a weak pump kick on Edwards and out comes Tommy Dream with a kendo stick. He smacks both Kross and Moose out of the ring, grabs a mic and tells the two guys they don’t know where they are. Dreamer says the crowd isn’t going stand for a finish like that and calls for the bell to be rung!

Tommy Dream and Eddie Edwards vs. Moose and Kiler Kross

Both teams brawl out on the floor. Dream spits water in both Moose and Kross’ face. Edwards then asks for Dream to drink some water and spit it on him, which he then spits on Moose, ew. Back in the ring is Moose and Dreamer, Moose with a shoulder tackle, running senton, no. Kross heads into the ring and stomps on Dreamer. Edwards follows him, but gets a suplex for his troubles.

Everyone is brawling all over the place, Edwards gets knocked off the top rope down to the exposed floor. Kross chokes Dreamer with his tie and tosses him across the ring. Moose ends up jawing with one of the New York Giants and gets shoved down to the floor. Edwards then hits an overhead release suplex on Moose. Back in the ring, Edwards with an atomic drop on Kross, couple chops to the chest.

Top rope hurricanrana by Edwards on Kross, another chop, cover, Moose breaks it up. Edwards and Moose go at it in the ring, back and forth strikes, Edwards hit a blue thunder bomb. Dreamer and Kross now in the ring, Dreamer hits a cutter on Kross. Edwards tosses Dreamer a kendo stick, but side suplex on Dreamer. Moose with a powerbomb on Edwards. Moose tries to take Edwards’ head off with the kendo stick, Edwards with a roll-up, 1-2-3.

Winners: Eddie Edwards and Tommy Dreamer

Post-match, Kross chokes Edwards and Moose hits a spear. They take him out and hit double powerbomb on the edge of the apron.

– Backstage, oVe hype tonight’s match against Pentagon Jr, Brian Cage, and Fenix. Callihan says they plan on putting Ohio as the capital of wrestling.

Dave Crist, Jake Crist, and Sami Callihan vs. Pentagon Jr., Fenix, and Brian Cage (oVe Rules)

Both teams square off and battle, Callihan and Pentagon with back and forth chops. Double slingblades, Dave lands a lung blower on Pentagon. Cage with a release suplex, sending Dave rolling out of the ring. Cage tries to do the same, but Jake lands on his feet, flips up to the top rope, Cage catches him, Jake flips out and sends Cage into the ring post. Fenix with a back handspring into a headbutt, Fenix ends up on the apron, kick to the head, dances on the rope and hits a smooth looking cutter.

Fenix with a handspring off the rope, Callihan catches and lands a suplex. Fenix out on the floor, Callihan with a kick to Fenix, tries it on Cage, doesn’t do any damage. Jumps on Cage, gets caught and powerbomb into the apron. Jake leaps and Cage catches him in the vertical suplex position, nearly losing him into the crowd. Fenix with a cannonball out to Callihan and Jake. Back in the ring Cage picks up Jake and sends Jake up and over to the floor on the other wrestlers. Cage with a deadlift superplex on Callihan, bringing him into the ring. Dave breaks it up though.

Pentagon gets Jake into the tree of woe position and gets double stomped. Cage with a powerbomb on Dave, looks for the drill claw, Callihan with a pump kick. Callihan sends him to the outside, Fenix runs down the ramp, leaps over the top rope and hits a cutter, cover, two! Crowd liked that spot. Jake with a pair of kicks that sends Fenix out to the floor. Pentagon driver on Jake, Dave breaks it up, everyone is getting taken down now. Cage powerbombs Callihan into the corner, spiked fear factor by Pentagon/Fenix, cover, Jake and Dave break it up.

Cage lifts up the brothers and hits a fallaway slam. oVe try to triple team Cage, but Pentagon and Fenix make the save. Pentagon with a codebreaker on Dave, Fenix heads to the top rope, goes to stand on Pentagon’s shoulders. Jake looks for a leaping cutter, but they botched that moved with Fenix actually landing down on Jake. Pentagon and Callihan on the apron, Callihan with a piledriver. Cage starts up a Terminator clap as he gets into the ring with all three oVe guys, takes down all three. Jake with a number of kicks to Cage, Dave lifts up the big man, all-seeing eye hits on Cage, cover, kicks out at one! Triple kicks to Cage, and again! He just yells at them. They kick him at least ten times, maybe more. Piledriver by Callihan, cover, 1-2-3. That is Cage’s first loss in Impact.

Winners: oVe

– Backstage, McKenzie interviewed Austin Aries. He was asked what fans can expedct from the match tonight. He said he came back in the start of 2018 and this place was on life support. He won the title and since then, he had busted his ass to make the title and the company worth something again. He said he thinks he’s done a really good job. He said his challenger shows up when his schedule permits and claims its the most important thing in the world. He called him Johnny Come Lately. He’s been off filming reality series, getting married and nursing injuries. Now that the show is airing, now he wants to re-assert himself and say this means something to him – the title. He doesn’t think it means anything to him. He said that Impact told him the other night that it wasn’t always about him. He said that’s funny coming from the guy who changes his last name into the company he works for. He said after last night he doesn’t trust Impact or management. He was going to come out alone, but now he’s bringing his men with him and he told Impact to bring his wife and make it real up close and personal. He said it’s not a reality show or a crappy B movie. it’s his life and they are going to find out.

– Backstage, The OGz jokingly give a tribute to Konnan, who they took out earlier tonight. King says tonight they are going to show Otiz and Santana what it means to come up the hard way. King says this is their town, not LAX’s town.

Concrete Jungle Street Fight: LAX (Santana and Ortiz) vs. The OGz (King, Hernandez, Homicide)

All the mats have been removed, exposing the plywood underneath. No turnbuckles. Lots of weapons and tables all over.

Hernandez got busted open right away with a stiff trash can lid shot. He’s going to need some stitches. The boards were all moving around under the guys, making it look pretty damn dangerous It was all brawling. The OGz had a long period where they worked over LAX and trashed him. King went for a dive to the floor but his feet got caught in the ropes and he went down right into the rail and the concrete. Hernandez did the Border Toss on Homicide over the top onto LAX, sacrificing his own partner to get them.

Ortiz nailed an overhead suplex onto the boards on Homicide. Hernandez hit the pounce on him, sending him through a table in the corner. Santana hit the ring and went for a sunset flip but Hernandez powered out. Santana hit a stiff kick to the legs. He hit a nice tope con hilo to the floor on Hernandez. Kingston returned to the ring, where Santana kicked him stiff in the face. Kingston dared him to keep going and kikced him back. He kicked Santana into the corner and charged but was caught and suplexed into the empty corner.

LAX began double-teaming Hernandez. They posted Homicide’s shoulder. Hernandez pulled himself to the top and fought off LAX but was eventually overpowered and hit with a double superplex into the bare ring. The place went nuts and chanted “Holy sh**” and man, they are right. Konnan came out to his music and made the save, running Homicide through a table. LAX hit a sit down powerbomb off the top on King, scoring the pin.

Winners, LAX & Konnan

Allie will enter Su Yung’s Undead Realm in an attempt to rescue Kiera Hogan

This was a long pre-taped deal to cover them putting the ring back together live. Jim Mitchell welcomed her but warned her if she saw her soul, she could look but not touch. Su Yung attacked Allie but Allie pulled out a hatchet and began hitting her with it. Blood was flying. She found Keira Hogan in a coffin but Su Yung returned and they battled. Yung tried to chop her with a hatchet this time. She menaced Allie. Yung used the Mandible Claw on Allie. Yung pulled out some knife but Allie drilled her with the hatchet in the neck. I swear, I am not making any of this up. Allie tried to rouse Kiera. They tried to open the casket that Allie used to enter. Jim Mitchell re-appeared and said he was a man of his word. He promised to get her in but nothing about getting her out. Su Yung and her minions cornered them but Rosemary returned and fought them off. She told them they shouldn’t be here and told them to leave. She opened the casket and told them to go. Allie said she wasn’t going to go without her. Su Yung pulled the hatchet out of her neck and approached them. She and Rosemary began fighting and right out of Big Trouble in Little China, energy began surging from their hands. Allie and Keira were back and Allie said they had to go back and help Rosemary. Keira said it would be OK. Allie, in a demonic voice, said IT’S NOT OK. The end. Pathetic.

– They announced a new PPV, Homecoming, for 1/6/19 at the Nashville Fairgrounds aka TNA Asylum.

– Johnny Impact was interviewed. He said that if Austin Aries wants to make this a family affair, great, that is fine with him. He said the fact Aries thinks he carries this company is an insult to everyone who works for the company. He said that if Aries hadn’t crossed the line, TMZ wouldn’t have wanted them to talk about it.

Impact Wrestling Championship: Austin Aries vs. Johnny Impact

They went at each other in a real physical, aggressive way to get over the idea that they have a real personal issue beyond the title. It looked really good in that it wasn’t an overly choreographed looking sequence. They faced off and the crowd chanted back and forth. Aries drilled Impact in the leg. They continued to go back and forth in a rough manner. Fans were chanting “205” at Aries and a front row fan had a “ROSITA DISAPPROVES” sign.

Impact caught Aries in the corner and nailed a series of kicks. Aries was sent to the floor, where Impact hit a pescado to the floor. He sent Aries into the barricade. Impact bridged himself between the ring and the barricade and hit a flip onto Aries. Aries sent him into the barricade and then came off the top with a axehandle. He drilled Impact with a chop and sent him back into the ring, where he drilled him with several knees and strikes. He peppered Aries with punches and really worked him over. Impact made a comeback and was going for a springboard leg lariat when Aries drilled him and sent him to the floor. Aries went for the heat seeking missile dive but Impact drilled him as he hit the ropes.

Impact hit a twisting springboard bodypress for a two count. Aries came back and worked him over with knee strikes, trying to set up for the Last Chancery. Impact fought back and nailed a springboard knee strike off the ropes for a two count. They battled to the ropes, where Aries regained control. Aries rolled out of the way of a split-legged moonsault off the ropes but Impact landed on his feet. Impact worked him over on the ropes. Impact nailed a Spanish Fly off the top for a two count.

Aries avoided a flipping move off the top and went back to floor. Impact set him up for a suplex into the ring but Aries blocked it and pulled him out to the apron. They battled back and forth with forearms. Aries went for a death valley driver but it looked like Impact was dropped on top of his head from my vantage point. Aries nailed a 450 splash off the top for a two count. Aries went for a dropkick in the corner but Impact caught him and drilled Aries with a series of kicks. He hit Moonlight Drive off the top but Aries grabbed the ropes right before the three count. Impact went for a suplex but Aries escaped, nailed him, caught him with a vicious dropkick in the corner, then nailed a brainbuster for a two count. Impact got his foot across the rope at the last second.

Aries went into a series of knee strikes and cinched in the Last Chancery. Taya yelled at Aries and he got in her face. That fired up Impact as they beat each other back and forth with stiff shots. Aries ducked a clotheline and dove out of the ring, wiping out Taya. Impact kicked him hard off the apron into the barricade. Moose’s celebration whjen Taya got nailed was hilarious. They battled back into the ring, where Impact nailed a brainbuster and Moonlight Drive and scored the pin.

Winner and new Impact Champion, Johnny Impact

Aries got right up, yelled at the announcers and walked out, not even selling. He even spit up towards Ed Nordholm and had middle fingers for everyone. He left Moose and Kross behind.

Impact went to the floor and helped Taya up, then celebrated with her in the ring for a long time. There was a big “Johnny” chant.

Fade out…


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