WWE 205 Live Results – Mar 13, 2018

WWE 205 Live

Tonight the semis begin with Cedric Alexander going up against Roderick Strong with the winner heading to WrestleMania 34.

Recap of Drew Gulak defeating Mark Andrews and Mustafa Ali taking down Buddy Murphy. Gualk, Ali, Cedric Alexander, and Strong are the remaining Superstars in the tournament.

Akira Tozawa and Hideo Itami versus Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik (with Kalisto)

Tozawa and Dorado start things off and Dorado with a take down into a front face lock. Dorado with a sunset flip but Tozawa rolls through and Dorado avoids a round kick from Tozawa. They lock up and Tozawa with a wrist lock. Dorado with a reversal and shoulder tackle. Tozawa with an arm drag and Dorado with one of his own. They both get near falls after leg sweeps and then both go for drop kicks at the same time. They both go for kicks and block them. Dorado with a drop kick and he tags in Metalik.

They hit a double hip toss and a double kick for a near fall. Metalik with a kick to the back. Metalik with a back elbow but Tozawa with a rana and he tags in Itami. Itami misses a series of kicks. Metalik with a back heel kick and then he does a handspring back flip. Metalik with a slingshot arm drag followed by a drop kick. Dorado tags in and they hit a double drop kick followed by an arm bar.

Dorado with a chop in the corner. Itami with an Irish whip and Dorado floats over. Dorado with a head scissors take down. Itami with a knee to the midsection. Itami with a round kick to the chest. Itami with a running boot to the head and he tags Tozawa back in. Tozawa with chops. Dorado covers up and Tozawa with a jab that sends Dorado into the turnbuckles. Tozawa with kicks in the corner and the referee warns him.

Itami tags in and he kicks Dorado. Itami with a back elbow and he gets a near fall. Itami with knee drops and then he pulls the knee pad down but he leaps over Dorado and kicks him in the head. Itami with an Irish whip and Tozawa tags in. Tozawa with an elbow into the corner and then they hit a boot and enzuigiri combination. Tozawa with a missile drop kick for a near fall. Tozawa with a rear chin lock. Dorado with a punch but Tozawa with a chop.

Both men with kicks and both men go down in the center of the ring. Itami and Metalik tag in and Metalik with a springboard drop kick and a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Metalik with a kick and bulldog out of the corner. Metalik with a springboard drop kick to Itami. Metalik sends Tozawa to the floor and then Dorado with a cross body onto Tozawa off Metalik’s back. Metalik with a kick and then he goes up top for the double stomp but Itami moves. Itami with a kick and a knee to the head for the three count.

Winners: Hideo Itami and Akira Tozawa

After the match, Itami stands over Metalik and Dorado pushes him away. Kalisto has to hold Dorado back while Tozawa holds Itami back.

We have a video package for Roderick Strong. He talks about how he opened his heart to the WWE Universe so they can know who he is. He says this opportunity is big for him. Roderick says he thrives regardless of the style of his opponent. As good as all of the competitors are, they are not him. Roderick says he never got anything given to him and he does not want it to be easy. He wants to be able to show his family his legacy and he wants to be able to look back and say that he did it.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Drake Maverick makes his way to the ring and joins Vic and Nigel on commentary.

Jack Gallagher versus Murphy Myers

They lock up and Gallagher pushes Myers away. They lock up again and Gallagher stands in front of Myers after a break and he takes Myers down by grabbing the wrist. Gallagher with a snap mare and kick. Gallagher hot shots Myers and hits a running shoulder tackle. Gallagher with a slam and then he stomps on the head. Gallagher with an arm wringer that sends Myers to the mat. Gallagher kicks Myers and slams Myers’ throat into the apron. Gallagher sees Maverick at the announce table and Gallagher returns to the ring but Myers with forearms and a drop kick.

Myers goes for a baseball slide but Gallagher pulls up the ring skirt and he connects with punches and kicks. They return to the ring and Gallagher with a head butt for the three count.

Winner: Jack Gallagher

Cedric Alexander says this is not his first time fighting for the Cruiserweight Title. We see footage from his match against Kota Ibushi at the Cruiserweight Classic. Some have said he cannot win the big one, but he tells them to watch him. No one on 205 Live has been hotter than him. It will take a lot more than a few ups and downs to stop him. He says he has an unorthodox style. Cedric says he started as a heavyweight. He hits hard and moves fast and comes at you from different angles. Alexander says he can fly, or he can brawl. He can be technical. He can be anything. No one on the roster can touch what he can do. Cedric says he is going to Wrestlemania and there is no one or nothing that can stop him.

We see both men in the back getting ready for their match.

We go to commercial.

Mustafa Ali says there is one mistake from your past that stays with you. He was walking home from school with a friend and he got knocked down. A friend encountered a bully. Drew Gulak beat Mark Andrews but he did not release the hold and he bullied Mark Andrews. Ali says he has a chance to give that bully a taste of his medicine.

Roderick Strong versus Cedric Alexander in a Semifinal Match in the Cruiserweight Title Tournament

They lock up and they try to get the early advantage and Strong with a rollup for a near fall. Alexander with a front face lock but Strong with a waist lock. They lock up again and Strong with a side head lock. Alexander backs Strong into the corner and we see Gulak watching from the back. Strong with a hurdle leap frog and Alexander flips over Strong’s back. Alexander with a handstand head scissors and drop kick for a near fall.

We see Ali watching in another part of the backstage area. Strong with a forearm to the back followed by a chop in the corner. Alexander with a forearm and a back body drop. Strong goes into the corner and he holds his hamstring. Alexander goes to the apron and he goes for a springboard move but Strong hits the ropes and Alexander hits the turnbuckles before landing on the mat. Strong with a chop and kicks in the corner. Strong with a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Strong gets another near fall. Strong with a seated abdominal stretch. Alexander gets to his feet and Strong with a forearm.

Strong with a drop kick when Alexander goes for the Neuralizer. Strong gets a near fall and he kicks Alexander. The referee checks on Alexander. Strong with a kick and Alexander tries to defend himself. Strong with a reverse chin lock. Strong with a kick but Alexander with an Irish whip that sends Strong sternum first into the turnbuckles. Alexander with a kick and uppercut. Alexander with a kick that sends Strong into the turnbuckles and Alexander with a kick from the apron. Alexander with a slingshot flatline and strong goes to the floor. Alexander with a plancha onto Strong and they go back into the ring. Alexander with a springboard clothesline for a near fall.

Strong with an elbow and kick to Alexander. Alexander with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Strong blocks a Lumbar Check attempt and Alexander is sent to the apron. Alexander with a shoulder and he goes for a springboard move but strong stops him. Alexander counters into a crucifix for a near fall. strong with kicks followed by a half nelson back breaker for a near fall. Strong gets Alexander on his shoulders but Alexander escapes. Strong with an elbow. Alexander with an arm drag followed by a Neuralizer and Lumbar Check but Strong gets his foot on the rope to stop the referee’s count.

Strong rolls to the apron and Alexander shows some frustration. Alexander goes to the apron and Strong with kicks to Alexander followed by a torture rack and then he tosses Alexander into the ring post. The referee checks on Alexander while Strong wants the referee to start his count. Alexander finally starts to move and he hits an enzuigiri. Strong with a knee to stop Alexander on the turnbuckles. Strong with a superplex and both men are down. Strong gets a near fall.

Strong tries to pick up Alexander but Alexander collapses to the mat. Strong with forearms to the back and Alexander with punches. Alexander with a back heel kick. Alexander misses a back elbow and Strong with a jumping knee. Strong with End of Heartache and Alexander gets his foot on the rope to stop the count. Alexander tries to get to the floor but Strong keeps him in the ring.

Alexander with a back elbow and both men are down. Strong with a chop and Alexander with an uppercut. Strong and Alexadner with punches. Strong escapes a Lumbar Check. Alexander tries to escape the Strong Hold but Strong with a rollup for a near fall. Strong with a knee to the head and Strong with a rollup but Alexander counters and gets the three count.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

After the match, Strong and Alexander stand across the ring from each other. Strong goes to the back while Alexander looks at the Wrestlemania sign.

Cedric is asked about how it feels to be going to Wrestlemania. Alexander holds back tears and he says he did not deserve it to respond to the chants. He earned it. This was the most important match of his career and he is going to Wrestlemania. Cedric says he has a four year old daughter who calls him champion every day. He will leave Wrestlemania the Cruiserweight Champion.

We go to credits.


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