WWE Talking Smack Recap (5/30): Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match, Dolph Ziggler Talks Big Win

Renee Young welcomes us to another addition of Talking Smack with Shane McMahon. They reflect on the historic night on SmackDown after his big announcement regarding the #1 Contender to the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Renee turns us to Randy Orton’s comments from earlier tonight and Shane mentions that Randy is putting a great deal of pressure on himself, but that Orton is a pressure cooker and should be ready when he faces Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank from his hometown of St. Louis.

Young brings up how the women of SmackDown will be facing off in the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. As all of the women competing in the match enter the room, Shane asks James Ellsworth to leave since this is such a historic moment, and everyone is happy to see him go. Becky says history making is what they do, and Natalya says if Becky would’ve let the bell ring tonight then we wouldn’t need the MITB Ladder Match because she would have won the match.

All of the women start yelling at each other before Shane gets their attention. Shane asks Natalya if she’s afraid of heights at all, and she says he’s insulting her intelligence because she’s the best there is, was and ever will be. He reminds her and everyone else that they’ve never climbed the ladder before and been up that high.

Carmella says anyone in her position would be mad to be in the match because she’s pinned the champ twice, and Charlotte asks if Carmella actually considers herself a threat in the division. Carmella brushes her off and everyone goes after Charlotte before arguing again.

Shane asks Tamina if she’s nervous about the ladders, and Renee brings up how ladders have impacted Edge’s career. Tamina says they all deserve to have this match, and she knows damn well she’s not afraid of heights. Becky says they have been climbing ladders and challenges forever and will steal the show when she earns the MITB briefcase. Renee asks if they’ve considered how they would use the briefcase advantage, and Natalya says she just can’t wait to win and show everyone she’s the best because she deserves it more that anyone in the room.

Charlotte says when she wins she will become the first Triple Crown winner, and fumbles over her words before Natalya tells her this isn’t Raw anymore. Shane says the Women’s Division has been on fire and they have all earned this opportunity as a reward for giving everything they have out in the ring. He tells them that a lot of the guys haven’t been in a ladder match either, and it is a very difficult and physical match. Shane wishes them luck and says be safe before they say goodbye.

Renee Young hypes the Women’s MITB match and says that ladder matches are one of the things she hates watching the most because of the physicality. Shane says having been in one himself, it’s extremely taxing on your body. Renee asks why he made this decision, and Shane says the women should have every opportunity that the guys have been given.

She then brings up the SmackDown Tag Team Title Match coming up at Money in the Bank between The Usos and their challengers The New Day, who made their SmackDown Live debut earlier tonight. We see footage from SmackDown and Renee wants a prediction but Shane, as always, is slow to give one. She says he’ll probably have one after the match.

Our next guest is Dolph Ziggler, who says this was a great night after beating AJ Styles in front of his home crowd. Shane says that Ziggler is one of the premier performers in the WWE, when he wants to be. Ziggler stays quiet as Shane goes on to say that tonight was one of those performances that prove how good Dolph really is in the ring. Ziggler says he hates to agree with him but maybe Shane is right, and tonight he had his eyes on the prize. He welcomes AJ and is happy he’s here because he loves the competition. When he heard his music play after pinning Styles, it let him know that he actually beat AJ and it was all real, as he hasn’t picked up many wins lately.

Dolph says it was nice to stick it to AJ’s fans tonight, but if we listen to the crowd from his cash-in, he was the same jerk who was losing all the time and finally took advantage of the opportunity. We go to footage of his championship win in 2013 the night after WrestleMania 29, and Dolph says when you wanna be the best and you know it, then you deliver.

Shane brings up the women and their ladder match coming up, and asks what Ziggler is most afraid of in a ladder match. He answers saying he’s afraid of heights, and when everyone is pulling each other down and kicking each other in the face, you’re never the same. Dolph says he still remembers every ladder match he’s ever been in because he has pains and memories that will always remain with him. He can’t wait to be at the top of the game with the best and come out on top. That said, he tells Renee that being on the ladder sucks, and getting cracked with a ladder can throw you off your game.

Ziggler says he knows that when he’s focused, he’s the best in the business. He brings up Shinsuke and how the crowd will be behind him singing his song, but Dolphs says he personally wants it and is sick of saying he wants it, he’s gonna get it. Renee wants to know if he has his focus on Nakamura and he admits he does, but that he has to be firing on all cylinders since he hasn’t been winning a lot of matches. But before he won the contract last time, he wasn’t winning a lot of matches either. He knew that if he focused and put his mind on the title that he would eventually reach the top.

Dolph asks who Renee picks to win the MITB match, reminding her Ambrose is on Raw now. Renee chooses Ziggler, especially since he’s asking. He thanks her for the backhanded compliment, and says all joking aside, he knows that he knows he has to deliver. She asks about the chip on his shoulder, and he says it’s more than just something he says because the cameras are on. He tells her he laid the groundwork for “the house that AJ Stlyes built,” but tonight he was the better guy. And that’s all it takes to win the contract and steal the spotlight. Renee thanks him for joining, and Dolph says his mom will be very happy with tonight and not throw the remote at the television.

Shane looks really impressed with Dolph’s promo, saying “that’s the Dolph Ziggler.” He tells Renee that he’s way more intense than a few weeks ago, and you have to fire on all cylinders to be the best. At the same time, all of his opponents in the MITB match are so impressive, and they’re excited for all of the different styles in the ladder match. Renee tells us that next week, Shinsuke Nakamura will face United States Champion Kevin Owens for the first time. Shane refuses to give a prediction, but predicts that they’ll be here on Talking Smack to recap the action as Renee signs us off!


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