Friday, April 21, 2017

Gallows & Anderson on the Birth of Southpaw Regional Wrestling, Winning the Tag Team Titles, Their Ladder Match at WrestleMania

Former WWE Tag-Team Champions Gallows & Anderson were the recent guest on the “Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast”, which you can listen to in full at this link. Below are some interview highlights:

You had to be pumped that you were going to be tag-team champions of the world like it was Gallows and Anderson winning one week and losing the next, and then suddenly it’s like, we’ll put the red and silver belts on you.
Anderson: It was cool, but some people were saying that it was weird because it was on the Royal Rumble kick-off, it’s a joint pay per view, there are a Royal Rumble match and six other matches, we just happened to be put there.
Gallows: The match was great, the crowd was fun.
You didn’t complain that Cena and AJ [Styles] would be put on the pre-show so you guys can have that spot?
Anderson: I’ll tell you one thing, SummerSlam last year, Cena and AJ were on before our match. We’re dressing up as these stupid Doctors coming out, holding Big E’s nutsack and then we follow Cena and AJ’s legendary match. I look over at him and say you’ve gotta be kidding me?
Gallows: What the hell are we going to do now?
Anderson: We go into Gorilla and everyone is just clapping away while holding Big E’s balls.
How involved were you in the creation of Southpaw Regional Wrestling?
Gallows: I would like to think when they saw my Sex Ferguson stuff on YouTube that is where it came from but I don’t know.
Did you just get approached that you were going to get a web series?
Gallows: They came up to us about a month or two of being here and I was thinking, hold up, this is up my ally, we have to do this. Then it took a long time to actually do it.
Did you call up Cabana and say, they’re watching the DVD’s?
Gallows: They were like, we want you to do this, and normally we are very agreeable, very easy to work with brothers, but we were kind of like, nope, we have to do it our own way and have to do it on the top of our heads and it made the thing so much cooler.
Anderson: That was it, the guy had a vision and we did it. I remember we went into a really cold warehouse.
Gallows: Yeah, the entire time, Chad 2 Badd was complaining, why are we doing this? This is stupid. It came out and it was awesome.
Did he complain about the wig on?
Gallows: Yes. It was ridiculous, and his green jacket.
Anderson: There was other carney stuff going on because they rented this big warehouse and it had cars, like Dean Martin’s car was in there. Famous cars like Fast & the Furious cars.
So, how do you guys feel going into a Ladder Match heading into WrestleMania? My opinion was, a tag match is the perfect match to put a Ladder in because number one, I think it adds a little meaning because everybody metaphorically has been trying to climb the ladder, and it also does mix it up because all these teams we have seen them a lot on Raw with different variations, this is now totally different and best of all it keeps the match on the main show instead of the pre-show.
Anderson: Those big matches with the Hardy Boys, Edge & Christian, the Dudley’s, those awesome Three-Way Ladder Matches are the ones people most remember and stole the show in those years, so it’s cool to be thrown into that. To have something like that to have an impactful, meaningful match is amazing.
Gallows: That was what we had said. I think that when you look at WrestleMania and what it is and what it is all about and how cool it is, for the tag team moments in the history of WrestleMania have been these big Ladder Matches and that is what you want to be in, so to get that it’s going to be awesome.
Yeah, because nobody in that match is a ladder guy because it’s not like the Dudley Boys were ladder guys. Does the idea come up where it’s like, okay, we are really going to have to hurt ourselves?
Anderson: You know, I think there’s always a chance of us getting hurt, but it’s not like we go in there wanting to purposely do anything insane, but I don’t fear death.
Gallows: I think our adrenaline is going to be running through our minds and it’ll be done so quickly where we go, oh my gosh, I can’t believe we had done that because stuff like that seems to fly when you are actually doing it.


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