WWE 205 Live Results – Mar 14, 2017

We start off with a look at the five men who will have the opportunity to face Neville at Wrestlemania. We get comments from Austin Aries, TJ Perkins, Akira Tozawa, Brian Kendrick, and Tony Nese.

We are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and your announcers are Tom Phillips and Corey Graves.

Neville makes his way to the stage and he has a mic.

Neville says one year and one day. One year and one day. In this very building, he broke his ankle three weeks out from the Big One and he was robbed of his first Wrestlemania moment. Neville says he looked around and he noticed that nobody cared. Neville says he was forgotten by each and every one of you. Neville says he took action and maybe he was a little bit ruthless and he obliterated an entire division to show how good he is.

Here we are again and it is Wrestlemania season again. On 205 Live, we have the biggest main event of this show. A five way elimination match to see who shares the grandest stage of them all with the King. Regardless of whether it is Tony Nese, Akira Tozawa, Brian Kendrick, TJ Perkins, or even Austin Aries, it is irrelevant. They serve only one purpose. They are there to feed the inevitable. At Wrestlemania will deconstruct his opponent until they question their very existence. He will make them regret having such foolish ambition as to challenge the King of the Cruiserweights.

Mustafa Ali comes out for his match.

Match Number One: Mustafa Ali versus Drew Gulak

Ali goes for the leg but Gulak with a chop. Ali with a crucifix for a near fall. Ali with a head scissors with help from the ropes and Gulak goes to the floor. Ali with a cross body off the turnbuckles to the floor. Ali sends Gulak back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Ali with a chop followed by an Irish whip but Gulak puts Ali on the turnbuckles. Ali goes for a tornado DDT but Gulak blocks it briefly and Ali with a guillotine. Gulak with a slam to escape the hold. Gulak with a boot to the back of the head. Gulak with another boot to the back of the head for a near fall.

Ali with a punch but Gulak with a forearm to the back. Gulak with a Gory Special and he pulls the arms together to add more pressure to Ali’s back and then he gets a backslide out of the Gory Special for a near fall. Ali with chops and forearms. Ali with a back elbow but Gulak with an Irish whip. Gulak misses a charge into the corner and Ali with a round kick followed by a rolling neck breaker and he gets a near fall.

Gulak rolls under Ali on a leap frog and Gulak with a near fall with a rollup. Gulak with a forearm and chop. Gulak with an Irish whip and Ali floats over and Ali hits a tornado DDT. Ali goes up top and hits the inward 450 splash for the three count.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

After the match, Gulak attacks the announce table and he asks for a mic. Drew says week after week he comes out here and he does his best work in that ring and no one appreciates him. Drew says he walks away frustrated and he is tired of it. Drew says he is not the problem. He is not the one who needs to change. Drew says the problem is 205 Live. This place needs to change.

Ariya Daviari is in the locker room and Noam Dar stops by and he says that he is tired of Rich Swann so that is why he asked for this rematch. Daivari tells Dar to save his motivational speech for someone who needs it. Daivari says he is anxious to get revenge on Jack Gallagher. Dar says they need to win tonight.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Jack Gallagher and Rich Swann versus Noam Dar (with Alicia Fox) and Ariya Daivari

Dar and Gallagher start things off and Gallagher goes for the leg. Dar with a side head lock but Gallagher with a handstand to escape. They lock up and Gallagher with a side head lock take down. Dar with an Irish whip and Gallagher with a head stand. Daivari is tagged in and Gallagher avoids Dar. Gallagher with a wrist lock and Swann is pulled off the apron. Daivari with a snap mare and kick. Daivari with an elbow drop from the turnbuckles and Dar gets a near fall. Dar with punches and Daivari tags in and kicks Gallagher. Daivari prevents Gallagher from making the tag.

Dar tags in and he connects with an elbow drop. Dar with a reverse chin lock. Daivari and Swann tag in and Swann with clotheslines followed by a back heel kick and double stomp followed by Rolling Thunder for a near fall. Swann with a chop but Daivari with an elbow followed by a forearm to Gallagher. Swann with a punch and Irish whip but Daivari with an elbow. Dar makes the blind tag but Swann with a jumping Frankensteiner that sends Daivari to the floor. Dar gets the three count.

Winners: Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari

After the match, Dar gets a mic and he says each week he spoils this lady with exquisite gifts. The real gifts cannot be bought because they come from the heart. Dar says this victory is his gift. A delivery man brings a bear into the ring and Dar says this was his other gift for Alicia Foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Match Number Three: Austin Aries versus Akira Tozawa versus Brian Kendrick versus Tony Nese versus TJ Perkins in a Number One Contender Elimination Match

Before the match starts we get the obligatory point to the sign.

Aries goes to the turnbuckles and Kendrick goes to the floor. Nese kicks Tozawa to the floor and Kendrick sends Tozawa into the ringside barrier. Aries with a running drop kick to Nese for a near fall. Aries and Perkins lock up and Perkins with a wrist lock. Aries with a reversal and side head lock. Perkins with a top wrist lock and Aries with a side head lock. Perkins with a sunset flip but Aries rolls through. Perkins with a head scissors and drop kick. Aries kicks Perkins and punches him. Aries floats over on an Irish whip and then Perkins with a head scissors but Aries escapes and hits a drop kick. Aries with a running elbow to Perkins followed by a snap mare.

Aries with a corkscrew back elbow to Perkins and TJ goes to the floor. Kendrick hits Aries and Tozawa gets Kendrick to flinch and Tozawa with a jab. Nese hits Tozawa from behind and Tozwa with a jab. Kendrick pulls Tozawa to the floor and he sends Tozawa into the announce table. Aries with a suicide dive to Nese and he gets a near fall at the same time Kendrick gets a near fall on Tozawa.

Kendrick kicks Tozawa to the floor and Aries sends Nese to the floor. Kendrick with forearms and he sends Aries to the floor. Kendrick kicks Perkins and tries to send him to the floor but Perkins gets in the ropes. Perkins with a series of kick and a drop kick followed by an elbow. Nese with a back elbow to Perkins for a near fall. Nese with a slam for a near fall followed by a body scissors from Nese. Nese with a waist lock and Tozawa goes up top and he leaps over both men. Tozawa with a kick to Nese followed by a snap German suplex on Nese but Kendrick breaks up the cover.

Tozawa with a Shining Wizard but Kendrick with a sunset flip and Tozawa rolls through and kicks Kendrick and hits a back senton. Tozawa knocks Kendrick off the apron and Tozawa with a suicide dive. Perkins with a corkscrew pescado onto Tozawa. Nese with a Fosbury Flop onto Tozawa and Perkins. Aries goes up top but Kendrick pushes him off and Aries hits the ringside barrier.

Nese pulls down the knee pad and he hits a running knee on Aries and the ringside barrier explodes. The referee checks on Aries and Nese. Nese sends Perkins in the ring. Perkins gets Nese on his shoulders but Nese escapes. Perkins with a cross arm breaker on Nese and Nese taps out.

Tony Nese Eliminated

Nese with a clothesline to Perkins after he was eliminated. Tozawa with a bicycle kick to Nese. Perkins with Sliced Bread #2 to eliminate Tozawa.

Akira Tozawa Eliminated

Kendrick with the Captain’s Hook but Perkins escapes. Perkins crotches Kendrick on a Sliced Bread attempt. They fight on the turnbuckles and Perkins wtih forearms to the back. Perkins with crossfaces and Aries gets back into the ring for a power bomb Tower of Doom on Perkins and Kendrick. All three men are down.

Aries and Perkins punch Kendrick and then Aries chops Perkins and Aries with a back slide for a near fall. Aries boxes the ears and Aries goes for a brainbuster but Perkins escapes. Aries with a rollup for a near fall. Aries with a lateral press when Kendrick grabs Perkins on a Detonation Kick attempt. Perkins is pinned by Aries and Kendrick.

TJ Perkins Eliminated

Perkins drop kicks Aries when Kendrick has Aries in the Captain’s Hook. Perkins kicks Kendrick and Aries with a Rolling Elbow to Perkins to knock him off the apron. Kendrick with Sliced Bread #2 but Aries kicks out. Kendrick with the Captain’s Hook. Aries uses the ropes to get to his feet and he hits a rolling elbow to get the three count.

Winner: Austin Aries

We go to credits.


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