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TNA One Night Only Results - Jan 6, 2017

Bobby Lashley came to the ring and cut a promo about Davey Richards stepping into his business and costing him the TNA title last night. He challenged Davey Richards to face him tonight.

Bobby Lashley vs. Davey Richards

Lashley attacked him before the bell and controlled him early, including a running attack into the corner. Richards took control when they battled to the floor, nailing a big boot to Lashley against the railing. Lashley cut off Davey as he returned to the ring and nailed a neckbreaker. Lashey nailed a suplex but Richards battled back with a series of kicks. Lashley cut him off and slammed him from a Torture Rack position for another two count.

Lashley cinched in a chinlock but Richards fought to his feet and fired away with elbows to the mid-section to escape. Lashey continued to work over Richards but was not able to score a three count. He whipped Richards into the ropes and charged, but Davey pulled the ropes down and Lashley flew over the ropes to the floor. Richards drilled him with a big boot off the apron as Lashley returned. Richards nailed a pair of tope suicidas to the outside before nailing a flip dive to the floor.

Richards came off the top with a double stomp for a two count. He went for a Boston Crab but Lashley made to the ropes. Richards nailed a Dragon Screw Leg Whip in the ropes. He went to the top but was nailed by Lashley. Lashley drilled him with an over the shoulder powerslam on the apron outside. Richards went down to the floor and sold it like he was dead. Lashley told the referee to start counting him out but changed his mind and deposited Richards into the steel steps and then into the ring.

Lashley went to the top but Richards recovered and nailed him with a series of headbutts, then a superplex, followed by an immediate suplex. Lashley still kicked out but was maneuvered into an anklelock. Lashley escaped and went for a spear but his ankle gave way. Richards snapped him with the shining wizard and locked in another anklelock. Lashley kicked out of it and turned Richards into an armbar and forced the submission.

Your winner, Bobby Lashley!

Good back and forth athletic bout. You would have never guessed Richards was coming off almost a year off.

McKensie Mitchell interviewed TNA X-Division champion DJ Z. He said he didn't have new opponents and was familiar with his challengers tonight but they would once again have to lose to him.

TNA X-Division champion DJ Z vs. Trevor Lee vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Andrew Everett

All four battled in the ring. Josh Mathews ran down a list of all sorts of names who held the belt in the past. No Shane Helms at ringside. They blamed that on Helms being blinded by Rosemary last night on Impact. Lee and Everett worked over the champ and Sutter but they made a comeback and tossed them to the outside. Everett took a nasty looking bump to the floor. Z nailed a series of deep armdrags on Sutter. They noted Z was down in weight because he was unable to work out for a month due to a wrist injury.

Sutter was worked over by Everett and Lee but was able to kick up at the last minute. Z got involved and went back and forth with Everett. Z and Lee each hit dives. Everett went for a reverse flip but ended up taking out Lee. Z drilled them both with a dive. Z fnally scored a pin on Everett with a forward roll.

Everett has been eliminated.

Sutter and Z worked over Lee. He nailed a big boot on Sutter and caught Z with a punt kick to the face outside. He worked over Sutter. He nailed a huge Beale toss out of the corner. He nailed Z on the outside and Z went down grabbing his wrist. Lee worked over Sutter, ripping at his face. Lee worked over his leg but was kicked away. Sutter caught him coming off the ropes with a nice powerslam but was nailed by the returning Z with a bodypress.

Z went for a somersault move but was caught with a big kick to the face by Sutter. Lee rolled up Sutter and hooked the tights, scoring the pin.

Sutter has been eliminated.

Lee tried to score a quick pin on Z. He attacked the bad wrist, wrapping it around the top rope and forcing pressure. Z tried to kick his way out of the corner but was nailed. Z went for an enziguiri but missed. He caught Lee with a forward roll, the move that pinned Everett earlier but Lee kicked out at the last second. They had a back and forth sequence that ended with DJ Z catching Lee with the ZZT and score the pin.

Your winner and still TNA X-Division champion, DJ Z!

The usual match you'd expect from the usual suspects.

Backstage, Davey Richards is all pissed off that he lost. Eddie Edwards tried to console him, but Richards said that was easy for him to say because he's the champ and everyone loves him. Richards asked, "Who am I now? Your sidekick?" Edwards told him to calm down and said he had an idea and they walked off.

Robbie E came out. He played up to the crowd and said crazy people like to fight, so he was issuing an open challenge to anyone from the DCC. Out came Bram. He said Robbie was either really brave or really stupid calling out a member of the DCC. He said whatever happened, Robbie did this to himself and this was on him. He prepared to fight, then said he changed his mind and wanted the night off because he couldn't be bothered. E nailed a dive off the top to the floor on him and they rang the bell.

Bram vs. Robbie E.

They battled around ringside. Bram gained control and tossed E into the ring, then worked him over with forearms in the corner. Bram came back with a Thesz Press and brought down a series of rights. Bram went to the floor and E followed, where he was nailed with a belly to back suplex onto the apron outside. Bram continued the assault, beating E on the floor.

E made a comeback but missed a charge and nailed the ringpost with his shoulder. He went down to the floor, where Bram choked him with a knee over the throat. Bram tossed him back into the ring and nailed a short arm clothesline. Bram scored several two counts. E was able to mount a comeback and nailed a big clothesline as he rebounded off the ropes. E's timing looked really good.

Bram drilled him with a big forearm in the corner and sent him into the ropes, nailing a Pop-up powerbomb for a two count. He smashed E with another forearm but E kicked out yet again. The announcers pointed out that E was trying to impress. E came back but Bram distracted the referee by throwing down a wristguard. Referee Earl Hebner removed it from the ring, allowing Bram to nail a low blow and hit the Brighter Side of Suffering and scored the pin.

Your winner, Bram!

OK match. They tried to get over Robbie as a versatile competitor who was trying to prove himself. They said that even though he lost, he was a winner based on his work in the match and the fact he was gutsy enough to call out of a member of DCC Uh, OK.

They showed highlights of the Grand championship match from last night with Moose vs. Michael Bennett.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Michael Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett. He said that his father used to say to him that he brought him into this world and he could take him out. He said that he brought Moose to TNA and he can take him out. He said Moose appreciated nothing and was a whiny b**ch. He claimed that he won fair and square last night but crooked judges took it from him. He promised to run Moose out of TNA tonight by beating him.

NO HOLDS BARRED: TNA Grand champion Moose vs. Michael Bennett with Maria Kanellis-Bennett

Bennett attacked Moose as soon as he hit the ring. He choked Moose with his shirt and sent Moose into the ropes but was caught with a big dropkick. Bennett went to the floor. Moose teased a dive but Bennett got out of the way. He pulled Moose off the apron and sent him into the railing. Bennett pulled a ladder from under the ring. They battled around ringside. Moose place Bennett on the ladder and went for a flip dive out of the ring to the floor but Bennett moved and Moose crashed down onto the ladder. Bennett set up a table at ringside as Moose recovered.

Moose rolled back into the ring but Bennett beat him down with right hands. He retrieved a pair of chairs and tossed them into the ring. He went to nail Moose but was caught with a series of right hands. Moose charged but was nailed with drop toehold down onto a steel chair. Bennett continued to work him over until Moose dropkicked a chair into Bennett.

Moose sent him into the ropes and nailed a powerbomb, a senton and a moonsault off the middle rope for a two count. Bennett was able to score with a kick but Moose cut him off with a big knee. Bennett went for an Ace Crusher but Moose countered it. Moose unloaded with right hands. He went for a discus punch but was kicked and Bennett scored with a piledriver. Bennett slammed him on a chair but could only score a two count.

Bennett nailed a clothesline in the corner. Moose reversed a whp and sent Bennett into the corner. Bennett kicked him as he approached but was cut off as he climbed the ropes and slammed down for another two count. Moose pulled the ladder back into the ring. Nothing good will come from this. He leaned the ladder against the corner and placed Bennett on it. He went to back up to charge but Maria grabbed his ankle. That allowed Bennett to attack and nail a tornado DDT off the corner.

Bennett charged at Moose but was backdropped into the ladder, which they replayed several times. Bennett came back with a leg lariat to send Moose to the floor. They battled on the ring steps. Moose backdropped Bennett off the stairs through a table on the floor. Moose pulled another table out from under the ring and brought into the battle, setting it up in the center of the six-sided ring. Moose went for a double jump moonsault but slipped, recovered and came off the top but was caught with a cutter through a table.

Bennett, who had a slice on his lower back, worked over Moose but Moose slammed him down with a sideslam. Maria broke up the pinfall by stopping the referee. Moose got in her face. Bennett tried to spear Moose but he moved and Maria took the spear. Ouch. Moose speared Bennett and scored the pin.

Your winner, TNA Grand champion Moose!

Lots of plunder and brawling. They had all the bells and whistles and used them and worked hard. Enjoyable.

They aired the Eli Drake "Facts of Life" segment with the Hardys from last night.

Eli Drake cut a promo saying he was going to take out The Hardys tonight with his partner Tyrus. Drake is a hell of a promo.

Marshe Rockett came to the ring. He said that he wanted all the jive turkeys. Yes, he said it. He even said he could say it. He said he was the hottest commodity today. He said there was not an athlete in the back that was like him. He said he was biggest, faster and stronger than anyone else in the locker room. He said that tonight is the night he kicks off 2017 being the year of "Mr. M-80." Well, he had quite the mic work.

Out came Mahalabi Shera. They said he's been training for months with Al Snow at Snow's school in the UK.

Marshe Rockett vs. Mahabali Shera

They locked up and Shera was backed up into the corner. Rockett broke free, then slapped him. Shera nailed a big shoulderblock. The announcers kept bringing up the "Jive Turkey" references. Shera controlled the bout untl Rockett nailed a shot to the back, stomped him and locked in a side chinlock. Rockett nailed a nice scoop powerslam.

Shera was sent to the floor. Rockett yelled at the referee to count him out, then went to the floor and drove Shera backwards into the apron. He brought Shera back into the ring, where Shera nailed a series of elbows. He slammed Rockett. He went for a Sky High but Rockett avoided and nailed a big leg lariat. Shera came back to nailed a Saito Slam and some axehandles.

Shera nailed a running over the shoulder powerslam and a Sky High for the pin.

Your winner, Mahabali Shera!

OK at best. Shera is still a work in progress. Rockett has a nice charisma and swagger to him.

TNA Knockouts champion Rosemary cut a promo backstage saying "we" (she and the title belt, I assume) have spread a virus and decay within the Knockouts division.

TNA Hall of Fame Gail Kim came out and said she had to clarify that she was not cleared to return to the ring, but she was not retired. She said her injury (we have heard it is a back issue) is taking longer to heal than she expected but she will be back and she will be back for her Knockouts championship.

Rosemary took the mic and asked why she isn't cleared to wrestle. She said that perhaps they couldn't find what was wrong with her and perhaps the surgery didn't go well. She said that they can't fix what was wrong with her soul. She said that she misted Gail and that its infected her soul. She said that "we" own Gail now and she will never wrestle again. Gail nailed her and grabbed her by the throat but was pulled away by the referees and forced to leave. Rosemary told her to leave and demanded that "our true opponent" come out.

TNA Knockouts champion Rosemary vs. Sienna.

Madison Rayne joined the commentary team.

They began brawling outside the ring in the aisle as soon as Sienna came out on stage. They battled into the ring, where Sienna clotheslined her in the corner. She had control but Rosemary scissored her neck and hung backwards over the ropes. The battled went back to the floor, where Sienna smashed her face into a chair at ringside. She tossed her back in the ring, where Rosemary was placed into submission holds. She bit Sienna's finger to break free.

Sienna nailed stomps and kicks. She went to the middle rope but missed a back senton splash. Rosemary came alive and attacked Sienna, raining down with fists and biting at her face. Sienna nailed a big boot but Rosemary jumped up screaming and screeching. She does a great job at her character portrayal. She rebounded off the ropes and leapt into a forearm smash.

Sienna caught her with a nasty looking back suplex for two count. She nailed the Silencer but Rosemary rolled to the outside. Sienna pulled her back into the ring. She covered the champion but Rosemary kicked out at two. Sienna continued controlling the bout until Rosemary spewed purple mist in her face and nailed The Red Wedding (F-5) for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA Knockouts champion Rosemary!

Decent work but you could tell the crowd couldn't get into the heel vs. heel dynamic.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Jesse Godderz. They said he would be facing James Storm Godderz said they are actually alike in that they were tag team champions before they became singles competitors. He said that where there is one member of the DCC, there are probably three, but he's prepared for all three.

James Storm (with Kingston & Bram) vs. Jesse Godderz

Godderz was able to ward off Storm's offense early. He nailed a nice dropkick for a two count. Bram and Storm were able to distract the referee, allowing Kingston to attack Godderz from behind. Bram and Kingston worked him over on the floor as Storm distracted the referee. Storm worked over and covered Godderz several times but was unable to capture the pinfall.

They went back and forth with the story being that Godderz kept kicking out despite the veteran's offense. Godderz goes to the floor where he nailed Bram and Kingston. Godderz nailed a springboard clothesline for a two count. Godderz locked him in a Boston Crab but Kingston hit the ring. He was tossed back out. Bram was also nailed but Godderz was hit with the Last Call superkick for the pin.

Your winner, James Storm!

Entertaining match.

After the match, the lights went out and when they returned, Abyss and Crazzy Steve were in the ring. They spewed mist in the faces of Storm and Bram, then double teamed Kingston. The lights went off again and when they returned, Decay was gone.EC3 cut a good promo backstage about how he has a chance to become champion tonight and was going to make it happen.

TNA Tag Team champions The Hardys vs. Eli Drake & Tyrus

Jeff Hardy said Drake and his big mouth were going to rendered obsolete. Matt Hardy did his usual mic work and it was great. He said tonight Brother Nero could be Jeff Hardy, the Charismatic Enigma.

Tyrus ripped up a "Somebody Call Your Momma" sign in the front row. He disrespected Pope, throwing his t-shirt in Pope's face while Pope was announcing.
Drake pointed in Matt's face. Matt bit him on the finger. He worked over Drake and tagged in Jeff. They nail a double suplex on Drake for a two count. Hardy drilled Drake into the turnbuckles several times. Drake came back with a series of right hands. He sent Hardy into the ropes but ate an elbow as he charged. Matt nailed an elbow for a two count and tagged out to Jeff Hardy.

The Hardys nailed some of their double team moves but Tyrus tagged in and manhandled Jeff. He sent Jeff into the corner but Hardy elbowed his way out on Drake and Tyrus. Hardy ascended to the top but was cut off. Drake charged and leapt up for a superplex into the ring for a two count. Drake brought down some right hands and tagged in Tyrus. Drake held Hardy down as Tyrus nailed a big right hand to the belly.

Tyrus nailed a legdrop but Hardy kicked out at the last second. Matt Hardy began screaming and snarling at Tyrus to try and distract him. Drake and Tyrus tagged in and out as they worked over Hardy. Tyrus worked over Hardy for a long time before missing a Vader Bomb off the middle turnbuckles. Drake tagged in and tried to stop Jeff from tagging out but was kicked off.

Matt Hardy hit the ring and cleaned house on Drake. He nailed a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Hardy went for the Side Effect but Drake slipped out and blind tagged Tyrus. Matt hit Drake with the Twist of Fate but Tyrus caught him with the Asiatic Spike. Drake tagged in and wanted to make the cover but Matt kicked out. Jeff hit the Twist of Fate on the floor on Tyrus.

Jeff and Matt each hit the Twist of Fate on Drake. Jeff nailed the swanton bomb. Matt covered Drake and scored the pin,

Your winner and still TNA Tag Team champions, The Hardys!

Solid bout The Hardy antics rarely fail to please.

Jeremy Borash interviewed TNA champion Eddie Edwards. Eddie said it's been a crazy last 24 hours. He said that this craziness is what makes a true World champion. He said that EC3 asked for another shot and he's happy to give another shot. He said that there will be no controversy over who the true champion will be.

TNA champion Eddie Edwards vs. EC3.

Lashley came out and sat at ringside, watching the main event. So, he's going to get involved and then Davey Richards will hit the scene and...turn, maybe?

Some back and forth feeling out process early.

EC3 finally took control with a big clothesline. He dropped down with a double axehandle. He worked over Edwards until Eddie snapped him with dropkick. Edwards charged but was kicked off. EC3 nailed a missle dropkick out of the corner and clotheslined Eddie over the top to the floor. EC3 suplexed the champ on the floor.

They battled on the apron back and forth with forearms and kicks. Edwards suplexed EC3 on the apron outside. They battled back and forth. Edwards began working over EC3's back and chopped away at him in the corner. EC3 hit a powerbomb out of desperation. Lashley began stalking around ringside. EC3 nailed a Stinger Splash in the corner. EC3 nailed the TKO and scored a two count.

Edwards surprised him with a forward roll for a two count and nailed a German suplex. They battled over clotheslines until they hit the other in stereo. Lashley got involved and got into it with the referee. Edwards nailed a dive to the outside on them and wiped them both out. EC3 caught Edwaeds with the One Percenter as he returned to the ring but there was no referee.

EC3 nailed a TL3 off the top but Lashley got into the ring with a steel chair. He handed EC3 the chair and said it should be them fighting for the belt not Edwards. EC3 considered it and tossed the chair out. Lashley speared him. In hindsight, he should he clobbered Lashley, eh? Lashley brandished the chair to nail Edwards but Davey Richards hit the ring and got the chair. He went to hit Lashley but got EC3 instead but accident. He chased Lashley out.

Edwards nailed the Busted Knee Party and scored the pin.

Your winner and still TNA champion, Eddie Edwards!

OK main event.

Overall, it was an OK show but nothing that you would need to go out of your way to see if you weren't watching live.

They announced the next One Night Only PPV would be "Risk or Reward" on 2/17/17.

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