Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Matt Hardy Issues Challenge To WWE Tag Teams, WWE Edits Fan Reaction to Roman Reigns Losing the U.S. Title, Raw Top 10 Video

- Below is this week’s WWE Raw top 10 video:

- WWE has released a highlight video of Roman Reigns losing the U.S. Title on WWE Raw last week, and at the 2:23 mark in the above video a fan is seen celebrating Jericho’s win.

During last night’s replay of the same video on Raw, WWE edited the fan reaction so that it now looks like the fan was stunned and upset with Reigns’ loss. You can check out a split screen photo of the two reactions below:

- Broken Hardys announced their "Expedition of Gold" quest on Matt Hardy's official Facebook page today. The brothers said that they will be "branching out" and taking the Impact cameras to all the promotions and sent out a challenge to all the major tag team champions including the likes of American Alpha, Sheamus & Cesaro and The Young Bucks. You can see the full announcement above.
"I challenge you Sheamus and Cesaro, American Alpha, Bucks of Youth!" Matt said. "Man up and have the guts to accept our challenge. We will go to enemy territory. We will go to the RAW, the SmackDown, the Honorable Ring. We will go to your backyard if we have to and we will render you OBSOLETE!"

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