Monday, November 14, 2016

Jim Ross Comments On Conor McGregor / WWE Rumors, Cruiserweight Division Criticism, More

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently posted his latest blog on his JR’s Bar-B-Q website; you can read some excerpts below:

Jim Ross says WWE would likely pay a lot to get Conor McGregor to appear at one of their events:

McGregor is the “King of the World” right now and would likely be on top of WWE’s ‘hit list’ to be a future Wrestlemania celeb participant. He’d likely cost them “Tyson Money” to get the deal done but it’s obvious that the talented Irishman is a businessman who covets the big money. Nothing wrong with that by the way, Plus, Conor sells tickets and PPV’s.
Ross says it’s still too early to determine whether or not the Cruiserweight division has been a successful venture:
Still continue to read where some pundits and fans are growing impatient regarding how fast WWE is establishing their new, Cruiserweight division. I need to see more of the talents outside the ring and to get to know those that actually possess a personality suitable for prime time TV. I am all for this grouping of athletes but many folks need to simply develop that rare trait known as patience when dissecting this matter.

Much like the brand split, I think that it will be April 2 in Orlando at Wrestlemania before we can truly and intelligently evaluate the success, or not, of that venture. When we see what each brand donates to the WM33 card, we will be better suited to declare our thoughts on the brand separation….at least that’s my two cents.

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