Saturday, October 1, 2016

TNA Bound for Glory Reportedly Taking Place, How the PPV Will Be Happening, Update on TNA’s Current Status

According to a new article published by The New York Post today, TNA Bound for Glory will be taking place on Sunday, as an unidentified third party, which is not Billy Corgan or WWE, provided a cash infusion allowing the TNA PPV and next week’s TV tapings to take place. The article featured Corgan commenting on the events, noting, “It’s a go, as far as I’ve been told.”

The report notes TNA spent much of the week negotiating with WWE and Corgan for a cash infusion to pay for “BFG,” sources said, but sources speculated the actual advance came from neither of those two but from an unidentified third party.

WWE and Corgan are expected to resume talks about a change in Impact ownership after the weekend’s broadcast, sources said. WWE had no comment.

Meanwhile Dixie Carter, who still owns the majority stake in TNA, hyped Sunday's pay-per-view and next week's television tapings, tweeting:

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