3/30 AEW Collision Results

3/30 AEW Collision Results

3/30 AEW Collision Results – We are live from Bud Gardens in London, Ontario, Canada, as Adam Copelad makes his way to the ring to start the show.

As he pondered who would answer the “Cope Open”, Matt Cardona made his way to the ring. Cardona is a former Edgehead. This is Cardona’s first appearance in AEW since he tagged with Cody Rhodes four years ago.

Adam Copeland vs. Matt Cardona

The two quickly went out and took turns taking each other down. They circled one another before locking up. Cardona put Copeland down, but not for long. They both went for a dropkick at the same time. Cardona hit Copeland with a knee and kicked him down. With Copeland in the corner, Cardona kicked him. He threw the champ across the hand, but he landed on his feet on the outside. Copeland took control and got him on the apron. Cardona poked him in the eyes, he shoved him off the apron with Copeland hitting the steps.

After the break, Cardona had Copeland in a side headlock. He dug his knee into Copeland’s back while holding Copeland’s neck. They two exchanged multiple kicks until they both laid in a heap on the mat.

Cardona used the ropes to pull himself up and he knocked Copeland down. Copeland swept Cardona’s legs out from under him. Copeland went up top, but Cardona hit him with a flying chop and a knife edge chop. Copeland threw Cardona down from the rope. Copeland slammed Cardona down from behind. Cardona rolled outside and when Copeland followed, he got back in the ring. Cardona hit Copeland in the groin with the rope. Cardona nearly pinned Copeland for the win.

In the corner, Cardona slapped Copeland in the face while the crowd booed. Cardona countered a spear and Copeland countered Radio Silence. Copeland hit a powerbomb, but Cardona got a shoulder up at two.

Copeland dragged himself up in the corner and went for the spear when he hit Radio Silence. Copeland speared Cardona out of his shoes for the win.

Following the match, the lights went out. They came back up to reveal Malakai Black. Copeland was ready to defend himself when Black spit mist down his face. Buddy Matthews attacked Copeland from behind. Mark Briscoe came down to save him. Eddie Kingston made his way to the ring. As they began a standoff, the lights went down. When they came back up, House of Black was gone.

FTR vs. The Infantry

Prior to the match,a video package played of FTR calling The Infantry the “Cinderella story” of the tournament.

The Infantry came out with Trish Adora, but she left them to do their own thing. Cash Wheeler and Shawn Dean started us off by exchanging holds. Wheeler smacked Dean around before he could stand up. They exchanged more holds before Bravo tagged in. He got Wheeler in the corner. Harwood tagged in and Bravo hit a couple shoulder tackles and an arm drag. Dean got in the ring and they got Harwood out. FTR went to the outside.

Harwood and Dean exchanged waistlocks. Harwood chopped Dean and again in the corner. Dean swapped places and got in a few chops of his own. Dean hit an elbow drop and got the two count.

Bravo tagged in, but Wheeler caught him in midair. Harwood took Bravo to the opposite corner and chopped him. They exchanged chops. Harwood did a Superplex on Bravo.

After the break, Harwood chopped Bravo’s chest as he was sitting against the barricade. FTR was on the outside and Bravo did a dive, but was caught. Dean did the same, he took all three down. Bravo pinned Harwood for a two count.

Bravo got hit and rolled out. Harwood grabbed Dean. Bravo knocked Cash off the apron. FTR took turns doing moves on Bravo. FTR had Bravo in the air when Dean speared Wheeler. Bravo hit Harwood with a slingblade, but Wheeler broke up the pin. Dean with a DDT. Bravo tried a sunset flip. Dean knocked Wheeler off the apron. More tag team shenanigans. Bravo nearly pinned Harwood two more times. 

FTR hit a Shatter Machine for the win.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. JD Drake

Kyle O’Reilly faced JD Drake. Drake took him immediately to the corner. He took O’Reilly down a couple of times. Drake locked O’Reilly up. They both exchanged kicks. Drake dropkicked KOR. Drake went up top, but no one was home. He also couldn’t connect with the Cannonball. KOR got in a few kicks and ducked Drake’s swings. KOR hit a running forearm and a hammerlock. KOR stomped him and hit him with a heymaker. O’Reilly put him in an armdrag and got Drake to submit.

Ricky Starks and Big Bill vs. Top Flight

Darius and Starks started off the match. They exchanged arm drags. Darius tagged in Dante. Dante pinned Starks, but he was right at the ropes. Big Bill tagged in and swung at Dante and missed. Dante chopped him. They repeated it in the other corner. Big Bill missed a Big Boot and Dante hit a dropkick. He tried to double chokeslam Top Flight.

Top Flight teamed up on Starks and took him down. Starks tripped up Darius, which allowed Big Bill to hit a big boot.

After the break, Bill continued to dominate Darius. Darius slid on to the apron to duck Big Bill. Darius took Bill down. Dante tagged in against Starks. Dante hit repeated blows. Starks hit Dante with a back elbow. Bill on the outside and Darius took him down. Dante nearly pinned Starks.

Top Flight were together to take down Starks. Dante got a quick pin and the upset.

Starks was being attended to in the ring following the match.

Thunder Rosa vs. Lady Frost

Thunder Rosa and Lady Frost circled one another. Thunder Rosa took Frost down and focused on wrist control. They rolled around the ring. Thunder Rosa put Frost in a waistlock.

Rosa took Frost down. Rosa hit a tejares. Rosa chopped Frost in the corner. In the opposite corner, Rosa got out of Frost’s way. Frost showed off her gymnastics background. In the corner, Frost chopped Rosa. They moved to the next corner, where Frost got in more chops. Frost did a cartwheel and Rosa took her down.

After the break, Frost shoulder blocked Rosa in the corner. Frost kicked Rosa in the midsection. They exchanged shoves. Rosa with a back elbow. Frost was laying on the bottom rope and Rosa hit a running double stomp.

Frost hit the Chilla Drilla and pinned Rosa for two. Rosa hit a backstabber and a Tijuana Bomb for the win.

Katsuyori Shibata, Claudio Castagnoli, and Bryan Danielson vs. Lance Archer and The Righteous

Shibata and Archer exchanged forearms. Shibata got in several and bounced off the ropes. Archer hit him in the face and followed with a boot. Shibata kicked Archer in the leg to take him down. He tried to kick again, but Archer grabbed his foot. Shibata put Archer in a sleeper hold. He dumped him to the mat. Shibata ducked Archer.

Dutch tagged in and so did Castagnoli. They locked up and tried to power the other into the corner. Dutch slammed Castagnoli twice. Castagnoli hit a shoulder tackle and a body slam. Castagnoli hit a double stomp and tagged in Danielson.

Danielson hit Dutch with an uppercut. In the corner, Danielson hit more uppercuts and kicks. Danielson was running and stopped by Dutch. Dutch put Danielson in the corner and tagged Vincent in. Vincent hit body shots. Danielson knocked Dutch down. Danielson hit a dive on the outside on Dutch. Danielson took down Archer off the apron. Vincent through Danielson into the barricade.

Following the break, Danielson was cornered by Archer and The Righteous. Dutch dominated Danielson, but Danielson put on the LeBell Lock. Archer broke it up. Dutch hit body shots on Danielson in the corner. Danielson moved out of the way. Archer knocked Castagnoli and Shibata. Archer picked up Dutch and dropped him on Danielson.

Dutch hit a sidewalk slam. Dutch put Danielson on the turnbuckle. Danielson punched Dutch in the gut until he fell to the mat. Danielson hit a shotgun dropkick. Dainelson tagged in Castagnoli. Archer also tagged in. They exchanged blows. Castagnoli hit a hurricanrana and followed with a bunch of uppercuts in the corner.

Castagnoli went for The Swing, but The Righteous broke it up. Shibata and Castagnoli worked together. Archer tried to double chokeslam, but they worked together again. Archer was rocked and Castagnoli hit The Swing on him. Castagnoli put hin in the sharp shooter. Dutch broke it up and side suplexed him.

Shibata took turns punching The Righteous and threw them on the outside. Archer kicked him in the side of the head. Castagnoli hit an uppercut. Archer chokeslammed Castagnoli. Vincent nearly pinned Castagnoli. Castagnoli suplexed Dutch.

Shibata tagged in and kicked Vincent in the face followed by a dropkick. Shibata put Vincent in an arm bar. Danielson hit a Busaiku knee on Dutch. Vincent rolled up Shibata. Shibata put Vincent in a sleeper. On the outside, Castagnoli hit an uppercut on Archer. That allowed Shibata to pin Vincent in the middle of the ring.

3/30 AEW Collision Results

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