Impact Wrestling “Sacrifice” Results – March 13, 2021

Impact Wrestling Sacrifice Results - March 13, 2021

Impact Wrestling Sacrifice Results – March 13, 2021 – D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker welcome fans to Sacrifice! We kick things off with the first non-title tag team match on the card!

Decay (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus) (w/Rosemary) vs. Reno Scum 

Adam Thornstowe and Crazzy Steve begin the matchup. Both men exchange wristlock counters. Thornstowe goes for toehold takedown. Crazzy Steve takes briefly controls the neck and head of Thornstowe. He drags him over to make a tag out to Black Taurus. Taurus flies in with a textbook arm drag. Taurus works on Thornstowe’s arm while he makes a tag to Crazzy Steve. Taurus and Steve join forces with a tilt-a-whirl splash for a two count!

Luster “The Legend” is brought in. He connects a few shots before making a quick tag out to Thornstowe. Taurus and Steve come together again with a double backbreaker on Thornstowe! Black Taurus takes his eyes off of Thornstowe for a brief second and is met with a double stomp and senton. Luster “The Legend” slows the pace down by throwing Black Taurus into his corner. Thornstowe makes his way back in with a standing moonsault for two. He clocks Black Taurus with several forearm exchanges before bringing Luster back in. Luster looks for a cover. Black Taurus kicks out.

Black Taurus changes the pace of the match with a corkscrew off the top rope. Crazzy Steve is back in with a Russian side sweep. Thornstowe is also the legal man. Steve sends Thornstowe down with a flatliner. Reno Scum comes together, but misfires. Rosemary spits the green mist in Luster’s face. Black Taurus rocks Thornstowe with a powerful headbutt. Taurus sends Thornstowe away with his self-named driver for the pinfall victory!

Winners: Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve

D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker run down the eight matches that are still to come tonight, which includes all of the championships on the line. Up next, an intergender tag team match!

 Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb With a K vs. Havok & Nevaeh

Tenille Dashwood and Nevaeh kick things off. Nevaeh goes straight for a waistlock. Tenille counters with a standing switch. Nevaeh counters with a hammerlock. Both women showcase nicely done chain wrestling. Tenille looks for a pin. Nevaeh kicks out. Kaleb is tagged in. Kaleb feels victorious after landing a powerslam. Havok is the legal woman. She drops Kaleb and makes a tag back to Nevaeh. Both women charge towards Kaleb with running forearms for a two count. Nevaeh ducks out of the corner and chops away on Kaleb. Kaleb yanks Nevaeh down by her hair and makes a tag back to Tenille. Tenille with a float-over pin. Nevaeh kicks out.

Kaleb takes a picture of Tenille while she grabs hold of Nevaeh by her hair again on the apron. Kaleb helps keep Nevaeh in the corner. Tenille taunts Havok by stomping away on her partner. Tenille keeps her offense on point with a front face chinlock. Kaleb makes another quick tag in. Nevaeh counters Kaleb with a clothesline/neckbreaker combination. Nevaeh makes the tagout to Havok. Havok lands clotheslines and big boots on both Tenille and Kaleb. Havok wrecks Tenille with a backbreaker. Nevaeh is back in. Kaleb distracts the referee from Nevaeh getting the pin. Havok tries to step in but the referee tells her to go back on the apron. Kaleb helps Tenille counter the rollup with one of her own for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb With a K

Backstage: Eddie Edwards is rooting for Rich Swann to become the first champion to unify both the Impact World and TNA World Heavyweight Championships.

– We see a hype package ahead of Violent By Design versus James Storm and Chris Sabin. Their match is up next.

Violent By Design (Deaner & Joe Doering) (w/Eric Young) vs. James Storm & Chris Sabin (w/Jake Something)

Chris Sabin and Deaner start the match. They begin with a collar and elbow tie-up. Deaner traps Sabin’s arm and begins to bend Sabin’s arm. Sabin elevates the pressure with a kip-up. Deaner makes a tag to Joe Doering. Doering throws Sabin off from a collar and elbow tie-up. Sabin tries to chomp Doering down with non-stomp kicks. Sabin makes a tag to James Storm. Storm and Sabin try to join forces, but Doering clocks them with double clotheslines.

Deaner is tagged back in. Storm takes control of the match with a few big right hands a belly-to-belly suplex. Sabin is tagged in. He looks for a cover on Deaner. Deaner kicks out at two. Sabin throws Deaner face-first into the top turnbuckle before making a tag to Storm. Storm and Sabin charge towards Deaner in the corner with running elbows. Deaner drives his boot into Storm’s throat before making a tag out to Doering. Doering lays a few shots before bringing Deaner back in. Doering holds on to Storm while Deaner smashes Storm with a diving elbow.

Storm finds his defense with a heavy forearm before dragging Deaner out of the ring so he can make a tag to Sabin. Sabin plants an inverted atomic drop on Deaner. He heads to the top with a beautiful missile dropkick. He gets caught out of the ring by Doering. Storm assists Sabin with a dropkick. Sabin and Storm come together with a fisherman/elbow drop for just a two count! Doering makes his way into the ring and rams Sabin with a spear. Deaner comes flying off the top for just a two on Sabin. Deaner throws Sabin towards the referee. Eric Young tries to set up a piledriver on Sabin. Jake Something runs in to block Young’s attempt!

Rhino makes his return and lands a nasty Gore on Sabin. Deaner runs in to grab a pin. 1-2-3. Deaner, with the help of Rhino, gets the pinfall victory on Sabin.

Winners: Violent By Design

Backstage: Gia Miller catches Brian Myers before his Hold Harmless match with Eddie Edwards. Myers is sick and tired of seeing Edwards pick up the victories over him. He is ready for their grudge match.

Hold Harmless Match: Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Myers

Both men slug it out right after the bell rings. Eddie Edwards slides in between Myers’ legs and takes the fight to the outside. Edwards lands a heavy chop and then a nasty headbutt on the ramp. Back in the ring, Myers finds his offense with three big forearm shots. Edwards launches himself over the top rope with a crossbody! Edwards smashes Myers face-first onto the apron. Edwards soars through the middle rope with a straight dive! Edwards lands another headbutt before going over and separating the steel stairs. Myers counters and throws Edwards shoulder-first towards the stairs.

Myers then smashes Edwards’ face onto the stairs. He finds a trash can lid and goes to town with it. Myers looks for a cover. Edwards kicks out. Myers drives the same trash can lid into Edwards’ throat. Myers locks Edwards up with a side headlock. Edwards desperately tries to grab the trash can lid, but Myers pushes him away. Myers smacks Edwards across the face again with the same trash can lid. Myers looks for a cover. Edwards kicks out. Myers plants the former World Champion with a Michinoku Driver for two! Edwards drops Myers right on top of a pile of chairs with a superplex!

Now, both men go back to how this match started with back and forth forearms that turn into knife-edge chops. Edwards catches Myers with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Will this be enough? Nope! Myers keeps himself alive at two. Hernandez runs down to the ring and sets Edwards up for a powerbomb. Matt Cardona slides into the ring and breaks the attempt. Hernandez and Cardona take their fight to the outside. Edwards finds Kenny the kendo stick again! Myers won’t let Edwards use Kenny on him, or so he thinks. Edwards meets Myers on the apron with his kendo stick and throws Myers through a set-up table with his backpack stunner! Myers tries to kill Edwards momentum, but Edwards rocks Myers with the previously used trash can lid. Edwards knocks Myers with the Boston Knee Party for the pinfall victory!

Winner: Eddie Edwards

The non-title matches portion of the card has concluded. Now, the championship title matches begin. The first one on the block is the Knockouts Tag Team Championship!

Knockouts Tag Team Championship:  Fire ‘N Flava (c) vs. Jordynne Grace & Jazz

Jordynne Grace and Kiera Hogan kick things off. Jordynne and Kiera begin the match with an explosive back and forth exchange. Jordynne and Kiera then tag in Tasha Steelz and Jazz. Jazz and Tasha go for a test of strength. Tasha falls to the mat. Jazz catches Tasha with a falcon arrow for two. Jordynne is brought back in. Jordynne lifts Tasha up with a sidewalk slam. Tasha rolls out of the ring. The referee begins the count. Jordynne realizes that Tasha is trying to hangout on the outside so Fire ‘N Flava can retain via a count-out. Jordynne makes her way out of the ring. Tasha fake outs Jordynne before making a tag to Kiera.

Kiera looks for a pin on Jordynne. Jordynne kicks out. Kiera makes a tag out to Tasha. Tasha proudly chops away on the former Knockouts Champion before making a quick tag to Kiera again. Kiera comes in with a flashy move and brings Tasha back in. Jordynne rolls through with a tag to Jazz. Jazz sends Tasha down on the mat with a big right-hand punch. Tasha desperately needs to make a tag out to Kiera after that, and she does. Kiera pokes Jazz’s eyes out while Tasha distracts the referee. Kiera with a cover. Jazz stays alive at two.

Jazz gets fired up by a midsection shot from Tasha. Jazz clocks Tasha before making a tag to Jordynne. Jordynne comes in as a one-woman wrecking machine with a Vader Bomb on Kiera! Jordynne with a cover. Tasha breaks it up with a splash from off the top! The referee gets caught up as Tasha lands a double stomp from off the top again. Kiera thinks she has this in the bag. Jordynne gets her hand on the bottom rope. Jordynne smashes Kiera’s face-first into the mat with a wheelbarrow driver. Jazz is in and locks the STF on Kiera. Tasha comes in and breaks it up! Kiera and Tasha join forces with a roundhouse kick. Kiera Hogan rolls Jordynne up with a beautiful bridge pin. Fire ‘N Flava retain their hard-fought championships.

Winners & Still Champions: Fire ‘N Flava

Backstage: Gia Miller tries to get a quick word for the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose before his big matchup tonight. He says he has no time to talk.

Up next, TJP and Ace Austin square off in an X-Division Championship matchup!

X-Division Championship: TJP (c) vs. Ace Austin (w/Madman Fulton)

TJP sizes Ace Austin up with several lockups right as the match begins. Austin turns it around with a side headlock. Next, both men test their strength with a Greco-Roman lockup. TJP counters by traping Austin with a head scissors. Austin rolls through. TJP trips Austin with a toehold. He accidentally collides with Madman Fulton on the outside. Distracted, Austin goes up and over the top rope on TJP! Back in the ring, Austin looks for a cover. The X-Division Champion kicks out.

Austin tries to wear TJP down with a dragon sleeper hold. TJP escapes as Austin starts to lean backward. TJP springboards off the ropes with a flying DDT! TJP soars through the air again with a big crossbody, followed by a tornado DDT. TJP was so close to gaining the pinfall victory. Austin gets his shoulder up at 2.8! TJP can’t fully lock in his octopus submission. He turns it into a crucifix rollup. Austin kicks out again. Austin catches TJP with a kick to the midsection before crashing down with a springboard leg drop! Austin looks for a cover. TJP stays alive at two!

Austin tries to replicate TJP’s octopus lock but can’t. TJP pulls Austin into a tightly held knee bar. Austin finds the bottom rope. Back on their feet, both men slug it out with forearms. TJP counters Austin’s leg drop for a knee bar turned into an ankle lock. Austin uses the referee to connect a high kick on TJP. TJP flies off the top with a crossbody rollup. Austin turns it around with a double stomp, and then The Fold. Austin goes for the cover. 1-2-3.  Austin is now the two-time X-Division Champion!

Winner & New Champion: Ace Austin

At Johnny Swinger’s Palace: Alisa Edwards challenges Tenille Dashwood to a match.

Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) (w/Kimber Lee & Susan) vs. ODB

Their match begins with two collar and elbow tie-ups. Deonna Purrazzo tries to go right for Venus de Milo right away. ODB blocks her chances. Both women get into a shoving match before ODB jumps on top of the champion with a Lou Thesz pressAfter Kimber Lee and Susan interfere in the match, the official ejects them from ringside. Mad that her friends can’t help her, Purrazzo stomps away on top of ODB. Purrazzo side steps ODB with a Russian side sweep and into a Fujiwara armbar. ODB creates some space. Purrazzo sits up top and goes for an upside-down – hyperextending ODB’s arm.

ODB throws Purrazzo over towards the corner. ODB then eats a big boot counter. ODB turns it around with a running powerslam for two! ODB accidentally stalls too long for the Dirty Dozen. Purrazzo catches ODB’s arms in the Venus de Milo (double arm Fujiwara armbar). ODB fought a good fight, but she taps out. Purrazzo retains her dominant reign.

Winner & Still Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

At Scott D’Amore’s Office: Tenille Dashwood and Alisha Edwards run into D’Amore’s office to get this match granted for Tuesday. He says it will happen; however, they will be part of a huge tag team match. He says more information will be revealed on their website later on!

Up next, the co-main event!

Impact World Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (c) vs. FinJuice (Juice Robinson & David Finlay) 

David Finlay and Karl Anderson kick things off. Both men look for a collar and elbow lockup. Anderson pushes Finlay over towards the corner and breaks it up cleanly. They reset. Finlay twists Anderson’s wrist up. Anderson covers with an over-the-shoulder takedown. Anderson then puts Finlay in a tightly gripped side headlock. Finlay counters with a rollup. Anderson gets his first shoulder up at two. Finlay makes a tag out to Juice Robinson. FinJuice comes together with a double axe handle on Anderson. Robinson then plants a senton for two. Anderson tags in Doc Gallows. Gallows almost knocks Robinson’s head off with a massive clothesline. Gallows looks for a cover. Robinson stays alive at two. Gallows makes a tag out to Anderson.

Robinson brings Finlay back in. FinJuice land double dropkicks for two. Anderson throws Finlay off the top rope. Finlay’s head smashes onto the mat. Anderson clocks Robinson off the apron. Gallows is back in. Gallows wrenches his boot into Finlay’s neck. Gallows continues his manhandle offense with a big forearm before locking Finlay up with a side headlock. Finlay tries to fight free. Gallows tags Anderson back in. Anderson clobbers Finlay in the corner. Anderson with an Irish Whip. He charges over towards Finlay. Finlay gets his boot up for a block. Gallows makes his way in and clocks Finlay with another right, followed by a leg drop. Cover. Finlay is out at two. Finlay tries to create space with some forearms to the midsection. Gallows blocks him and brings Anderson back in.

The Good Brothers dump Robinson off the apron again. Lightning-fast tag-outs occur between The Good Brothers. Finlay breaks free from Gallows’ control and brings Robinson in. The Juice is Loose! Juice throws Gallows off the apron and lands a series of jabs on Anderson. Juice was so close to getting the pinfall victory after a huge slam. He misses a senton in the corner. Anderson makes a tag out to Gallows. Gallows comes in and tries to stop Robinson’s momentum, but doesn’t! Gallows throws Robinson in the corner and both men charge towards the former IWGP United States Champion with flying shots. Finlay makes the save on an attempted pinup. Anderson plants Robinson with a spinebuster. Anderson goes right for a pin. Robinson stays alive! Frustration sets in on Anderson’s face. Robinson catches Anderson with a back slide. Anderson gets his shoulders up. Robinson clocks Anderson with his Left Hand of God. Robinson gets the tag out to Finlay. Finlay flies off the top. Gallows escapes at two. Robinson and Finlay stun Anderson with the Doomsday Device. FinJuice goes for the cover. 1-2-3. FinJuice is now the new Impact World Tag Team Champions!

Winners & New Tag Team Champions: FinJuice

Up next, one man will walk out the Impact World Champion. Who will be the man to make history as the first unified champion!

World Championship Unification Match: (Impact World Champion) Rich Swann vs. (TNA World Heavyweight Champion) Moose

Rich Swann gets the upper hand at the beginning of the match. He is looking to end things early with a slam into the ring post. Back in the ring, Moose clocks him with a heavy forearm to break up his momentum. Moose inflicts more damage by turning Swann inside out! Moose looks for a cover. Swann kicks out at two. Moose follows it up with a Uranage. He gets the same results – a kick out. On the outside, Moose pulls Swann’s hair viciously. Swann screams out in pain.

In the ring, Moose grinds Swann’s ribs while holding him in an abdominal stretch. Swann grabs Moose’s fingers and tries to break them. Swann flies off the ropes with a running forearm. Moose catches him after the third time and drops the World Champion over with a gutbuster! Both men find themselves in No Man’s Land. Swann turns the momentum around by wrapping himself around Moose and throws him to the mat with a rana! Swann clobbers Moose with some beautiful forearm, back forearm, and roundhouse kicks. Moose and Swann collide into each other with a running moonsault/cutter! Swann is up on the top. Swann soars through the air with a beautiful 450 splash. Cover. Moose keeps himself alive at two!

Swann shoves Moose off of him to create some separation on the top. Swann stalled too long. Moose runs up and drops the champion with a colossal fallaway moonsault! Moose misses two Lights Out attempts on Swann. Swann counters Moose. Moose goes crashing towards the set-up chair in between the middle and top rope. Swann rolls the TNA World Heavyweight Champion up. 1-2-3. Swann did it! He is the first man in Impact History to become the Impact World and TNA World Heavyweight Champion!

Winner & New Double Champion: Rich Swann

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