AEW Dynamite Results (2/5) – Huntsville, AL

AEW Dynamite Results (2/5) - Huntsville, AL

The show opens with a video package telling the story of Jon Moxley turning down Chris Jericho’s offer to join the Inner Circle and then becoming the #1 contender to challenge him for the AEW Title at  Revolution.

From there, we shoot live inside the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama, where the AEW Dynamite announce team welcomes us to this week’s show.

Jon Moxley vs. Ortiz

The ring announcer begins his pre-match introductions, as Justin Roberts formally introduces us to “Jeeeeeeoooonnnnn Moxley!” He will be going one-on-one against Ortiz of the Proud ‘N’ Powerful duo from Chris Jericho‘s Inner Circle.

After Ortiz comes down to the ring accompanied by his tag-team partner, Santana, before anything can happen, Chris Jericho’s “Fozzy” entrance music plays and the fans are shown singing along as the remaining members of The Inner Circle head towards the squared circle.

The bell rings and Moxley is keeping his eye, singular, on both Santana and Ortiz. Mox chops Ortiz and connects with a flying clothesline. Ortiz rolls to the outside to regroup but Moxley goes after him and grabs a chair. Ortiz slides back inside and Moxley chases after. Ortiz swings a kick but Moxley catches it and swings it to drop him.

Ortiz sends Jon into the ropes and distracts the referee, allowing Santana to hold his leg. Ortiz then drops Moxley with a dropkick, then hits a splash for a two-count. Ortiz tosses Moxley out of the ring, then whips him into the barricade. Ortiz sends Moxley into the steel steps, then gets back in the ring and poses.

Moxley eventually gets back in the ring but Ortiz chokes him in the corner and face washes him with a boot. Ortiz rakes the back of Jon, then applies a camel clutch. Mox climbs to his feet and backs Ortiz into the corner to break the submission. Jon lands a few punches and runs at Ortiz but gets caught with a sit-out powerbomb for a two-count.

Ortiz chokes Moxley across the middle rope until the referee stops him. Ortiz shoves Moxley a few times but Jon then tips him over and applies a Figure Four. Ortiz poked the eye to get free, then ran at Jon but got thrown from the ring. Moxley looks for a suicide dive but hit Santana instead. Ortiz tries to throw Moxley into the barricade but Jon turns the tables on him.

Back in the ring, Moxley hits a lariat in the corner, followed by a swinging slam for a two-count. Ortiz elbows Mox and tosses him over the ropes and hits a rolling senton through the ropes! Ortiz puts Jon back in the ring and hits a Snuka Splash for a near-fall. Fisherman suplex earns Ortiz another near-fall. Moxley tries to hit a Paradigm Shift out of nowhere but gets shoved away, but hits a lariat anyway. Moxley sidesteps Ortiz and he hits Santana on the apron, then catches Ortiz with Paradigm Shift for the win.

Winner: Jon Moxley

After the bell, Santana storms the ring and beats Moxley down. He takes too much time posing though, because Moxley counters him with a Paradigm Shift! The fans chant for Moxley, who then pulls out the Ford GT car keys and Jericho calls him a thief on commentary. Moxley puts the key of the car between his fingers, then punches Santana in the eye with it! Moxley escapes through the crowd as Hager and Guevara run toward the ring.

SCU vs. Best Friends (with Orange Cassidy)

Back and forth action, Kazarian and Trent trade chops until Kazarian punches him right in the face. Trent drops him with double knees, then tags in Chuck Taylor. Double elbow drop, Kazarian able to get to his corner to tag in Sky. Taylor with a side headlock, Sky flips out of it, Taylor with a shoulder tackle, Sky with a kip up. Taylor with a kick to the stomach, but eats a back elbow. Second rope moonsault by Taylor, lands on his feet. Kazarian tagged in and goes to work on the Best Friends.

Sky with an over the top cutter on Taylor. Sky heads to the floor, sends Trent to the barricade, but Trent explodes out with a spear. All four guys go after each other and end up down on the floor. Cassidy strolls over, sees everyone is down and lays down with them as we go to break.

Back in the ring, Kazarian with a backstabber. Sky tags in and hits a standing double stomp on Trent’s back. Kazarian tagged in, assisted swinging DDT, cover, two. Best Friends able to recover and take out SCU for a moment, big hug! Best Friends look for strong zero, but sky pulls Taylor down off the apron, hits a big boot sending Kazarian into a yoshi tonic on Trent for the victory.

Winners: SCU

– Post-match, Dark Order minions and Grayson hit the ring and attack both teams. Evil Uno slowly makes his way to the ring as his group sends the other teams out of the floor. Dark order line up and do their taunt, but Cassidy gets into the ring. Uno offers up a mask to Cassidy. He passes and immediately gets attacked by the group. Christopher Daniels runs out and tells them to fight him. The group ends up sliding out of the ring. Uno talks in Grayson’s ear as Daniels yells at the group. The Dark Order then exit the ringside area.

– Earlier today, Taz talks Cody taking ten lashes from MJF. Says it will be tough to watch, feels like MJF is taking things a bit too far (admitting he’s seen plenty of violent things in his day). Taz says it also validates how badly Cody wants to get his hands on MJF at Revolution.

Britt Baker vs. Yuka Sakazaki

The match gets underway with a feeling-out process. Yuka takes a wristlock but the good doctor drills her with a punch. Baker forces Yuka to the corner and chokes her.

Yuka fires back with a right hand a sloppy hurricanrana. Yuka goes up top and hits a seated senton to Baker. Yuka happily waits while Britt slowly rolls from the ring, then jumps onto the top rope and hits the Magical Girl Splash.

uka gets Britt back in the ring and hits a running clothesline for a two-count. Both women trade shots but Baker drops her with a superkick. Baker hits a swinging fisherman neckbreaker for a near-fall. Baker looks for Lockjaw but Yuka fights her off and rolls her up for the win.

Winner: Yuka Sakazaki

Baker is furious after her loss, so she grabs the ring bell and hits Yuka in the back with it. Aubrey Edwards takes the bell from Britt, but Baker then places Yuka’s teeth around the bottom rope and stomps her in the back. Yuka’s mouth is bleeding and a tooth has fell out. Baker then gets her in Lockjaw and yanks her bottom jaw until Edwards forces her off.

Kenny Omega, Adam Page, and The Young Bucks vs. Lucha Bros, The Butcher, and The Blade (with The Bunny)

This eight-man tag match starts with Hangman and The Blade. Page chops the crap out of Blade before tagging Kenny, and they hit a double-team move. The Elite isolate The Blade in the corner and they make lots of quick tags. The Buck then drop Pentagon and Fenix, as well as Butcher and Blade and everyone is out of the ring, so The Elite, minus Page, dive over the ropes onto them all.

The heels return to the ring and everyone brawls in the ring with the referee’s ten second rule seemingly redundant. The heels knock The Elite from the ring, then Fenix hits a huge senton from the top rope onto them all. We go to commercial.

Back live and Nick Jackson takes out both Lucha Bros at ringside with an arm drag into the barricade. Nick shoulders Blade from the apron, then dives backwards onto Pentagon at ringside. Matt Jackson tags in and hits a four northern lights suplexes to Fenix.

Omega tags in but there’s a real awkward sequence where Matt and Fenix just walk away from him and go to a different corner and Omega doesn’t seem to know what to do. Eventually Omega enters the match but he and Matt get hit with a powerbomb combo by Pentagon and Fenix. Butcher tags in and clubs the back of Omega before putting him in the corner and teeing off.

Blade tags in and slams Kenny onto Butcher’s knee for a two-count. Kenny hits a hurricanrana and tags Page, and Pentagon gets the tag as well. Page knocks everyone down with some Cowboy $hit and the fans love it. Page ducks Pentagon and hits a belly-to-belly, kips up, then climbs up top and moonsaults onto all the heels at ringside.

The Elite all enter the ring and attack Pentagon in the corner. All the heels then enter the match and hit Matt over and over in the corner. JR points out the disappearing rules of these matches. Butcher hit a powerbomb to Matt and Pentagon ran off his back to hit a destroyer to Nick – and for some reason the referee just stopped counting Butcher’s pin.

Everyone enters the match, hitting their signature moves, until The Bucks hit sliced bread to Butcher. Page tags himself in and looks for a Buckshot Lariat but misses. Superkicks galore, cutters galore, V-Triggers galore, and a Buckshot Lariat to Fenix. Hangman hits Butcher with a fallaway slam. Page refuses to tag The Bucks and gets hit with the driver from Pentagon and Fenix and that’s it.

Winners: Lucha Bros, The Butcher, and The Blade

What a mess of a match. I’m sure people loved it but it was just non-stop action, no-selling, no logic, no rules. Page argues with The Elite after the match and Omega has to play middle man.

Tony Schiavone interviews Kenny Omega in the ring but we’re taken backstage, where PAC interrupts an interview with Riho. PAC says he doesn’t know what he has to do to get Kenny’s attention – even though he said last week he would go after him – and says he wants to know how much Kenny cares about little Riho. PAC says Kenny can stop things anytime he wants, he just has to accept. Omega grabs a microphone and says he accepts. PAC thanks him, then says he would never put his hands on a woman. He might be a bastard but he’s not a beast…but she is. PAC walks off and Nyla Rose bursts through the curtain and attacks Riho. Nyla powerbombs Riho onto a table but it doesn’t break. Rose says next week Rioh’s ass is hers.

We get a promo from Darby Allin, in which he coughs because The Elite attacked his throat last week. Allin turns and we see a cardboard cut-out of Jericho and Sammy Guevara and some bizarre piano music playing. Allin then torches the cut-out with a flamethrower. Back to commercial.

Kip Sabian (with Penelope Ford) vs. Joey Janela

Janela batters Sabian at the start of the match. Sabian ducks and dodges Janela before dropping him with a kick. Janela forces Sabian to the corners and chops the chest.

Joey waves at Penelope Ford at ringside, but Kip kicks him, hits a snapmare, then kicks the back. Janela no-sells the kick and gets into Sabian’s face to hit a snapmare and kick of his own. He then slaps the head of Kip, before sitting down and asking for another kick. Sabian takes a run and, instead, applies a headlock.

Joey fights out and delivers a few forearms to Kip. Joey is tossed onto the apron and dropped onto the steel steps. Ford approaches him and bashes his head against the steps.

Back live as Joey starts building up a head of steam against Kip. He knocks him from the ring and hits a suicide dive. Ford distracts Janela, allowing Kip to kip him from the apron. Sabian jumps at Joey but gets caught and hit with a German suplex on the floor!

Joey gets Sabian back in the ring and hits a running lariat for a two-count. Janela with a superkick, but Sabian comes back with a backstabber. Sabian hits a knee to the face, spits on Joey, then runs off the ropes but gets hit with a Death Valley driver. Both men trade shots, with Joey getting the better of it, but Kip hits a snap DDT. Ford gets knocked from the apron but Sabian uses the distraction to roll-up Janela for the win!

Winner: Kip Sabian

The Inner Circle cuts a promo backstage. Jericho asks what kind of piece of trash attacks another mans eye. Santana grabs the microphone and says it’s no secret he’s had the worst month of his life. But all Moxley did was throw gasoline on the flames. Moxley tried to take his sight but it’s brought out a new side of him. Next week he will take Moxley for a walk in the park. Eye for an eye.

We see Adam Page backstage and an interviewer asks him what happened. The Bucks appear and berate him for not tagging them. They tell him he’s going to lose his tag titles if he doesn’t change. They walk off and Page drinks a pitcher.

MJF and Wardlow make their entrance. Cody is out next, and by himself. Cody takes his shirt and blazer off. MJF tells everyone to hold on, because he isn’t sure about destroying his own belt. He wants Cody’s own belt to conduct the lashing.

Cody turns his back and MJF gives him the first hit with the belt. There’s a referee there keeping score. MJF takes his jacket off, meanwhile The Butcher, The Blade, Kip Sabain, Penelope Ford, and more come to the stage. MJF gives Cody the second lash and Cody turns around in anger, only for MJF to goad him to hit him. If Cody hits MJF he loses the match at Revolution.

Cody turns his back and MJF hits him a third time, causing Cody to fall to a knee. Arn Anderson comes out and talks to Cody. MJF kicks the rope by Arn and yells at him. Cody takes the fourth lashing and MJF tells him to quit. Cody gets fired-up before taking the fifth. Now it’s Dustin Rhodes’ time to come out. He gets in the ring and tells MJF that he’ll take the rest of the lashes. MJF says that’s not how it works, so how about he gets out of his ring and watches like everyone else.

MJF gives Cody two quick lashes and he falls again. Now The Young Bucks come out and this is getting pretty tired. Dustin and The Bucks try to convince Cody to give up. This would be a lot more believable if we hadn’t just seen Daniel Bryan take dozens of leather strap shots at Royal Rumble. Cody fires up and gets back in the ring to take his eighth lash. Again MJF yells at him to stay down.

Wardlow asks if he can have a lash, and MJF happily obliges. Wardlow then delivers a massive cracking shot to the back of Cody. The Bucks, Dustin, Arn, and the fans chant for Cody to get back up but he seems out on his feet. Brandi comes out, taking a minute between cult duties, to encourage Cody to get back up. Cody does as Brandi asks and gets up to take the 10th and final shot from MJF and this one is across the neck/chest.

Cody’s friends then come into the ring and check on Cody and MJF is angry he didn’t give up. MJF turns to leave the ring but runs at Cody and delivers a nut shot before leaping from the ring and escaping through the crowd.

And that’s it for AEW Dynamite.


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