NXT Results – January 22, 2020

NXT Results - January 22, 2020

As always, we begin with a look back at last week’s episode of NXT, then we cut to the NXT Arena at Full Sail University where The Undisputed Era make their way to the ring.

We see the Dusty Classic trophy on display on the stage. Cole goes over to the announce table and says he knows Imperium is here tonight, and The Undisputed Era isn’t afraid of a fight if they want it. Out next comes The Grizzled Young Veterans of NXT UK – Zack Gibson and James Drake, as Alicia Taylor does the introductions.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semifinal Match: The Undisputed Era vs. The Grizzled Young Veterans

Gibson and Kyle start things off and Zack with a wrist lock. Kyle with a side head lock. Gibson slaps Kyle on the break and Kyle with forearms and kicks. Kyle with an Irish whip but Drake buffers the impact on the turnbuckles. Gibson with a clothesline. Drake tags in and he connects with a forearm. Drake goes to the apron and connects with a shoulder. Kyle with a dragon screw leg whip when Fish distracts Drake. Fish with a leg sweep to Drake. Fish tags in and he snap mares Drake and hits a slingshot senton for a near fall. Kyle tags in and he connects with forearms and kicks.

Fish tags in and they hit a double suplex. Fish gets a near fall. Fish with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Kyle tags in and he connects with an atomic drop to the knee and he kicks Drake in the back of the leg. Kyle gets a near fall. Drake with a sunset flip and Kyle rolls through but Drake kicks Kyle away. Drake with a jaw breaker and Gibson tags in. Gibson punches Kyle. Kyle with knees and a leg sweep. Drake tags in and Drake trips Kyle and Gibson with a baseball slide to the head. Drake drop kicks Fish off the apron.

Drake with a short arm clothesline. Gibson tags in and he connects with a forearm. Drake with a leg sweep. Kyle with forearms and Gibson fires back. Gibson with a single leg take down. Gibson with a slam and then Drake tags in and Gibson drops Drake on Kyle for a near fall. Drake with a slingshot elbow drop while Gibson hits a back breaker on the floor. Gibson sends Kyle into the guardrails. Gibson with a European uppercut. Drake tags in and he connects with a forearm. Drake gets a near fall. Drake with a reverse chin lock.

Cole gets on the apron and he distracts Drake long enough to allow Kyle to send Drake to the turnbuckles. Kyle with a leg sweep. Drake with an ankle lock. Fish tags in and he connects with back elbows and punches to both men. Fish with kicks to Drake and Gibson followed by an exploder of Drake into Gibson. Gibson goes for a Codebreaker off the turnbuckles but Fish counters and applies a heel hook. Drake allows Gibson to get ot the ropes. Fish with an exploder to Gibson. Fish misses a moonsault and Drake tags in. Drake with a running drop kick and Gibson with Helter Skelter for a near fall.

Gibson tags in and Drake gets Fish up but Fish gets to his feet. Drake goes over the top rope to the floor and Kyle with a flying knee off the apron. Kyle tags in and Fish with a back heel kick to Gibson and they hit Chasing the Dragon for a near fall. Fish tags back in and they set for Total Elimination but Gibson with a forearm to Fish. Drake tags in and Drake with an enzuigiir. Kyle with a knee to Gibson and a forearm to Gibson. Fish with a forearm after Drake super kicks Kyle. Drake and Fish exchange forearms. Kyle tags in and they both hit pop up kicks.

The music for Imperium plays and Kyle and Bobby look around instead of worrying about the match.

We see Imperium on the Game Deck. Gibson pulls Fish to the floor and sends him into the guardrails. Drake pins Kyle after Ticket to Mayhem.

Winners: The Grizzled Young Veterans (advance to Finals)

After the match, The Undisputed Era hits the ring as the winners head to the stage to re-group near the trophy. Imperium looks on. We get a look at the updated brackets as The Grizzled Young Veterans move to the finals. The Undisputed Era is still in the ring, calling Imperium to come down and fight.

– We go to a promo for Toni Storm vs. NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley at WWE Worlds Collide on Saturday. Storm vs. Io Shirai will happen tonight. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a promo from Shotzi Blackheart. She has words for Shayna Baszler and reveals that they will wrestle tonight. Shotzi says if we think she made a statement by eliminating Baszler in last week’s Battle Royal, wait until later tonight.

Io Shirai vs. Toni Storm

We go to the ring and out comes NXT UK’s Toni Storm. Out next comes Io Shirai. This will be a rematch from Evolution in 2018, which saw Storm defeat Shirai to win the Mae Young Classic. Fans chant “Io!” as Shirai heads to the ring.

The bell rings and they lock up to go at it. Shirai drops Storm first and goes to work on her ankle. More back and forth and counters between the two now. Storm takes control and drops Shirai for a close 2 count. Storm rocks Shirai into the ropes and uppercuts her a few more times. Shirai turns it around and nails a big single leg dropkick from the floor while Storm hangs over the bottom rope. Fans continue chanting for Shirai. Shirai brings it back into the ring for a 2 count.

Shirai keeps control and works Storm over in the corner, beating her back down. Shirai grounds Storm with a submission now. The referee checks on Storm as fans try to rally. Storm counters and tries to turn it around but Shirai drops her with a shoulder. They trade big strikes in the middle of the ring but Shirai takes Storm back down into another side headlock.

Storm looks to fight up and out but Shirai rocks her and keeps control. Shirai with more offense. Shirai counters and drops Storm with a lariat for another 2 count as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Storm rolls Shirai for a 2 count. Shirai counters into a roll-up of her own, rolling through for a big double stomp to the chest. Shirai unloads with boots in the corner while Storm is down. Shirai launches herself into a big double knees in the corner. Shirai charges but runs into a big boot from Storm. Storm catches Shirai with a big German suplex for a pop. Storm with a lariat for a 2 count. Storm gets hyped up now, playing to the crowd.

Shirai blocks Storm Zero but Storm comes back with more offense and another close pin attempt. Shirai counters a basement clothesline and rolls Storm for a 2 count. Shirai with the 619 but Storm blocks it. Storm dropkicks Shirai out to the floor. Storm runs the ropes for a suicide dive but Bianca Belair appears out of nowhere and levels Storm at the ropes.

Winner by DQ: Io Shirai

After the bell, Belair enters the ring and unloads on Storm, hitting a Spear and the KOD in the middle of the ring. She also knocks Shirai off the apron as she tries to come back in. Belair poses over Storm, swinging her hair as some fans boo her. The music hits and out comes NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley. Belair takes off her ear rings to fight. Ripley hits the ring and brawls with Belair. Shirai comes back and hits a big springboard dropkick. Shirai ends up sending both of them to the floor, then nailing a moonsault to the floor, taking both down. Storm gets involved again and hits a dive, taking the other three Superstars down. Storm goes back in the ring and picks up the title belt, raising it in the air as fans loudly boo her. Ripley watches from the outside as Storm poses with her title while the music hits.

– Cathy Kelley is backstage with The Undisputed Era. She brings up what happened in the Dusty Classic match and they blame Imperium on being knocked out of the tournament. Adam Cole calms everyone down and says he knows Imperium is at fault, but now they have to focus on Keith Lee and tonight’s main event. Cole says whether Imperium pays tonight or at Worlds Collide on Saturday, The Undisputed Era is draped in gold and they have to make sure they stay that way. We go to a break.

– Back from the break and we get a vignette with Ilja Dragunov, sending a warning to Finn Balor for their match at Worlds Collide. Dragunov says when he beats Balor on Saturday, everyone will see that he’s invincible. Ilja says he will not miss.

Finn Balor vs. Joaquin Wilde

We go back to the ring and out comes Finn Balor for the next match. Joaquin Wilde is out next with his custom helmet on.

They lock up and Balor with a forearm to the back and kicks. Balor stomps on the chest. Balor with more boots to Wilde and the referee warns Balor. Balor with a chop in the corner. Balor with an Irish whip and chop. Balor with an Irish whip and he runs into a boot. Balor with a drop kick. Balor sets for the running drop kick and sends Wilde into the turnbuckles. Balor goes up top for Coup de Grace. Balor with 1916 for the three count.

Winner: Finn Balor

After the match, Balor stands tall as we go to replays. Balor poses on the stage, pointing his guns at the camera, as his music plays.

– Still to come, Lee vs. Strong in the main event.

– Cathy is backstage with Shayna Baszler. Cathy asks about Shotzi Blackheart saying she made a statement last week, but Baszler interrupts, saying Shotzi ended her career before it even started, not make a statement. Baszler also has words for NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley and says if she has to go through the entire locker room she will, just to become Shayna 3 Times. Baszler says she will start with Shotzi tonight. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a vignette from DIY. Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano hype their reunion this Saturday at Worlds Collide, to face Trent Seven and Tyler Bate of Moustache Mountain.

Shayna Baszler vs. Shotzi Blackheart

We go back to the ring and out comes Shayna Baszler by herself. Shotzi Blackheart is out next and it looks like she may have collided with the camera man. Shotzi screams at the camera and then hits the ring as Baszler watches.

Fans chant for Shotzi as we get the bell. They lock up and Baszler takes her down first, taunting her with a pat on the head. They go to lock up again and Shotzi goes behind. Baszler blocks the waistlock and drops her, taunting her again. Shotzi dodges a kick and ends up taking Baszler down in the middle of the ring. They tangle on the mat and Baszler takes Shotzi back down. Baszler goes for the armbar but Shotzi resists. Baszler keeps control and keeps Shotzi down by her arm.

Baszler ends up getting sent to the floor after charging. Baszler runs right back in but Blackheart rocks her with a back elbow on the ropes. Baszler wastes some time as Shotzi keeps coming. Baszler sends Shotzi back to the floor over the top rope. Baszler follows and drops Shotzi face-first into the apron. Baszler brings Shotzi back in and pounds on her with forearm shots. Baszler drops Shotzi again in the middle of the ring for a 2 count. More back and forth now. Blackheart manages to drop Baszler with a big DDT out of nowhere.

Blackheart keeps the offense going, slamming Baszler face-first into the mat. Blackheart with an inverted cannonball to the back against the ropes. Blackheart goes to the apron but Baszler jumps up with a kick to the face. They tangle on the apron now. Shotzi drops Baszler on the apron with Sliced Bread #2. Shotzi brings it back in the ring but misses a senton from the top. Baszler immediately goes into the Kirifuda Clutch as fans boo and cheer her. Baszler keeps Blackheart grounded with the hold. Blackheart hangs on for a few minutes but finally taps out.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

After the bell, Baszler keeps the submission applied as the referee tries to get her off. Blackheart starts to go out. The referee calls for the bell again but Baszler isn’t letting up. Baszler finally breaks the hold and stands tall as her music hits. We go to replays. Baszler makes her exit.

– We go to a video package with comments from former best friends Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai. Nox says she will take her time punishing Kai. Kai says the clock is ticking and Nox is due for another injury. They will do battle next week.

– Still to come, the last match in the semifinals of the Dusty Classic. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a vignette for Moustache Mountain.

– Cathy is backstage with NXT Cruiserweight Champion Angel Garza. He’s not worried about pressure going into Saturday’s Fatal 4 Way at Worlds Collide because he’s that good. Garza goes on and says he’s not worried about Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, or the two NXT UK Superstars that will qualify on tomorrow’s NXT UK episode.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semifinal Match: The BroserWeights vs. Imperium

We go back to the ring for the final semi-finals match in the Dusty Classic. Out first comes The BroserWeights. Pete Dunne stops at the trophy and waits. Matt Riddle is out next and they head to the ring together as a “Bro!” chant breaks out. Out next comes Imperium – Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner with NXT UK Champion WALTER and Alexander Wolfe.

Dunne and Aichner start the match off, going at it with quick offense. They show each other up as fans cheer. Barthel tags in and locks up with Dunne. Barthel goes to work on the arm, then the leg as he takes Dunne down to the mat. Barthel with stiff offense on the mat now. Dunne fights up and in comes Aichner for the double team. Aichner with a deep arm drag to keep Dunne grounded. Aichner continues working on the arm. Dunne and Aichner run the ropes and Dunne lands a big clothesline. Fans chant for Dunne.

Riddle tags in for a double team in the middle of the ring. Riddle with a 2 count on Aichner. Riddle with a kick to the back. Riddle with a big gutwrench suplex. Barthel tags right in but Riddle hits a gutwrench on him as well. Riddle goes for the Broton but Barthel gets his knees up. Barthel with a chop to the throat of Riddle. Barthel beats Riddle down in the corner now. Riddle rocks Barthel and unloads. Barthel catches a kick and elbows the knee. Dunne and Aichner tag in at the same time.

Dunne and Aichner unload on each other. Dunne with a missile dropkick to the knee of Barthel and a big German suplex. More back and forth as Dunne tangles with both. Dunne with a Crucifix Bomb to Aichner for a 2 count. Dunne hits a big moonsault to the floor on Barthel, landing awkwardly on his knee. Dunne also drops Aichner on the apron. WALTER comes over at Dunne but the referee gets in between them. Barthel takes advantage and drops Dunne with a big shot to the mouth. Aichner follows up with a stiff knee to Dunne against the steel ring steps. We go to commercial with Imperium in control of Dunne on the floor.

Back from the break and Barthel is unloading on Dunne with kicks in the corner. Barthel drops Dunne on his head. Dunne looks to come back but Imperium stops him from tagging as Aichner comes back in for the save. Aichner continues working on the hurt knee, putting Dunne back down. Dunne finally drops Aichner with a big enziguri. Riddle tries to rally the crowd for Dunne now. Riddle tags in and unloads on Aichner and Barthel with kicks, and a Superman Punch, and a pele kick. Riddle launches Aichner out of the corner, then does the same to Barthel with an Exploder. Riddle with Brotons to both opponents now. Riddle drops Aichner on his head after sending Barthel out.

Dunne tags in and they double team Aichner now. Dunne covers for a 2 count. Riddle tags right back in but Aichner slides out of a move, shoving Riddle into Dunne. Barthel tags back in for a big double team to Riddle in the corner for a close 2 count. Barthel shows some frustration now, talking trash to Riddle. Aichner tags back in for more double teaming but Riddle counters with a double knee strike. Dunne comes in and fights off both opponents, landing bad on his knee again. Riddle stops Dunne from getting pinned by Barthel. Riddle gets sent to the floor by Barthel. Aichner tags in for the double team to Dunne. Dunne counters and applies a submission to Aichner. Riddle comes in and applies the ankle lock to Barthel at the same time.

Barthel fights out and kicks Riddle in the corner. Dunne still has Aichner locked in. Aichner gets free and unloads on Dunne with strikes. Riddle tags back in and they double team Aichner. Dunne goes to the floor and takes Barthel down. Riddle with a Brohammer to Aichner in the middle of the ring for a 2 count. Fans chant “this is awesome!” as Riddle looks to put Aichner away. Riddle goes up top but Aichner nails him from behind. They trade big chops. Aichner climbs up but Dunne tags in, but gets kicked away. Aichner drops Riddle with a big Brainbuster. Dunne runs in and decks Aichner but Barthel kicks Dunne in the face. More back and forth between the two teams. Riddle with a Final Flash to Aichner. Riddle powerbombs Aichner, then nails a knee to the face. Riddle tags in and they double team Aichner for the pin in the middle of the ring to advance to the finals.

Winners: The BroserWeights

After the match, Mauro confirms The Grizzled Young Veterans vs. The BroserWeights. Riddle and Dunne stand tall in the middle of the ring as we go to replays as Imperium looks on. We come back and The BroserWeights go to the ramp near the trophy. Zack Gibson and James Drake come out and take shots at The BroserWeights. Gibson especially runs down Dunne for being the roadblock in their careers. He confirms the finals for next Wednesday night. Riddle and Dunn also take shots at their opponents on the mic. Dunne says next week Gibson and Drake will lose, and The BroserWeights will leave with the trophy, bro. The music hits as Dunne and Riddle head to the back, taunting Gibson and Drake.

– We see Keith Lee backstage warming up for tonight’s main event. Back to commercial.

NXT North American Title Match: Keith Lee vs. Roderick Strong

Back from the break and out comes Keith Lee for tonight’s main event. Out next comes The Undisputed Era – NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong with NXT Champion Adam Cole and NXT Tag Team Champions Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish. They all head to the ring together as fans boo. Fans start chanting for Lee as Taylor does formal ring introductions.

The bell rings and they go at it. Strong goes for the leg but Lee stops him. Strong with a big strike but Lee takes it and rocks him back into the corner. Fans do dueling chants. Strong tries to fight but Lee manhandles him some, going from corner to corner. Lee tosses Strong out of the corner. Strong retreats to the floor to regroup with the rest of The Undisputed Era. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Strong works on the ankle but Lee takes control. We see how Lee was a victim of the numbers game during the break. Lee works on Strong at the apron now, but the others keep distracting him from ringside. Lee comes to re-enter the ring from the apron but Strong runs and dropkicks his leg out. Strong with a Wrecking Ball dropkick to send Lee back down to the floor. Strong slams Lee’s injured ankle against the steel ring steps now. Strong stomps the ankle into the steps.

Strong breaks the count and goes back to work on the ankle. Strong puts the ankle between the steps and the ring, then smashes it with a boot. Strong brings it back into the ring and covers but Lee immediately kicks out. Strong works Lee over while he’s down, going back to work on the ankle for a 1 count. Strong turns Lee over into another leg submission now. Lee launches Strong back as Cole taunts him from ringside. Lee looks to make a comeback but the ankle is hurt. Strong takes advantage and rocks Lee with strikes to keep him down. Strong with a Bonsai Drop on the injured ankle now. Lee counters another attempt and kicks Strong out of the ring to the floor.

Strong comes right back in and goes right back to work on the ankle, slamming it back a few times. Lee finally kicks Strong back out of the ring. Strong rushes right back in with offense. Strong with the Drive By forearms. Strong dodges a clothesline and drops Lee on his neck. We go to commercial with Lee face-down on the mat as The Undisputed Era yells from ringside.

Back from the break and Lee catches Strong with a big powerslam for a close 2 count. Cole and crew continue to taunt Lee from ringside. Strong slides out of a move and runs the ropes but Lee catches him, then drops him face-first into the mat. Lee with another close 2 count. Strong is sent back out in front of his partners. Lee brings him back in and stops to stare them all down. Cole distracts the referee from the apron, allowing Fish to take Lee’s injured leg out on the apron. Strong with the big DDT to Lee for another close 2 count.

The referee checks on Lee while he’s down. Strong attacks with more strikes. Lee fights back. Strong kicks the ankle but Lee still nails a headbutt. They both go down now as the referee checks on them. Fans chant for Lee as he slowly gets to his feet while Strong is down. Lee goes to the second rope but Strong comes from behind. Strong climbs up in the corner with Lee, focusing on the hurt left ankle. The Undisputed Era cheers Strong on as he does for a big move from the top. Fans chant “please don’t die!” as they move around on the top. Lee knocks Strong to the mat. Strong comes right back and climbs up. Strong with a super Olympic Slam from the top. Lee still kicks out at 2, and sits up with Strong in his arms as fans pop and cheer him on.

Strong rocks Lee to fight free. Strong with a jumping knee. Lee blocks Strong and charges, knocking Strong over the top rope with a big Pounce, taking the others down at ringside. Fans chant “Mamma Mia!” now. Lee brings it back in and levels Strong with a big lariat for another close 2 count. Fans continue chanting for Lee as The Undisputed Era talks trash from ringside. Lee goes to the second rope again. Lee goes for the moonsault but Strong moves and he lands hard. Strong applies an ankle lock and rocks Lee with heel strikes while he’s in the hold. Lee crawls for the bottom rope but he’s far away. Fans rally for Lee and he finally gets the rope to break the hold. Strong takes advantage of the 5 count and finally breaks the hold as the referee warns him.

They both get up and trade big strikes. Lee drops Strong with a stiff left. Strong slides out of a hold. Lee rocks Cole off the apron, then the tag champs off the apron. Strong takes advantage of the distraction with knee strikes, then a big dropkick for a 2 count. Strong charges again but Lee catches him with the Big Bang Catastrophe powerslam in the middle of the ring for the pin to win the title.

Winner and New NXT North American Champion: Keith Lee

After the match, fans go wild as Lee begins to celebrate with the title. His music hits as we go to replays. Lee stands tall on the stage now, raising the title in the air. The Undisputed Era looks on from the ring as the others tend to Strong. Lee plays to the crowd some more as they cheer him on. The Undisputed Era talks trash back at Lee from the ring as Lee heads to the back. Imperium suddenly appears at ringside. NXT UK Champion WALTER, Alexander Wolfe, Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel face off with The Undisputed Era as fans pop. The two teams start brawling in a preview of Worlds Collide. Cole and WALTER are left alone in the ring now. WALTER catches a kick and levels Cole for a big pop. Fans chant “holy s–t!” as the two teams fill the ring up again, brawling all over. Security and referees rush down to break up the brawl but they have no luck. Mauro plugs Worlds Collide as the NXT go-home show goes off the air with Imperium and The Undisputed Era brawling in the ring.


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