Impact Wrestling Taping Results (10/26) ** SPOILERS ** (Updated)

Impact Wrestling Taping Results (10/26) ** SPOILERS **

Below are spoilers from last night’s Impact Wrestling TV tapings. Results from 10/25 are at this link.

  • Fallah Bahh defeated Dave Crist. Fallah wins with a Banzai Drop, good opener. (Xplosion Match)
  • El Reverso defeated “The Saturday Night Delight” Tyler Trevor. El Reverso wins with a picture perfect top rope moonsault, good back-and-forth match. (Xplosion Match)
  • Madman Fulton and Sami Callahan defeated Rich Swann and Tessa Blanchard. Tessa was introduced last and just charged the ring before her intro was finished. Swann was in the ring for a very long time before tagging out. Sami tries to get his baseball bat (which was in his corner along with the title) but the referee takes it away form him. While the referee is doing this Fulton tosses Sami his title and he hits Swann with it, and get the pin. Post-match, Fulton and Sami keep attacking Rich after the bell. Tessa came in to help, but she gets beat up too, but then Brian Cage comes out to chase off the heels.
  • Trey defeated Rohit Raju, Aiden Prince, Brent Banks, Willie Mack, and Petey Williams (Six-Way Number One Contender Match for X-Division Title). Trey wins after Petey hit a Canadian Destroyer on Rohit, and had the pin. Trey rolled up Petey from behind and stacked him up for the pin. Petey raised Trey’s hand after the match.
  • Johnny Swinger defeated Mark Gunderson. Swinger wins a quick match with a swinging neckbreaker. Ken Shamrock comes down after the match and unprovoked, attacks Johnny, then puts him in an ankle lock.
  • Madison Rayne (with Kiera Hogan, who had her left arm in a sling) defeated Alexia Nicole. Rayne wins with her finisher, good effort from Alexia.
  • “All Ego” Ethan Page and “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander defeated Eddie Edwards and Marafuji. The referee was useless in this match: he didn’t enforce any double teaming, or getting men out of the ring when they tagged out. Marafuji was the star of this match with his tremendous kicks and knee strikes. The North win with their Fireman’s Carry into a Spinebuster finish onto Eddie.
  • Jessika Havok defeated Krystal (local wrestler from Windsor). Jessicka dominated the match and put Krystal away with a Tombstone Piledriver.
  • Jordynne Grace defeated John E. Bravo and Taya Valkyrie (2-on-1 Match). Taya walked out on Bravo during the match. Johnny tires to distract Grace with a new stuffed dog on a leash Taya brings with her, but Jordynne slaps it away, and finishes off Bravo with The Grace Driver.
  • Wentz and Dez defeated Rohit Raju and Raj Singh, The Deeners (Cody and Cousin Jake), and Reno Scum. The Rascalz win when Wentz hits an assisted standing moonsault onto Cousin Jake. Reno Scum attack the Rascalz after, Trey comes to help, but Ace Austin interferes. Ace loads up his forearm with a metal bar and as Reno Scum are holding Trey he nails him in the face.
  • Ken Shamrock defeated Joey Ryan. Joey with his usual lollipop shenanigans to begin. Joey & Ken high-five each to begin. Fans chant “touch it.” Joey eventually got Ken to touch “it,” and did his P-Plex. Shamrock was disgusted with this and was holding his hand, enraged. He got Joey in an ankle lock and Joey quickly tapped out.
  • Tessa Blanchard won a Gauntlet Match to determine the next number one contender for the Impact World Title. Moose and Daga we’re out first. Moose wins with a Go To Hell. Rich Swann was next and he pulled out the win with a crucifix pin. Next was Micheal Elgin. Elgin had several near falls, and applied a Cross Face, but Rich got to the ropes to break it. Elgin got more frustrated as the match went on, and shoved the referee accidentally when he tried to get Elgin out of the corner when he was hitting Rich. Elgin again went back to the corner, and the ref counted to 5, but Elgin wouldn’t stop, and again he shoved the referee to the ground and was disqualified. He wouldn’t leave and powerbombed Swann before other referees got him to stop and took him to the back.
  • Brian Cage was next. The referee checked on Rich who was bleeding from his mouth and unsteady on his feet, and asked Swann if he wanted to continue. Swann did and got two close near falls with a 450 from the second rope and another 450 from the top. He tried for a Phoenix Splash, but missed and Cage won with a Gory Bomb. An official had to help Rich to the back. I was near the ramp on the left side and heard the wrestlers applauding Rich; he lasted about 30 minutes in his 3 matches and had a hell of a performance.
  • The last participant was Tessa Blanchard and they held nothing at all back. Tessa got two close near falls with The Buzzsaw DDT and The Blanchard, but it wasn’t enough. Cage had a near fall with an F-5. He went for a Gory Bomb, but Tessa reversed it into a Canadian Destroyer and won the match! They hugged after the match and Tessa celebrated to end the night.


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