Impact Wrestling Results – December 13, 2018

Impact Wrestling Results - December 13, 2018

We’re all set for another exciting night of action with Brian Cage going one-on-one with Moose, Santana from LAX vs. Fenix from The Lucha Bros., and two Ultimate X qualifying matches on the card!

Dave Crist vs. Rich Swann (Ultimate X Qualifying Match)

The match begins with Swann taunting Crist and making the oVe sucks hand signs. Crist explodes from the corner and kicks Swann in the face. Swann stumbles in to the turnbuckles and Crist stays on him with punches to the face. Crist chokes Swann with his foot while he’s on the ropes. Crist with more punches to Swann and he bounces him off the ropes, this allows Swann to slide to the outside but Jake Crist catches him and delivers a back suplex on the apron while the ref is distracted. Dave Crist goes for a cover but gets a 2. Crist continues the pressure with a headlock on a grounded Swann.

Crist chops Swann in the corner, hits a punch to his face, and then applies pressure to Swann’s face with his boot. Crist irish whips Swann in to the opposite corner but Swann reverses and tosses Crist to the apron. Swann with an enziguri and a beautiful dive to the outside. Swann gets Crist back in the ring and delivers some jabs, a back fist, and some sharp kicks. He delivers a springboard cutter to Crist and gets a 2 count.

Swann climbs to the top rope and goes for the phoenix splash but Crist rolls out of the way. Crist goes for the Square and Compass but Swann reverses and rolls him up for the 1-2-3!

Winner and Qualifies for Ultimate X: Rich Swann

After the match, oVe begins attacking Swann but Callihan stops Dave Crist and yells at him in the ring. Willie Mack comes out and takes out all of oVe on his own. While Willie is raining down punches on Callihan, Swann pulls him off and oVe holds back Callihan. There’s a lot of tension as everyone leaves the ring.

Moose is interviewed backstage and tells Mackenzie that he’s not worried about Eddie, he’s worried about Brian Cage tonight. Moose says that computers and machines die but legends live forever. Moose says he’s the legend known as Moose.

Back from commercial, Willie Mack and Rich Swann are arguing backstage about how they dealt with the situation in the ring. Swann says he’s not trying to go down the route against Sami Callihan because he knows how dangerous and maniacal he can be. He tells Mack to leave the situation alone.

Inside the ring, Josh Matthews gives a recap of the great Knockouts Champions and then introduces Taya Valkyrie to the ring.

Tessa Blanchard comes out right after and they’re going to meet face-to-face!

Valkyrie says that at Bound for Glory, Tessa Blanchard got very creative with the ring apron but she’s over it. Valkyrie then talks about their rematch where Blanchard hit the ref to escape with the title. She says that it was the move of a coward and the move of someone feeling the title slipping through their hands. Valkyrie says that’s not what a champion or a knockout should do. Valkyrie says that La Wera Loca is gonna be, “All over that!” at Homecoming.

The crowd is the loudest it’s been in a long time and it’s split down the middle with the chants! Blanchard says that Taya Valkyrie wouldn’t know how a champion acts unless she asks her husband. Blanchard says Impact isn’t even that good at being champion. Blanchard says that Valkyrie has always been just a challenger and is just a loser. Blanchard says that she does what she has to do to keep the title, whether it be using the apron, hitting the ref, or walking out of the building right now. She yells, “You’re gonna have to take this from me!” in Valkyrie’s face and the women gets up close to one another.

Matthews breaks up the stand off and announces that Gail Kim will be returning to be the special guest referee!

Back from commercial, Tessa Blanchard is backstage and furious. She says she understands why Impact management wants to stack the odds against her, because no one can take the title from her. She says that it doesn’t matter if she respects Gail Kim, she’ll run through her if she gets in her way.

Trevor Lee vs. Trey Miguel (Ultimate X Qualifying Match)

The match begins with a tie up and Lee gets the advantage, putting Trey in an armbar. Trey tries some reversals but stays in a wrist lock for a bit. Trey finally uses a standing switch to get Lee in an armbar of his own. Lee falls to one knee until he finally grabs the foot, trips Trey, and throws him with a german suplex. Trey landed on his feet and taunts. Trey uses some strikes to gain the advantage on Lee. Lee reverses an irish whip but Trey comes at him with a hurricanranna. Lee throws Trey out to the apron and then Trey reverses and uses a dropkick to knock Lee to the outside. Trey does a crazy X-1-9/hurricannrana move on the outside.

Trey throws Lee back inside the ring and then he climbs to the top rope. Lee avoids Trey and kicks him in the back of the head, then follows it up with a backbreaker. Lee gets a 2 count on Trey. Lee uses his knee on Trey’s face in the corner and then switches to his boot, applying pressure to Trey’s head. Lee with a big chop on Trey in the corner. Lee with an arm drag throw on Trey. Trey is slow to get back up in the corner but is able to hit a big boot when Lee rushes him. Lee does another scoop slam in to a backbreaker, and then does an abdominal stretch. Trey fights out of it but Lee slaps him down to the mat and yells in his face. Trey with a flurry of strikes, does a matrix-like nip up, and then uses a back elbow. Follows it up with an unorthodox kick and neckbreaker for a very close 2 count.

Trey goes to the top rope but Lee gets back up and pulls him down. Lee goes for a german suplex but Trey reverses. Lee hits Trey with a strike and puts him on the top rope but Trey slides out and does a X-1-9 kick and a hurricanranna pin for the 1-2-3!

Winner and Qualifies for Ultimate X Match: Trey Miguel

Fenix and Pentagon Jr. are backstage and say that there shouldn’t be issues between them and LAX, but if there are, they can settle them in the ring. They only came to Impact Wrestling to show that they are the very best. Fenix hypes up his match with Santana and says he’ll defeat him tonight.

Back from commercial, Dark Allie and Su Yung are backstage and Dark Allie says that Allie is no longer there. She says that the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. She speaks in riddles.

Backstage, Konnan is still frustrated at LAX and says that Santana and Ortiz don’t realize that The Lucha Bros. are coming to take their titles. Konnan says that they can deal with them on their own and he leaves. Santana says that it’s fine and he’ll fight Fenix on his own tonight.

Fenix vs. Santana

The match begins with a tie up but Santana quickly gains control and does a beautiful springboard arm drag off the ropes. Fenix does a springboard armdrag of his own and it’s insanely impressive! Santana uses a springboard hurricanranna to take control, delivers a kick to Fenix while he’s stumbling on the outside, and then does a diving senton splash on to him. Fenix hits an uppercut that staggers Santana on the apron and then he hits an aerial kick to his face. Fenix bounces to the top rope and hits a beautiful moonsault to the outside on to Santana.

Back inside the ring, Fenix goes for a swanton splash but Santana rolls out of the way and hits a runnning dropkick to Fenix’s face for a 2 count. Fenix hits some abdominal strikes and chops on Santana, followed by kicks to the legs. Santana uses an Urunage for a 2 count. Fenix is on the apron delivering elbows to Santana’s face. The men exchange some kicks before Fenix hits a rolling cutter for a close count! Santana reverses an irish whip and then he and Fenix keep using backflips to land behind one another. Santana hits a gnarly reverse hurricanranna and then Fenix gets up and does the exact same thing! Both men are sprawled out on the mat.

Both men are slow to get back up to their feet and then they take turns giving one another their best shots in the center of the ring. Fenix uses a roundhouse kick to gain advantage, followed by a big boot. Santana gets hung up on the ropes and Fenix uses a running kick off the top rope for a close 2 count. Santana is first to gain momentum and hits a cutter after a series of reversals. Santana uses an alley-oop bomb and a sit-out powerbomb for a super close 2 count! Santana picks Fenix up and drags him to the corner. Fenix pops out with an uppercut and sets Santana on the top rope. Fenix uses a chop, an uppercut, and then nearly hits his finisher but is reversed. Santana pins him for a close 2 count. Momentum is exchanged back and forth but Fenix uses his Broken Wings finisher for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Fenix

Backstage, Killer Kross says that the writing is on the wall and Impact can’t do it on his own. Johnny Impact shows up and says that Kross just says things to manipulate the people around him. Impact says he sees right through Kross and he want him to stay away from him and his wife. Kross says Impact is showing he’s a half a**ed husband and then Johnny pushes him back and chokes him. Kross says, “See, that’s the guy that can beat Cage.” Impact says for Kross to stay away from him and Taya.

Backstage, Kiera Hogan says that she realizes that the old Allie is gone and all that is left is a soulless shell of what used to be Allie. Hogan says she was gonna have her back to the end, but the end is here, and she’s ready to fight.

We’re back at Shady Acres with Raven playing chess as Eli Drake shows up. Drake greets Raven and brings up the past few weeks with Abyss, Tommy Dreamer, and the Monster’s Ball match. Drake says that Raven inspired a wave of cheap knock off wrestlers that dressed in street clothes and hit people with sticks. Raven asks if Drake is staying for lunch. Drake gets frustrated and says that he can adapt to Monster’s Ball and beat Abyss at his own game. He tells Raven to tune in to watch his match at Homecoming.

Ruby Raze vs. Jordynne Grace

The match begins with a tie up and Raze pushes Grace in to the corner. Grace hits Raze with a few stiff forearms and then goes for an irish whip, ultimately getting reversed but still forcing Raze in to the turnbuckles. She hits a meteora to Raze’s back and a running elbow to Raze’s face. Katarina gets involved and distracts Grace so that Raze can deliver a german suplex. Raze with clubby blows to Grace’s back and some stomps. Raze also uses the ropes to choke Grace. Raze uses the ropes to deliver an elevated spinning slam but it isn’t enough to put Grace away. Grace uses her strength to outpower Raze and attempts a samoan drop, only to be shut down. Raze gets Grace in the corner and rushes after her, but Grace dodges and puts Raze up in a powebomb!

Grace grabs Katarina and delivers a muscle buster right on top of Raze. She then uses a Vader Bomb on both women to get the 1-2-3!

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Back from commercial, The Desi Hit Squad is in a hotel and they’re all discussing Scarlett Bordeaux’s talent search. She magically appears and The Desi Hit Squad pleads to be on the top of the list. Bordeaux says that KM and Fallah were at the top but they need more momentum. She convinces The Desi Hit Squad to fight KM and Fallah Bahh for her attention.

Brian Cage vs. Moose

The match begins with Cage and Moose running in to one another and staring off. Cage off the ropes and tries to knock him down again, to no avail. They keep trying shoulder blocks until Moose uses a thumb to Cage’s eye. This time, Moose’s shoulder block works. Cage to his feet and knocks Moose down with a dropkick, followed by a hurricanranna. Cage follows Moose to the outside and delivers some uppercuts and strikes, he then bounces Moose’s head off the steps. Moose regains control with some chops. He goes to chop Cage as he’s propped on the steel post, but Cage moves and Moose crushes his hand on the post. Now he looks to be in a lot of pain when he chops. Moose irish whips Cage in to the steel barricade on the outside. He does a running big boot on Cage. He goes for a 2nd one but Cage catches him and hits a powerbomb on the ring apron to Moose.

Cage throws Moose back inside the rings but Moose grabs him and throws him face-first in to the turnbuckle. He follows it up with a dropkick to the back of Cage’s head and some punches to a downed Cage. Moose taunts the audience and then hits more chops on Cage in the corner. Moose irish whips Cage hard in to the turnbuckles and then does it again in to the opposite corner. Cage tries to regain momentum and climbs to the top rope but he gets a mouth full of boot for his trouble and falls to the outside. Moose tosses him back in to the metal barricade.

Brian Cage performs a diving senton splash to the outside on Moose while he’s taunting the audience. Cage keeps the pressure on with a spinebuster and a close 2 count inside the ring. He has Moose in the corner and hits an uppercut and kick combo. Cage tries to follow it up with a suplex, Moose nearly hits the game changer but Cage has it scouted and kicks Moose multiple times. Moose is still able to grab Cage off the top rope and hit the go to hell for a close 2 count. Moose delivers a pop-up powerbomb and a running senton splash for another 2 count. Moose stalks Cage from the corner but Cage leap frogs him and Moose goes to the outside. Cage hits a superplex from the 2nd rope and carries Moose all the way from the apron! Close 2 count!

Cage goes for a vertical suplex but Moose bites his ear and chops Cage. Cage fires back with a punch. The men exchange strikes until Moose hits the game changer and then Cage hits a discus clothesline and both men are down on the mat. Cage is slowly first to his feet . The men exchange more reversals until Cage hits a powebomb. Moose comes back with a no-jackhammer-needed-spear and Cage rolls to the outside. Eddie Edwards appears and attacks Moose in a hospital gown!

Winner by DQ: Moose

Edwards uses springboard splashes to the outsides, bites to Moose’s forehead, and suicide dives to the outside to take Moose out.

He pulls out Kenny the kendo stick and completely destroys Moose with abdomen strikes and back strikes as the crowd chants, “Whack a Moose!” Eddie tries to powerbomb Moose on the ramp like he did to him weeks ago but Moose escapes and disappears up the ramp.

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