WWE 205 Live Results – July 3, 2018

WWE 205 Live Results - July 3, 2018

We start off with a recap of last week’s show and Cedric Alexander’s demand for a match against Hideo Itami.  Cedric will defend the Cruiserweight Title against Hideo Itami next week.  Tonight, Mustafa Ali will face Buddy Murphy in a No Disqualification Match.   TJP will face an opponent of Drake Maverick’s choosing tonight.

We are in Omaha, Nebraska and your announcers are Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson.

TJP comes out and he congratulates Drake on doing his job since he chooses the opponents for the matches.  TJP says there are three obvious things.  This is not the main event.  This is not for the Cruiserweight Title.  He is in the middle of nowhere in Yamaha, Nebraska.  TJP says this is a dump of a town.  TJP says Nebraska is where fun and excitement come to die.  He says he will take the bait and give his incompetent general manager a chance.  Maybe he will find an opponent worthy of his talent.

Match Number One:  TJP vs. Noam Dar

Dar avoids TJP and connects with a double thrust and kick.  Dar with a jumping round kick for the three count.

Winner:  Noam Dar

We take a look at the history between Mustafa Ali and Buddy Murphy.

Buddy Murphy is getting ready and he says he has proven there is no other cruiserweight like him.  If it wasn’t for Mustafa Ali, he would be the champion.  There are no rules to stop him from putting Mustafa in the hospital.  It doesn’t matter if it is Cedric or Hideo with the title after next week, he will be waiting.

We go to commercial.

We are back and TJP is walking in the back.  He is asked about what happened and he keeps walking out of the building.

Match Number Two:  Akira Tozawa vs. Jason Strife

Before the match starts, Lio Rush makes his way onto the ring to watch.

Tozawa with a rana and chops.  He makes Strife flinch and Tozawa with a jab.  Tozawa with kicks in the corner.  Strife with a sunset flip but Tozawa rolls through and kicks Strife and hits a back senton.  Strife with a jumping knee and running forearm into the corner.  Tozawa with an Irish whip and Strife with an elbow.  Strife misses a moonsault and Tozawa with a Shining Wizard.  Strife avoids an enzuigiri but he cannot miss the second one.  Tozawa goes up top and hits the back senton for the three count.

Winner:  Akira Tozawa

After the match, Lio Rush says that was incredible and he says he is a fan.  He says Tozawa is so good.  He says he can see why Tozawa is a former champion.  What is it that you have done since then?  It looks like you have been walking around here waiting for opportunities.  Rush says it is sad and embarrassing.  He says Tozawa should be ashamed.  There is a difference between them.  Rush says he does not wait for anything.  He says he is too quick and too good to wait.  When you are done waiting for your opportunities, step into the ring with the man of the hour.  He tells Tozawa to Feel the Rush.

Mustafa Ali is in the back and he says Buddy Murphy is big and strong.  He throws people around like ragdolls.  Buddy is a bad dude and he is dangerous.  Tonight is No Disqualfication so that means Buddy is more dangerous than before.  Mustafa says that while others  run from danger, he runs into it.  Tonight he will prove to the world that the juggernaut is just a human after all.

We go to commercial.

Cedric Alexander says Hideo Itami is walking around like he is entitled to something because of his past.  Alexander says that he has done a lot to get where he is.  It is Hideo’s legacy against Alexander’s legend.

Match Number Three:  Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy in a No Disqualification Match

Ali knocks Murphy off the apron before Murphy enters the ring and Ali with a somersault dive onto Murphy.  Ali sends Murphy into the ringside barrier before they enter the ring.

The match starts and Ali follows Murphy to the floor.  Murphy biels Ali over the announce table.  Murphy with a forearm and then he slams Ali’s head into the announce table.  Ali with a forearm of his own.  Ali with a chop on the floor.  Murphy with a kick and he tries to send Ali into the ring steps but Ali blocks it and Ali sends Murphy into the ring steps.  Ali clotheslines Murphy over the ringside barrier into the crowd.  Ali with a cross body off the ringside barrier onto Murphy.

Murphy kicks Ali and sends him into the ringside barrier.  Ali sends Murphy over the ringside barrier and he kicks Murphy.  Ali runs the ringside barrier but Murphy stops Ali and biels him onto the ramp.  Murphy sets for a suplex onto the ramp but Ali blocks it.  Murphy is able to suplex Ali onto the ramp.  Murphy gets a near fall.  Murphy with a knee to the back and then he applies a rear chin lock with his knee in the middle of the back.  Murphy puts his weight on Ali’s back and he holds on to the rear chin lock.  Ali gets to the ropes but it does not mean anything in this match. 

Ali with a jaw breaker and kick to the back.  Murphy with a hard Irish whip that sends Ali sternum first into the turnbuckles.  Murphy with punches to Ali.  Murphy with another Irish whip and a back body drop.  Murphy gets a near fall.  Murphy with a forearm to the lower back.  Murphy with another Irish whip and back body drop.  Murphy gets a near fall.  Murphy with punches to Ali followed by chops and more forearms.  Ali with a kick and elbow.  Ali with another boot to Murphy followed by a double leg take down and catapult into the ring post.  Ali with a drop kick.  Ali with a chop.

Murphy with an Irish whip but Ali slides into the corner.  Ali with a chop and he goes to the apron.  Murphy is sent to the apron and he hits a rolling X Factor in the ropes for a near fall.  Murphy kicks Ali into the announce table but Ali sends Murphy into the announce table.  Murphy sends Ali into the ring steps.  Murphy goes under the ring to look for plunder but he decides to separate the ring steps.  Murphy puts the bottom half of the ring steps in the ring.  Ali sends Murphy into the announce table and then Ali looks around.  He removes the cover of the announce table and pushes the tablets out of the way.  Murphy with a baseball slide into the ring steps and Ali is down.  Murphy with a plancha off the ring steps onto Ali.

Murphy gets a near fall.  Murphy with a kick and he looks at the ring steps and puts them at an angle against the turnbuckles.  Murphy biels Ali into the ring steps.  Murphy says something to Ali and biels him into the ring steps again.  Murphy gets a near fall.  Ali sends Buddy into the steps with a rana.  Ali puts Murphy in position and he climbs the turnbuckles for the inward 450 splash but Murphy stops him and Murphy with a super kick and a power bomb and sit out power bomb for a near fall.

Murphy looks at the announce table and then he puts the ring steps down in the corner.  Murphy sends Ali into the ring steps.  Murphy puts Ali on top of the ring steps and Murphy climbs the turnbuckles.  Ali stops Murphy and crotches him on the turnbuckles.  Ali pushes the ring steps into Murphy.  Ali climbs onto the stairs for a superplex and Ali hits it.  Murphy rolls to the floor and goes to the announce table.  Murphy hot shots Ali onto the announce table.  Murphy gets on the ringside barrier but Ali recovers and crotches Murphy.  Murphy pushes Ali over the table and Ali leaps off the table and hits a Spanish Fly onto the table.

Murphy is rolled back intot he ring and Murphy with a running knee and Ali is caught in the ropes.  Murphy with a running knee to Ali while he is in the ropes.  Murphy with three more.  The referee stops Murphy so he can check on Ali.  Murphy pulls Ali out of the ropes and connects with a knee and then gets a near fall.   Murphy picks up the ring steps but Ali rolls out of the way.  Murphy comes off the steps and runs into a boot.  Ali with a tornado DDT off the steps for the three count.

Winner:  Mustafa Ali

We go to credits.


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