Impact Wrestling Results – March 23, 2021

Impact Wrestling Results - March 23, 2021

Impact Wrestling Results – March 23, 2021 – D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! We see the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis make their way into the studio. The first opening contest is set!

Deonna Purrazzo (w/Susan) vs. Jazz (w/Jordynne Grace)

Jazz and Deonna Purrazzo tease a little knuckle lockup before switching it towards a collar and elbow tie-up. Purrazzo is backed into the corner. Purrazzo shouts for Jazz to get off of her. Jazz moves out of the way. Next, both women focus on some mat wrestling. Jazz rolls Purrazzo up twice. She kicks out each time. Jazz plants a trip toehold. Purrazzo gets herself up on the bottom rope. On their feet, Jazz stuns Purrazzo with a series of jabs, followed by a massive hook!

Purrazzo sends Jazz towards the bottom rope. Susan interferes. Purrazzo lands a jump kick while Jazz’s back is turned. Purrazzo clocks Jazz with a short clothesline for two. Purrazzo wrenches back on Jazz’s neck. Jazz escapes and side steps, causing Purrazzo to slam shoulder-first towards the ring post. Both women trade blows. Jazz picks up the upper hand with a nice punt kick at two. Purrazzo catches Jazz and tries to apply a Fujiwara armbar. Jazz turns it into a rollup. Susan breaks up the count. Jordynne Grace walks over to confront Susan. Susan decks her and Jazz with her shoe. Purrazzo rolls Jazz up and picks up the pinfall victory.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

Backstage: Eddie Edwards tells The Good Brothers to leave guys in the back alone. As they walk away, they stand face-to-face with Decay. Tonight, Edwards will square off with Karl Anderson in singles action.

– After the commercial break, we see Johnny Swinger promoting his casino Palace.

Backstage: Rohit Raju finds Fallah Bahh sleeping. Bahh admits that he’s fallen on hard times gambling his money away at Swinger’s Palace.  Raju can’t help but make fun of him for it. Bahh challenges him to a match.

Up next, the X-Division Championship is on the line!

X-Division Championship: Ace Austin (c) (w/Madman Fulton) vs. TJP

Ace Austin looks right for a single-leg takedown right after the bell rings. TJP counters with an octopus lockup. He can’t fully get it in. TJP switches it up with a twisted head scissors. Back on their feet, TJP has Austin in a tightly held side headlock. Austin escapes from off the ropes. Austin turns it around with a kick from off the ropes. Now, both men find themselves on the outside. Austin lands another perfect punt kick from off the apron. TJP counters Austin’s superplex with a facebuster right before the commercial break!

Back from the commercial break, Austin stomps away on top of TJP then locks him up in a single leg Boston Crab. TJP reverses the lockup, causing Austin to scurry over towards the ropes. Austin drives his boot into the spine while stretching TJP’s arms back. TJP temporarily stops Austin’s momentum with a big boot from off the ropes. After, TJP smashes his knee towards the side of Austin’s face. TJP with a cover. The X-Division Champion kicks out. Austin catches TJP with a stunning roundhouse kick, followed by a high leg drop from off the top. Will this be enough to end TJP? Nope! TJP kicks out at 2.5.

TJP finally locks in his octopus submission. Austin finds his way over to the ropes. TJP locks him up again in the same position on the ropes! Madman Fulton gets Austin’s foot on the bottom rope. TJP sends Fulton out of his way. Fulton tries to stop TJP’s momentum. TJP lands a big knee to the gut and hits his Mamba Splash! TJP with the cover. 1-2- Fulton slides into the ring and breaks it up! The referee calls for this match to end in disqualification on Austin. TJP picks up the win, but sadly, not the title. Josh Alexander runs in with a chair, sending Austin and Fulton out of the ring.

Winner via Disqualification: TJP; Still X-Division Champion: Ace Austin

– Gia Miller sits down with Matt Cardona. The reason he’s in Impact is that he wants to compete with the best of the best. Gia wants to know why Brian Myers is so upset with him. Cardona thinks it’s because Impact Management gave him a contract, too. He wants to make it clear that he does not want to reform his tag team partnership with Myers. He’s been there and done that. Cardona says if Myers wants to settle things, he should meet him in the ring.

Backstage: Trey Miguel is still fired up after his big loss against Sami Callihan last week. He kicks a bag, and XXXL comes over and confronts him about it. Tommy Dreamer comes over to defuse the situation. Miguel wants Acey Romero tonight.

Rohit Raju vs. Fallah Bahh 

Rohit Raju tries to pull all the stops on Fallah Bahh in the beginning. Bahh misses a crossbody attempt. Raju had him scouted with a nice drop from off the ropes. Raju goes for a flurry of forearm shots. It isn’t enough to take Bahh out of the match. Bahh kicks out of Raju’s pinfall attempt at two. Bahh charges towards Raju in the corner. Raju blocks with a big boot. Bahh connects a huge powerslam but misses a drop from off the top. Raju heads to the top and plants a double foot stomp. He goes for a cover. Bahh kicks out. Raju catches Bahh with a textbook jumping knee, followed by a crucifix rollup for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Rohit Raju

Backstage: Gia Miller is right outside Kenny Omega and Don Callis’ locker room. They come out and refuse to talk to Gia.

– AEW Owner Tony Khan and AEW commentator Tony Schiavone return for another paid ad to promote this Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite at 8/7c on TNT. This week, the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis come on to announce what fans can expect for tomorrow night’s show. In the main event, Matt Sydal will face Omega in an AEW World Championship Eliminator Match. If Sydal wins, he’ll get a shot at Omega’s title. Omega believes there’s zero chance Sydal will prevail over him.

– The Good Brothers go looking for Omega and Callis backstage. They can’t get them to answer. They didn’t know that Omega and Callis are already heading to the ring.

Up next, Omega and Callis make their way down to the ring.

Don Callis informs Kenny Omega that he spoke with the Unified Impact World Champion Rich Swann last week and mentioned how Swann can have a great life and comeback story, but he will never surpass Omega’s overall in-ring accomplishments. Callis says not one person has ever kicked out of Omega’s One-Winged Angel. Omega reiterates that what Callis just said was correct. In Omega’s eyes, he’s better than any past and present world champions. Omega has come to collect gold, and Rich Swann’s title is next.

Callis surprises Omega by creating a vignette that highlights Omega’s greatest One-Winged Angel spots. After watching it, Omega warns Swann that after Rebellion, he will be a footnote. He wants everyone to know that unless he’s dead, no one will ever take the his AAA, AEW, and possibly Impact World Championships off of him.

– Violent By Design wants to awaken Rhino so he can become the violent war machine he is designed to be.

Backstage: Gia Miller speaks with Havok and Nevaeh. They have patched up their friendship and want a shot at the Knockout Tag Team Titles again. The champions, Fire ‘N Flava interrupt and put a halt to their goal. After Fire ‘N Flava leave, Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb try to stir the pot by asking Nevaeh to join their group.

Acey Romero (w/Larry D) vs. Trey Miguel

Trey Miguel uses his speed with a running dropkick as the match begins. Acey Romero stops his momentum just before the commercial break.

Coming back from the break, Romero rolls on top of Miguel’s legs. He continues to add more insult with a big leg drop. Romero with a cover. Miguel kicks out at two. Miguel creates some distance with a jumping neckbreaker. Trey continues with a spinning kick for just a two count! Trey and Romero collide in the center with Romero landing a pounce on Trey who was coming off the ropes! Trey gets back on his feet with a jumping kick and then a Meteora. Will this be enough for Trey to put away Acey Romero? It sure is! Trey picks up the clean victory.

Winner: Trey Miguel

Post-Match: Acey Romero and Larry D ambush Trey Miguel. All of a sudden, Sami Callihan appears in the ring. He helps even the odds with Trey. Before Trey can comprehend what just happened, Callihan disappears.

Backstage: The Unified Impact World Champion Rich Swann is not intimidated by Kenny Omega and Don Callis’ comments from earlier. He is ready to prove them both wrong at Rebellion.

Backstage: James Storm is excited to be coming up on his 1,000th match in TNA/Impact. He wants to make this match special by facing Eric Young. Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore agrees that next week, Storm and Young should have a matchup. But instead of it being a singles match, it’ll be the main event!

Karl Anderson (w/Doc Gallows) vs. Eddie Edwards

Both men go straight for a collar and elbow tie-up. Eddie Edwards spins behind with a waistlock, followed by a side headlock takedown. Edwards catches Karl Anderson with an inverted atomic drop and then a perfectly articulated dive through the middle rope.

Back from the final break, Anderson clocks Edwards in the face with a heavy right before sending him towards the ring post. Anderson rolls Edwards back into the ring for a pin. Edwards kicks out at one. Anderson works on Edwards’ left arm that seems injured following his collision towards the ring post. Anderson catches Edwards with another pin that turns into a side headlock. Edwards rises to his feet. Anderson snaps Edwards towards the corner with a quick Irish Whip. Edwards escapes the corner and lands a step-up enziguri.

Off the top, Edwards sends Anderson crashing down with a backpack stunner! Cover. Anderson kicks out at 2.5. Edwards continues the momentum with a Blue Thunder Bomb after planting a rolling elbow from off the ropes. Is it enough? No. Anderson kicks out again. Both men exchange stiff elbows and forearm shots. Edwards connects another rolling elbow. Doc Gallows tries to get involved again. Edwards rolls Anderson up. Anderson gets his shoulders up at two and pushes Edwards towards the ropes. Gallows smacks Edwards across the face with a chair. Anderson positions Edwards with a pin and wins the match.

Winner: Karl Anderson

Post-Match: In Japan, FinJuice appears on the screen. They can’t help but taunt The Good Brothers for having to wait for their Impact Tag Team Championship match in four weeks.

That concludes this week’s episode.

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