Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Roman Reigns' Attacker Revealed (Video)

Roman Reigns' Attacker Revealed (Video)
Shortly after Daniel Bryan & Rowan took down Big E and Xavier Woods on tonight's episode of Smackdown, the cameras for WWE cut to Roman Reigns on the hunt.

 Reigns made his way through the backstage area, determined to find out who was the one behind his recent assaults. He did just that, finding Buddy Murphy in the locker room and demanding the information from him. Although Murphy was hesitant at first, Reigns quickly had him swayed.

Reigns’ tactics for extracting information ended up working, as Reigns got to work assaulting Murphy, throwing him throughout the locker room and onto nearby tables. After lifting Murphy up and corner him into a wall, Reigns demanded to know who kept assaulting him, and Murphy finally admitted that it was, surprisingly, Erick Rowan. With Rowan watching on from the ring, we now know who was behind the assaults, but we’ve yet to figure out why.