WWE RAW Results (2/27) Grand Rapids, MI

2/27 WWE RAW Preview - Becky Lynch And Lita Vie For WWE Women’s Tag Team Gold

WWE RAW Results (2/27) – We see Lita and Becky Lynch arriving at the building earlier tonight.

– We take a look back at what happened between Jimmy and Jey Uso on Smackdown, and Sami Zayn and Solo Sikoa’s involvement.

– We are live from the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa make their way to the ring for our first match of the night. Before the match, Jimmy has something to say.

Jimmy says The Bloodline is in their city.  He says he knows what you are thinking.  You are talking about how there are problems in the Bloodline and that there are cracks.  From the outside, it looks that way, but you know that family fights all the time.  Jimmy says if you come for one member of the Bloodline, you come for all members of the Bloodline.  Let’s see who came after the Bloodline.  Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble.  Did he get one on the Bloodline?  Nope.  Sami Zayn at Elimination Chamber.  Did he get one on the Bloodline in his home town?  Nope.  Now, Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania.  Will he get one on Roman Reigns?  Hell No.  

Roman will be here on Friday to remind everyone who runs Smackdown.  Tonight, him and his little brother will remind everyone who runs Raw.

The Street Profits interrupt and make their way to the stage.

Montez tells Dawkins it is the Bloodline and Dawkins is impressed.  We have Solo and Dawkins says Solo has to let the bunyons breathe.  They mention Jimmy.  Ford asks where is Jey and he calls for Jey to come from the back.  Dawkins says that Jey comes through the crowd.  Ford says he can’t blame Jey for not being here because it is tiring to be the bridge that holds the Bloodline together.  Ford asks how can you run Raw if you can’t control your family.  You come to Raw to fill your absent Chief’s order.

Jimmy points out that Ford has been bodied by the Bloodline.  He tells Ford to keep Roman’s name out of his mouth, or else.

Ford and Dawkins say they want the smoke and they punch Solo and Jimmy.

Dawkins with a shoulder tackle to send Jimmy to the floor.  Ford and Dawkins with kicks to Solo and they send him to the floor.

Sikoa regroups with Jimmy as we go to commercial break.

Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa vs. The Street Profits

Back from the break and the bell hits as Jimmy goes at it with Dawkins. Dawkins takes it to the corner and unloads but Jimmy turns it around and in comes Sikoa to take over. Sikoa beats Dawkins from corner to corner.

Sikoa chops Dawkins and whips him across the ring but misses. They go at it and Dawkins nails a dropkick Ford tags in and they hit a double dropkick to put Sikoa down. Ford with a punt kick to the back for a 1 count. Ford grounds Sikoa with a headlock now. Jimmy tags back in and chops Ford in the corner. Uso with a sliding lariat for a 2 count.

Ford dropkicks Uso and in comes Dawkins. Dawkins with an enziguri and the flying right hand. Sikoa tags in and levels Dawkins in mid-air after an assist from Jimmy. Sikoa screams out as we go back to commercial.

We are back and Dawkins with punches to get away from Solo.  Solo with a Samoan drop. Solo with punches in the corner and he sets for a running hip into the corner and connects.  Solo with a super kick to knock Ford off the apron.  Solo sets for another running hip but Dawkins with a flying corkscrew back elbow.  Jimmy and Ford tag in and Ford with jabs and a clothesline.  Ford with a back elbow and Jimmy flips Ford.  Ford with a belly-to-back suplex.  Ford with a standing moonsault for a near fall.  Ford is sent to the apron and Ford with a forearm from the apron and a kick to Solo on the apron.  Ford with a kick to Jimmy and Jimmy stops Ford on the turnbuckles.  Jimmy with an enzuigiri.  Jimmy sets for a superplex but Ford blocks it.

Ford with a head butt and it knocks Jimmy to the mat and Ford with a cross body for a near fall.  Jimmy with a punch and Ford with a back heel kick and another kick.  Jimmy with a dragon whip but Ford with an enzuigiri.  Ford knocks Solo off the apron.  Ford with a spinebuster to Jimmy.  Dawkins tags in and they get Jimmy on Dawkins’ shoulders.  Solo stops Ford and hits the Samoan spike on Dawkins for the three count.

Winners:  Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso

After the match, Jimmy and Solo work over Ford and kick Dawkins to the floor.  Solo gets a chair and brings it into the ring.  Solo puts a chair around Ford’s neck and JImmy sends Dawkins to the floor.  Owens with a super kick to Solo and a stunner to Jimmy.

– We take a look back at the end of the Lesnar and Lashley match from Elimination Chamber and MVP’s challenge to Lesnar for Wrestlemania.

We go to commercial.

VIP Lounge:

Back from the break and it’s time for The VIP Lounge but the music hits and out comes Bock Lesnar instead of MVP. The pyro goes off and Lesnar heads to the ring with cowboy hat in-hand. Lesnar is all smiles as he slaps hands with fans at ringside.

Lesnar enters the ring and takes a seat on MVP’s couch, putting his feet up. The music hits and out comes The VIP Lounge host MVP next, and he’s not happy. MVP says when he invited Lesnar to accept Omos’ challenge, this isn’t how he envisioned it. Lesnar apologizes for being a little early, then invites MVP to join him in the ring. MVP is good where he’s speaking from. Lesnar has no beef with MVP, he’s all about business. Fans chant “Suplex City!” and MVP tells them to shut up, and tells Lesnar to not listen to them. MVP asks about business. Lesnar is here to listen to MVP sell Lesnar and the fans a fight.

MVP asks if he can come into the ring and talk business without worrying about Suplex City. Lesnar says no suplexes tonight. Fans boo. MVP knows Lesnar is a man of his word, so he’s coming into the ring. Lesnar tells MVP to sell him this fight, do what you do best. Lesnar came to possibly do business with MVP, so hype the fight. MVP says Lesnar is The Beast Incarnate and when Lesnar puts his hand on a man, they have no chance. MVP goes on hyping Lesnar up but says he had his hands full with Bobby Lashley, and MVP wasn’t even in his corner. MVP wonders how Lesnar thinks he can have his hands full with the Nigerian Giant who will put his hands back on Lesnar. MVP says The Beast can subdue any man but a Giant will conquer any Beast. He says Lesnar can F5 and suplex any man he wants, but he can’t do that to the Nigerian Giant called Omos. Lesnar stands up and says that was good, he has goosebumps. He high-fives MVP and says that was damn good. Lesnar accepts the challenge and fans pop. MVP asks if they have business and Lesnar says yes. Lesnar thinks they should shake on the deal, and drink on it. MVP proposes a toast to Omos vs. Lesnar at WrestleMania 39. Lesnar officially announces the match, and mentions MVP will be in Omos’ corner.

MVP says he’s going to pop a bottle of champagne for this occassion. Lesnar says no… MVP is a baller and a hype-man, but Lesnar is just a farmer who grows the goods, so if they’re going to have a toast, they’re going to drink the good stuff. Lesnar raises his flask to the match at WrestleMania, then takes a drink. MVP says he will just drink the champagne. Fans boo. Lesnar asks if MVP is going to make him drink alone. MVP would never dream of such a thing. MVP asks what’s in the flask. Lesnar says where he comes from they call it white lightning, or moonshine. MVP takes a sip and then spits it on Lesnar because of how strong it is. Lesnar wipes his face, then puts the lid back on the flask. Lesnar uses MVP’s handkerchief to wipe his face again, then drops him with the F5 to a big pop. Lesnar laughs, then struts around with his cowboy hat and MVP’s cane. Lesnar exits the ring as his music hits.


Cathy Kelley is with Lita and Becky Lynch in the back. Cathy asks them about their match later tonight and their preparation for tonight.   Lita says some of her most favorite highlights have been with some of the greatest tag teams, it will mean a lot to walk out as tag team champion.  Becky says it has been a secret bucket list item for her to win the tag titles.  She says she does not play well with others, but there is no one she respects or admires more than Lita.  Bayley can get involved, but they will take care of her.

– Cody Rhodes walks in the back as we go to commercial.

Cody Rhodes vs. Chad Gable

Cody goes for the leg but Gable escapes.  Gable with a waist lock and Cody with a take down.  Gable with a front face lock and Cody gets Gable on his shoulders and he puts Gable in the corner for a clean break but Gable with a punch.  Gable with an Irish whip and Cody floats over and gets a near fall with a sunset flip.  Gable with an ankle lock but Cody sends Gable into the turnbuckles.  Gable with a kick and Cody goes to the turnbuckles.  Cody with a reverse superplex and Gable rolls to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Gable goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Cody lands on his feet.  Gable with a dragon screw leg whip in the ropes.  We see footage from the commercial break when Gable hit a dragon screw leg whip in the ropes.  Gable with a belly-to-back suplex and then Gable goes up top but misses a diving head butt when Cody moves.  Gable with a punch and Cody with a running forearm and a drop down uppercut.  Cody with a power slam and he hits Beautiful Disaster for a near fall.  Gable with a waist lock and Cody with a single leg take down and a figure four leg lock.  Gable tries for the ropes and he chops Cody before getting to the ropes to force a break.

Cody with a side head lock and a punch to the head.  Cody comes off the ropes for Beautiful Disaster but Gable catches Cody and hits a German suplex for a near fall.  Gable with a waist lock and Cody flips out of Chaos Theory.  Gable gets Cody up for a Cliffhanger DDT.  Gable goes up top and hits a moonsault for a near fall.  Gable puts Cody in the corner and he chops Cody.  Cody puts Chad in the corner and Cody with a chop.  Gable with a chop and Cody returns fire.  Cody and Chad alternate blocking hip tosses until Cody sends Gable over the top rope to the floor.  Cody wtih a suicide dive when Chad got distracted when Otis was looking around for something or someone.  

Cody sends Chad back into the ring and Cody tells Otis where she is and Otis says she is very pretty.  Otis asks what is she doing there and Cody sends Otis over the ringside barrier.  ody returns to the ring and hits a Cody Cutter.  Cody with CrossRhodes for the three count.

Winner:  Cody Rhodes

After the match, Cody takes the mic. Cody says we are thirty three days away from Wrestlemania.  He says he has yet to stand in the same ring as his opponent, Roman Reigns.  Cody says he is on Smackdown this Friday and Cody says he is ecstatic that Roman is on Smackdown this Friday.  Cody says he will be there too.


Byron Saxton is in the back and he is with Baron Corbin. Baron says it is no secret that things have not been going his way.  The things that people are saying…

Baron is interrupted by Byron as Kevin Owens walks by to find out why he did what he did and if there are any consequences he should worry about. Kevin says the Bloodline should worry about the consequences of his actions.  Kevin says he wants to see the Bloodline fall and he says he does not need any help with that.

We go to commercial.


We are back and Damian Priest says you know what time it is.  Dom says hello to his dad as he talks about the family reunion from Friday.  He says he showed the world that he is a loser in the ring as well as a father.  Dom says he will be at Rhea’s side when she faces Liv Morgan.  You won’t do anything to Ex Con Dom.  Rhea says she didn’t have to say a word to Charlotte because she knew that Charlotte was shook.  She saw something in Charlotte’s eyes and it was not fear, it was acceptance.  Rhea says Charlotte’s fate at Wrestlemania is being the new Women’s Champion.  Finn tells Edge this isn’t over.  Finn says it is over when he says it is over.  Finn says Edge is playing checkers while Finn is playing chess.  There is one more move.  If you accept my challenge, I end this at Wrestlemania… check mate.


Otis is pacing outside the trainer’s room and Maxxine asks Otis if he has accepted her offer.  Maxxine says if Otis has a match, they would be honored to be in his corner. Otis says he needs a match.

Asuka makes her way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Asuka vs. Carmella

They lock up and Asuka pushes Carmella away.  They lock up and Carmella with punches but Asuka with punches of her own.  Carmella with a forearm and Asuka with a back heel kick.  Asuka with knees and a kick to the back.  Asuka mises a round kick but Asuka blocks a kick and applies an ankle lock but Carmella escapes and kicks Asuka away.  Carmella with back elbows in the corner.  Carmella sends Asuka into the turnbuckles and then she moonwalks.  Carmella with a Bronco Buster and she gets a near fall.  Asuka with a pop up knee for a near fall.  Carmella goes to the floor to regroup and Asuka follows after her.  Asuka with a kick to the midsection but misses a hip attack in the ropes and Asuka falls to the floor.  Carmella with a super kick.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Carmella with a reverse chin lock.  Carmella sends Asuka to the mat.  Carmella pie faces Asuka and has something to say to her.  Sauka with a back fist and a second one.  Asuka with kicks and a back fist followed by more kicks.  Asuka with a German suplex and a round kick to the head.  Carmella goes to the floor and Asuka with a sliding kick on the apron.  Asuka sends Carmella back into the ring.  Asuka goes up top and misses a missile drop kick.  Carmella with a super kick for a near fall.  

Asuka with an inside cradle for a near fall.  Asuka with a jackknife cover for a near fall.  Asuka escapes Code of SIlence and Asuka with a wrist lock submission and Carmella taps out.

Winner:  Asuka

After the match, Asuka gets a mic and she speaks in Japanese.  She tells Bianca to come to the ring and out she comes.

Bianca says she does not like Asuka’s tone.  She asks if Asuka wanted to call her out to talk about tearing the house down at Wrestlemania.  Bianca says that if you were going to talk about anything else, you better remember that you can’t spell Wrestlemania without EST.

Carmella pushes Asuka into Bianca before leaving the ring.

– Piper Niven makes her way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Piper Niven vs. Candice LeRae

Piper with a shoulder tackle and slap.  Piper chokes Candice in the ropes.  Piper goes for a slam but Candice escapes and kiccks Piper.  Candice goes for a crucifix but Piper blocks it.  Candice avoids a seated splash and Candice with a jackknife cover for a near fall.  Piper with a uranage and a back senton for a near fall.  Piper with a chin lock and she lifts Candice off her feet.  Piper sends Candice into the turnbuckles.  Piper runs into a back elbow and misses a shoulder and hits the turnbuckles.  Candice goes to the turnbuckels and Piper pushes Candice off the turnbuckles to the floor.  Piper goes to the floor and sends Candice back into the ring.  Piper sends Nikki into the ringside barrier.

Candice with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Candice LeRae


We go to Byron in the back and he is with Johnny Gargano. Byron mentions that Johnny has a match later tonight.  Johnny says you have to be prepared for anything.  Otis ran up to him and he said he wanted some hot action tonight.  Johnny was a little freaked out but he figured this was for a match.

The Judgment Day shows up and they ask Byron if this is who they are interviewing now. Johnny says Byron is sick of interviewing goths. Priest says he wants to take care of Johnny but Finn stops him.  Finn says Otis is going to flatten Johnny like a pancake.  If you make it through this week, Finn says he will finish him next week.

Johnny accepts the challenge.

– The Miz makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Miz TV:

We are back and Miz welcomes everyone to MizTV.

Miz says we are on the Road to Wrestlemania and he says before he brings out his celebrity guest, he wants to talk about his wife and the gift she gave him last week.  He said he would reveal it tonight.  He says they have been married for nine years and she has given him two beautiful daughters.  Miz brings out the host of Wrestlemania . . . 

It is him.

Miz says not only is he the host of MizTV, he is the host of Wrestlemania.  He says this will be bigger than the Golden Globes and Oscars.  Wait until you see what he has in store for Wrestlemania.  Miz says his wife had to ask who could host this monumental event.  Logan Paul?  This Wrestlemania will go viral with him as the host.

Seth Rollins interrupts Miz and Seth makes his way to the ring as only Seth can.

Seth lets the crowd whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa to his music while Miz tries to shut up the crowd.  He asks Seth why is he here.

Seth cackles and he tells Miz not to let his panties get in a bunch.  Seth says he is here to congratulate Miz and not rain on his parade.  Miz says Seth has been raining on his parade for the last three weeks.

Seth says he stomped on Miz with his big red boots because Miz was being a jerk. He says he had to stomp Miz three times last week because Miz was being a b-hole.  

Miz says he is not a B Type of person, he is an A Type of person. Seth asks Miz if he is saying he is an A-Hole.

Seth says he didn’t mean to ruin Miz’ moment.  Seth says he has been trying to get a hold of Logan Paul and since you taught him everything, you have him on speed dial, so why not give him a call.

Miz wants to know if that is all Seth wants.

Miz tells Seth no.  He says he is not going to do anything for Seth.  

Seth with a super kick to Miz

Seth picks up Miz’ phone and he uses Miz’ optical sensor to get it to work.  Seth cackles and then he looks through Miz’ contacts and he places a call.

Logan answers and he tells Miz to stop calling him.

Seth cackles and tells Logan surprise.  He tells Logan that Miz is a little out of commission.  He asks Logan how his brother is doing.  Seth says we are sick of this game of cat and mouse so he tells Logan to grow a set and show up on Raw next week.

Logan says Seth is on.  He tells Seth he would love to see Seth run his mouth when they are face to face.

Seth cackles and tells Logan ‘bye bye bitch’ and hangs up.

Miz reaches for his phone and Seth gives him Black Out.


Cathy Kelley is in the back hoping to talk to Bayley, Iyo, and Dakota. Cathy brings up what Lita and Becky said earlier. Bayley says she is happy they are confident but they have proven that phony teams have no chance against them.  They are the greatest champions in WWE.  She says this is their story and legacy.

Austin Theory stops Cathy and he says they are good champions but he is the greatest champion in WWE.  Why aren’t people talking about his accomplishments and why are they talking about John Cena.  He talks about his hustle at the Elimination Chamber and his loyalty to the US Title and how he beat a WWE Hall of Famer 48 hours after Elimination Chamber.  He says he has a lot of respect for John Cena.  That is why, in Boston, he is going to look in John’s face and give him all the respect he deserves.  Austin says he is asking for John to show him the proper respect.

– Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Bobby Lashley vs. Elias

Elias with a Stinger Splash and punches.  Elias with kicks and punches in the corner.  Lashley blocks a kick and connects with an elbow and he slams Elias.  Lashley sends Elias over the top rope to the floor.  Lashley picks up Elias while Boogs takes notes in the back.  Elias sends Lashley into the ring post and ringside barrier.  Elias with a hot shot on the ringside barrier and follows with a running knee.  Lashley with a flatliner and spear.  Lashley with a full nelson and Elias taps out.

Winner:  Bobby Lashley

After the match, Bobby takes the mic and he says he is not in a good mood right now.  He says he owned Brock Lesnar at the Elimination Chamber.  Instead of tapping out, Brock resorted to a low blow.  Bobby says he wanted more.  After proving his dominance over Brock, he has to deal with Bray Wyatt’s games.  Bobby says he does not play little kid’s games.  He tells Bray to keep his name out of his mouth or Bobby will hurt Bray.

Bray appears on the TitanTron with his workout video and he has added Bobby Lashley to it. Bray tells Bobby that he should RUN. Lashley walks to the back.


Chelsea yells at Adam Pearce about Ottawa Illnois and Pearce points out that Chelsea is from Canada. Carmella shows up and Adam says he has a phone call to take and he tells Carmella she has a match against Bianca. Chelsea and Carmella appear to have started a friendship.

– Otis makes his way to the ring accompanied by Maximum Male Models as we go to commercial.

Otis vs. Johnny Gargano

Gargano with punches and a flying shoulder tackle but Otis stays on his feet and Otis with a shoulder tackle and splash.  Otis puts Gargano in the corner and he hits a splash into the corner.  Otis runs into a boot.  Gargano with a back elbow.  Otis is sent into the ring post.  Gargano with a clothesline and rolling elbow.  Gargano avoids a slam and hits a few drop kicks and an enzuigiri that gets Otis to his knee.  Gargano with a super kick that sends Otis to the floor.  Otis sees Maxxine and Gargano goes for a pescado but Otis catches him and drops Gargano on the announcce table.  Mace grabs Gargano and Dexter Lumis comes from behind and pulls Mace into the crowd.  Gargano with a super kick to Mansoor.  Otis gets jealous that Johnny stands next to Maxxine.  Gargano with a hestitation DDT in the ropes and a slingshot DDT for the three count.

Winner:  Johnny Gargano


Cathy Kelley is in the back and she waits for Paul Heyman to show up.  She asks about Cody’s announcement. Paul says this is his favorite time of the year.  Every show, the ante gets upped and upped and upped.  Friday night, Cody Rhodes comes to Smackdown to confront… Cathy stops Paul to say that Cody did not say he was going to confront Roman, but he was going to show up. Paul says Cody is a Raw talent.  He says Cody is going to invade Smackdown and invade the Island of Relevancy.  He says Cody will CONFRONT Roman Reigns or Cody will be CONFRONTED by Roman Reigns on Smackdown.

We go to commercial.

– We are back and we see Lita and Becky Lynch discussing strategy. We see the champions and Bayley doing the same thing.

– We take a look at how we got to Brock Lesnar versus Omos at Wrestlemania.

– Next week, Kevin Owens faces Solo Sikoa.  Seth Rollins and Logan Paul will be face to face.  Johnny Gargano faces Finn Balor.  Bianca Belair faces Carmella.  John Cena will be on Raw.

– Becky Lynch and Lita make their way to the ring as we go to commercial.

 Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky vs. Lita and Becky Lynch for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

Iyo and Becky start things off.  They lock up and Becky with a side head lock.  Becky with a shoulder tackle and a wrist lock and arm wringer.  Becky asks if she should tag in Lita and Iyo gets away and Dakota tags in.  Lita tags in.  They lock up and Lita with a side head lock.  Lita with a shoulder tackle.  Dakota avoids a Twist of Fate and tags in Iyo.  Becky tags in and they hit a double suplex on Iyo for a near fall.  Lita tags in and they hit a double hip toss.  They give Dakota a double hip toss.  Lita and Becky with clotheslines in the corner.  Iyo is sent into Dakota and Lita with Poetry in Motion off Becky.  Lita and Becky with punches.  Lita goes up top and Iyo rolls to the floor.  Becky tags in and she hits a cannonball off the apron onto Iyo and Dakota.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Becky sends Iyo to the floor and she kicks Dakota in the ropes.  Becky with a leg drop off the turnbuckles.  Becky with a kick to Iyo and Dakota and she hits a reverse DDT on Iyo and a DDT on Dakota for a near fall on Dakota.  Becky goes for the arm but Dakota sends Becky into the turnbuckles.  Becky with a kick and Diamond Dust to Dakota for a near fall.  Becky goes for DisArmHer and Dakota blocks it and Iyo with a drop kick to Becky and Becky goes to the floor.  Iyo grabs Lita and sends her into the announce table.  Iyo tags in and she hits an Asai Moonsault onto Becky.  Iyo gets a near fall on Becky.  Iyo with a straitjacket choke on Becky.  Becky with an arm drag and Iyo with a drop kick.  Dakota tags in and Dakota with a kick, Iyo with a shoulder tackle and Dakota with a kick for a near fall.  Dakota tries to keep Becky from getting to her corner.

Dakota with a scorpion kick to Becky.  Dakota gets a near fall.  Becky with a punch but Dakota holds on to Becky to prevent the tag.  Iyo is knocked off the apron by Becky.  Dakota and Becky each hit clotheslines and both are down.  Bayley pushes the title belt into the ring and the referee does not see Bayley pull Lita off the apron.  Iyo tags in and hits a shotei.  Iyo and Dakota with a double belly-to-back suplex for a near fall.  

Trish Stratus’ music plays and she makes her way to the ring and she takes Bayley down.  Trish punches Bayley.  Trish hugs Lita and Lita remembers she is in the match.  Dakota tags in and Becky wtih a jaw breaker.  Lita tags in and hits clotheslines on Iyo followed by a head scissors.  Lita with Vertigo for a near fall.  Lita goes up top for a moonsault but Iyo pulls LIta off the turnbuckles.  Iyo goes up top for a moonsault of her own and misses it.  Lita with a kick and Twist of Fate.  Lita goes up top for a moonsault and Bayley tries to stop her but Trish pulls Bayley off the apron.  Becky stops Dakota and applies DisArmHer on Dakota while Lita hits a moonsault on Iyo for the three count.

Winners and NEW Women’s Tag Team Champions:  Becky Lynch and Lita

The new champions celebrate as we go to credits.

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