Monday, August 24, 2020

RAW Underwent Massive Changes Shortly Before Airtime

RAW Reportedly Underwent Massive Changes Shortly Before Airtime
It was another day of chaos backstage at WWE RAW prior to tonight's show.

PWInsider is reporting that the entire script for the show was ripped up around 7:20 pm eastern, just 40 minutes before Raw was set to hit the air. This was around the time when Vince McMahon arrived at the building.

WWE sources said that McMahon began changing “just about everything” that was planned for the show and there were things still be worked on as the show went on the air.

A lot of what was originally planned in the second and third hour of the show was scrapped. The RAW Underground segments are taped in the afternoon, so they weren't. WWE had previously built up Dolph Ziggler vs. Ivar for this week, but it was just cancelled, no reason was reported. Instead, Bobby Lashley dominated most of the RAW Underground segments, taking out both Ivar and Dolph Ziggler in separate fights.

We will provide updates on this story when more information is available.