Thursday, January 16, 2020

Why Impact Wrestling Has Been Banned From Twitch

Why Impact Wrestling Has Been Banned From Twitch
As noted yesterday, Impact Wrestling has been banned from Twitch and, as we supposed, the reason behind the ban was the "sexual content" aired during RVD segment on this week's show.

The segment featured Rob Van Dam bragging about his PPV wins over Brian Cage and Daga at Hard to Kill. During the celebration, Katie Forbes and Jennifer Barlow joined him for a celebration, using whipped cream to cover their bodies (with several parts blurred out) while also making out with one another. You can watch the video below.

Impact Wrestling didn’t think things through when they put RVD’s little sex celebration on Twitch. The popular social media streaming site has a very strict rule against pornographic material and they deemed RVD’s escapades too hot for Twitch.

Twitch supplied a comment to Post Wrestling on the matter. Their comment is that they don’t comment on banning accounts.

“We don’t comment on individual bans, but I’d note that sexual content is not allowed on Twitch.”

Impact Wrestling seem to be seeing the humor in this situation. They announced that their weekly Behind The Lights Twitch show won’t be taking place this week for… fairly obvious reasons.