Wednesday, August 28, 2019

News on Randy Orton's "Letter Promo" on Smackdown

News on Randy Orton's "Letter Promo" on Smackdown
This week's SmackDown included Randy Orton reading a letter allegedly from Kofi Kingston’s son.

This ignited Kofi’s rage, but it was also a huge throwback.

This segment was actually a call-back from an old Roddy Piper promo from 1984. He was feuding with “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka at the time and pulled out a letter to read from a “fan.” It turns out the letter was from Snuka’s kid and it included some key parts that Orton’s did over 30 years later.

You can check out the promo from Piper below. It is a great blast from the past and reminds us how some legendary segments only get better with time.