Swoggle Parodies AJ Styles On Impact (Video)

Swoggle Parodies AJ Styles On Impact (Video)

Tonight’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling saw Swoggle once again return to the ring, although this time it was in a hilarious parody of AJ Styles.

In a shocking turn of events, though, he was able to take down Ethan Page, who underestimated Swoggle and was the recipient of some interference by Josh Alexander.

During the match, Swoggle caught Page off guard early with a flurry of shots, although Page eventually began tilting things in his favor due to his size. However, late in the match after barely missing the win following a big elbow, Alexander grabbed the leg of Swoggle to help him after Swoggle had bit Ethan Page. After Anderson hit Alexander with a huge punch, Swoggle was able to quickly roll up Page in the confusion, grabbing a shocking win. 

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