Impact Wrestling Results – August 11, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results – September 22, 2020

This week’s Impact Wrestling on AXS TV opened up with a look at Rich Swann’s “retirement announcement” followed by the attack by Eric Young to close the show.

We go backstage, where Eric Young and Willie Mack are brawling backstage. Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne said that Mack didn’t want to wait for their scheduled match. Security and officials tried to hold them apart. Young nailed a cheap shot and the brawl continued. They battled into the ringside area and towards the ring. They battled around ringside and into the ring. Mack covered Young, battering him with right hands until officials and referees held him back as Young went to the floor.

Mack took the ring mic and said he doesn’t want to wait for later. He said that after what Young did to Rich Swann, he’s going to “beat the bricks off” of him. Young tried to walk away but Mack caught him on the stage and attacked him. They fought back to the ring. Mack tossed him into the ring but Young attacked Mack as he entered the ring. They finally rang the bell.

Willie Mack vs. Eric Young

Young worked over Mack, who hit him with a spinkick. Mack brought him into the corner and nailed a series of body shots. He whipped Young into the corner. Young went to the floor but was pulled up by Mack. Young jumped down, snapping his throat over the ropes. He worked over Young, who swung him hard into the buckles. Young took a bump over the top to the floor. Mack nailed a big pescado to the floor and brought him back into the ring, scoring a two count. Young went to the top but was caught and they battled on the top rope. Young bit him on the face and knocked Mack off. He nailed a flying elbowdrop and scored a two count. Young followed up with a series of kneedrops.

Mack was brought to the corner and choked him. Young came off the ropes but was caught and nailed with a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Young cut his momentum off with a big clothesline, scoring another two count, then began tearing at Mack’s neck. He tried to force a submission but Mack fought to his feet and battled his way out with a series of elbows. Mack built up a series of offensive maneuvers, including a sideslam and a big atomic legdrop. Mack nailed a Samoan Drop and then nailed a standing moonsault for a close two count. Mack went for the stunner but Young saw it coming and gouged his eyes. Young went to grab him but Mack nailed the stunner. Mack thought of going for the pinfall but instead looked to go to the top, then changed his mind again and went to the floor for a chair. Mack brought the chair into the ring and placed it on Young’s leg, seeking revenge for Rich Swann. He went to the top but Young recovered and knocked him off the top. Young nailed him with a piledriver and scored the pin.

Your winner, Eric Young

They announced Locker Room Talk for late with Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes.

Gallows and Anderson wandered through the building demanding to know where Ace Austin and Madman Fulton were.

They went to WRESTLEHOUSE. Taya called everyone to the center of the house. She said her attempts to make everyone over was such a hit (she gave them soap) so she decided to have another activity. She said they were going to watch Taya’s Greatest Hits tonight. Kylie Rae said that she was wondering if there was an electoral fraud if everyone voted for that. Jake Something was nowhere to be found. Neither was Susie. Cody Deaner and Alisha Edwards tried to cover for them, poorly. They aired classic Taya footage. Taya demanded John E. Bravo massage her. Rosemary wasn’t happy. Swinger was being annoying, so Crazzy Steve blew him off and went to Rosemary. Steve told her that he could tell she was being jealous and that could be a potent poison. Susie and Jake were preparing to go on a date together.

Reno Scum attacked Rhino, stealing back Hernandez’s money. He fought them off but was double-teamed and left laying.

Kimber Lee vs. Jordynne Grace

The story here is that Lee offered to take out Grace for Deonna Purrazzo in exchange for a title shot.

Grace showed her power early, scoring a two count with a sideslam and then whipped Lee hard into the buckles. Grace nailed another strong whip into the buckles. She charged but Lee pulled the referee into the way. Grace stopped her momentum but that allowed Lee to snatch her and slam her into the buckles, then hit a kick to the head as Impact went to commercial.

When they returned from commercial, Lee had Grace tied up on the mat with a grapevine. Lee continued to work over Grace’s leg and drilled him with a kick to the back. Lee sent her into the corner and worked her over with a hard chop in the corner. Lee went for a suplex but Grace blocked it and nailed one of her own. Grace nailed several moves, culminating with a big spinebuster for a two count. Grace went for a TKO but Lee slid through for a sunset flip attempt. They went into a series of reversals. Lee nailed an enziguiri and a back suplex for another two count. Grace placed her atop the ropes and they battled. Grace went for a superplex but Lee nailed a headbutt, knocking her to the mat. Lee went for a swanton but Grace pulled her knees up and snatched her into a rear naked choke for the win.

Your winner via submission, Jordynne Grace!

We went to the latest edition of Locker Room talk with Madison Rayne interviewing Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes. The segment was sponsored by “#Heath4Impact” as he asked fans to make the hashtag trending so Impact will give him a job. Rayne said his money is as good as anyone’s, she guessed. Heath is absolutely being positioned as an undercard comedy deal here.

RVD and Forbes joined Rayne. Forbes said she was happy to show off her body. They started making out. Rayne, disgusted, said they could keep the couch and she was done. RVD and Forbes finally came up for air and realized it was just them and they now had their own talk show. They asked each other how much they loved each other before Sami Callihan showed up and attacked RVD, saying he ruined his title shot last week. Forbes sprayed hairspray in his eyes, blinding him and allowing Rob to stomp the hell out of him.

Dez and Wentz worried where Trey had been. Trey showed up and they goofed off as he was wearing a Suicide mask. Everyone steals this mask! Moose walked past them and was offended Wentz was wearing a Free EC3 hoodie. He said he found it when EC3 left it after he laid Moose out. Moose, thinking Trey was the “real” Suicide, challenged Suicide to face him next week. So, Moose was so dumb, he gave Trey a title shot.

We are back at WRESTLEHOUSE with the same scene as Steve counseled Rosemary about jealousy. She looked around to see if there was another guy she could use to make Bravo jealous. After sizing up all her potential choices, she put a love hex on Larry D. Elsewhere, Susie went on her date with Jake. Alisha was right outside if she needed help and told her to tell him she may have to run in case she wants to get out of there. Jake was wearing no shirt and suspenders and a top hat. They sat at a long, formal dinner table. Susie told him she had the runs and he sat there, puzzled and not knowing what to say. I don’t either.

Back at the Taya screening, Larry D was all googly-eyed, head over heels with full attention on Rosemary, ignoring Acey Romero who was offering him popcorn. Romero realized something was wrong when D said there was more to life than food. Romero was offended and offered to slap some sense into him. This ended up with Tommy Dreamer declaring MATCH TIME. They went outside for the match while Taya was pissy they wanted to watch that instead of her own matches.

They went to the ring outside.

Larry D won and said the win was for Rosemary. John E. Bravo was a little perturbed.

Backstage, Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo said Jordynne Grace has been acting more crazy and violent than ever. She said that since Jordynne is cleared and she does deserve a title shot, Purrazzo will offer her the first-ever Knockouts 30 Minute Iron Man Match at Emergence.

They aired a video feature on the North vs. Motor City Machine Guns rematch.

No DQ: Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs. Neveah & Havok

Steelz and Hogan hid during their entrance and attacked their opponents from behind, beating them with weapons on the floor. Everyone brawled. They battled into the ring. Steelz nailed a chair on Havok. She wasn’t fazed and grabbed it. Steelz superkicked the chair into her. Hogan joined the fray. Neveah nailed a double clothesline and began whipping out suplexes.

Everyone brawled. Havok pulled a table out from under the ring and set it up on the floor. She and Neveah set up Hogan to throw her to the floor but Steelz returned and saved her. All four brawled. In the end, Havok went for a tombstone on Steelz but Hogan saved her. They went for a double suplex but Havok blocked and suplexed them both over at once. Havok charged but they ducked and she almost went through the ropes to the table below. Steelz followed her to the apron and locked on a sleeper. Hogan kicked Havok off the apron, sending her through the table.

Neveah hit the ring with a street sign and nailed Steelz but Hogan kicked her and caught her with a neckbreaker for the pin.

Your winners, Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz!

Backstage, Gallows and Anderson told Scott D’Amore they wanted Fulton and Austin and were going to the ring until they get them. D’Amore said he was getting some real “Hall and Nash vibes off these two.”

Moose was walking in the back and passed a screen. EC3 was projected on the screen and told Moose he was getting a warning that he was coming for what Moose is synonymous with – the TNA title. He said it was a declaration, not a threat. Moose was thrown off by all this.

Suicide vs. The Rascalz’ Dez

They went back and forth with some nice physical action early. They were just a minute or so in when Gallows and Anderson hit the ring and laid them out all out.


I get what Impact was going for here but they’ve created an expectation of delivering with good, solid matches they promise and that didn’t happen here. This was lame and presented all three (including Wentz) like losers, which I didn’t like, especially since The Rascalz have been built for months as a nice tag team cornerstone. Unless this leads to The Rascalz showing how tough they are vs. The Good Brothers, it’s scorching the Earth for no reason.

Anderson took the mic and said they can wait all night to fight Madman Fulton and Ace Austin. Gallows said last week wasn’t the first time he was behind bars and he’s going to kick their ass. On the screen, Ace Austin and Madman Fulton appeared. They aren’t even in the same State they claimed. They’ll see the “new guys” next week.

The classic Impact+ match was Eddie Edwards vs. Cody.

Backstage, Rohit Raju was playing games with Chris Bey, saying they are just around the corner and he knows people think TJP has Bey’s number. Raju suggested he make a Three-Way match so he and Bey can beat down TJP while Fallah Bah sits outside looking dumb. Bey said he had beaten Raju at Rebellion, so he doesn’t need to worry about him and said, let’s do it. He agreed to the match. They didn’t make it clear when it would happen.

They aired a Brian Myers vignette. He’s the MOST PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER.

Back at WRESTLEHOUSE, Something and Susie admitted they enjoyed each other’s company. Something said that he had seen her as an Undead Zombie Bride but this was the real her. Su Yung creeped out a little via special effects as a dark voice coming from Susie agreed this was the real her. Cousin Jake was a little worried by all that. He said he has the runs and had to go. He ran off. Alisha asked Susie what happened. Susie said she didn’t know but maybe her advice was bad. This offended Edwards who called for Tommy Dreamer. MATCH TIME.

They went to the ring. Crazzy Steve was referring, down to white and black striped face paint. Susie slapped her for giving bad advice. Steve broke them up. Alisha charged and leapt at her but Susie nailed her with a forearm. Edwards came back with a flying clothesline. Steve made some ridiculous calls as he was counting them down. Susie scored the pinfall.

Taya said it was time for them to come back in and watch the greatest match in Knockouts history, the night she won the title. Kylie Rae said that she appreciated the group bonding mentality but everyone is tired and wanted to go to bed. Taya disrespected her. Susie pointed out that Kylie was the number one contender. Taya said anyone can be number one contender. She challenged Taya to fight her. Dreamer was about to declare MATCH TIME but Rosemary ssssshed him. Taya said she was super busy but she can do it next week.

They ran down the lineup for Emergence next week, which is pretty stacked:

*Impact Wrestling Champion Eddie Edwards’ Open Challenge.

*X-Division Champ Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju vs. TJP (with Fallah Bah).

*Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions The North vs. The Motor City Machineguns

*TNA Champion Moose vs. Trey Miguel.

*Ace Austin & Mad Man Fulton vs. The Good Brothers.

Eddie Edwards came out for his Open Challenge and demanded Eric Young come out and fight him, saying he’d give him a title shot right now. Instead Brian Myers came out and said that he wasn’t Young but he wanted a shot. He said in Edwards’ hands, that was just a belt but in his hands, it’s a true championship.

Impact Wrestling Champion Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Myers.

After talking all that trash, Myers went right to the ropes to stall several times early on. Edwards backed him into the corner and they broke clean but Edward unloaded with chops. Myers gained control, working him over with a side headlock and used kicks and punches to keep Edwards off-balance. He choked Edwards against the ropes. Edwards finally made a comeback, clotheslining Myers over the top to the floor as they went to commercial.

When they returned, Myers continued to work over Edwards, scoring several two counts. Myers charged but was sidestepped and went to the floor. Edwards hit a big tope suicida, driving Myers back into the guard rails. Edwards came up grabbing at his knee. Myers continued wearing down Edwards, scoring another two count with a back suplex. Myers locked in a chinlock, trying to wear Edwards down. The Champion fought his way back to his feet and elbowed his way out. Edwards regained control with a kick to Myers on the ropes and nailed the backpack stunner for a two count.

Edwards went for the Tiger Driver but Myers blocked and scored with a big DDT for a two count. Myers went for a superkick but Edwards drilled him and scored a two count with a Tiger Driver.

Edwards set up for the Boston Knee Party but Myers avoided it and nailed a kick to the head. He charged but Edwards nailed him with the Boston Knee Party for the pin.

Your winner and still Impact Champion, Eddie Edwards!

Really good match. Myers was wrestling like he had missed it and came off strong, even in the loss.

Solid show leading into Emergence next week.


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