Saturday, May 16, 2020

Drew Gulak Released From WWE?

Drew Gulak Released From WWE?
Based on a change made to the roster page on, it looks like Drew Gulak has been given his release.

Gulak, who wrestled an excellent match against Daniel Bryan on Friday Night SmackDown, has been moved off the active roster page on and he is now listed as a WWE Alumni.

There is no official confirmation yet from WWE on if he’s been released but it appears that way. He may have been part of the budget cuts made last month. Due to the 90-day non-compete added when wrestlers are released, WWE still had the option to use him if they chose to so that may have been the case here. It also could be that Gulak asked to be used, similar to Drake Maverick on NXT. Maverick is among the names released but he has been wrestling in the NXT Cruiserweight Championship tournament and he is under a 90-day non-compete.

Following the match on SmackDown, Daniel Bryan took some time to say thank you to Gulak. He wrote, “Big thank you to @DrewGulak for the match last night. We agreed to throw no strikes but still go after each other with everything we have. My grappling game has gotten much stronger for training with him. #ThankYouGulak Now back to training?”

It was Daniel Bryan who had requested to work with Gulak on SmackDown so if not for Bryan, we might not have seen Gulak on TV over the last few months.

In hindsight, Gulak’s SmackDown post-show interview has a lot more meaning behind it.