Sunday, March 8, 2020

Undertaker Attacks AJ Styles at Elimination Chamber (Video)

Undertaker Attacks AJ Styles at Elimination Chamber
At WWE Elimination Chamber, Aleister Black continued his rivalry with AJ Styles and the O.C. Black faced Styles in a No Disqualification Match.

He gained the upper hand early on but a distraction from Luke Gallows allowed Styles to gain control. Styles targeted Black’s leg and grounded him. The Phenomenal One hit Black with a Kendo stick but Black rocked him with a stiff kick.

Black blasted a diving Styles in mid-air with a kick. He got a table out but Styles blasted him with a steel chair. Styles dropped Black with a kick to the head. Black rallied with more stiff strikes. Styles locked in a Calf Crusher but Black used a Kendo stick to escape it. Black hit Styles with the Kendo stick several times. Styles hit a springboard forearm and a brainbuster for a two count. Black kicked Styles and rocked Styles with a series of strikes. A springboard moonsault earned Black a two count. Styles hit a nasty neckbreaker and countered a springboard moonsault into a Tombstone attempt. Black countered and kicked Styles into a steel chair.

Styles sent Black crashing over the German broadcast table. Black sent Styles through a table with a Meteora. Gallows and Karl Anderson attacked Black and the O.C. ganged up on him. Gallows and Anderson hit the Magic Killer on Black. They held Black in place but the gong sounded, signalling the arrival of the Undertaker. The lights went out and when they turned on, he chokeslammed Styles. The lights went out again and when they came back on, the Undertaker was gone. Black drilled Styles with Black Mass for the win.

Taker vs. Styles has been rumored for WrestleMania 36 in some form, but not officially announced. Stay tuned for updates on the feud.