Tuesday, February 11, 2020

WWE Censors Shayna Baszler Attack

WWE Censors Shayna Baszler Attack
As noted, Shayna Baszler appeared on this week's RAW episode and attacked Becky Lynch after her successful title defense over WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Asuka.

Baszler dropped Lynch and then bit her in the back of the neck. Baszler came back up with the fake blood pouring out of her mouth, and in Becky's hair.

While WWE aired a clear shot of the blood on the USA Network, they censored the footage posted to YouTube with the black & grey edit. They also left the blood out in the clip that was posted to the official NXT Twitter account, and in the clip that was finally posted to the official WWE Twitter. Furthermore, WWE tweeted a backstage photo of Baszler after the attack and that photo was also censored with the black & white edit.

In an update on Baszler's WWE status, she is still listed on the NXT roster as of this writing. It's been reported that she is scheduled to be a regular member of the RAW roster soon, and that she will challenge for Lynch's title at WrestleMania 36.

You can see the related clips and photo below, along with a few shots of Shayna Baszler and the capsule blood: