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WWE Smackdown Results - June 11, 2019

WWE Smackdown Results - June 11, 2019
We are live from the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, CA, as Miz makes his way to the ring for MizTV.

Miz says he is not going to lie, he says he is in a mood to fight because he must 'follow the script' tonight. Miz, in a lackluster manner, welcomes everyone to MizTV. Miz brings out Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon, who Miz calls the breast in the world and he says there is a smudge on the paper. He calls Shane the 'Pest in the World'. Joining Shane and Drew, Elias makes his way to the ring.

Shane says Miz messed up the dummy card he had for him so he lets Greg Hamilton do the proper introduction for Shane McMahon. Shane says there is usually a special musical guest so that is why he brought Elias with him.

Elias strums his guitar.

Shane says at Super Showdown, he did what he said he would do and he beat Roman Reigns in the middle of the ring. Roman should not be ashamed of what happened because he lost to the best in the world.

Miz tells Shane that all of his accomplishments are tainted. You won one match at World Cup and you wouldn't have won if it weren't for Miz. Miz says he kicked you around Wrestlemania and you won by a technicality. You won at Money in the Bank by slipping out of your jersey. You were getting destroyed by Roman Reigns until the Scottish Sycophant came out.

Miz reminds Shane about what Roman said after he lost at Super Showdown.

Drew says the problem with Roman is that he lets his emotions get the best of him. That will be his downfall at Stomping Grounds. Roman should know that Drew is not like anyone in WWE. When he hurts someone, he enjoys it. Drew says he has a weapon that no one else has, the Claymore. At Stomping Grounds, he will kick Roman's head off.

Shane says Drew will be kicking ass and taking names at Stomping Grounds and that name will be Roman Reigns.

Miz says Drew is Roman's equal but he does not have to be Shane's lackey. Miz reminds Drew of what Shane did to him after helping Shane win the tag titles.

Shane says that Miz is harboring some resentment and Miz shares with him what Roman has. Shane has not lost to Miz or Roman.

Miz says there is nothing special about Shane. You are a talentless hack who was lucky to be born a McMahon.

Shane says that Miz shares a genetic link with a baked potato.

Shane says he sees the anger in Miz' eyes. Maybe there is some unfinished business. Maybe you want another shot at the Best in the World. Why not do it right now? Do you want the match? Shane tells Drew he has this. You get the match on one... or two conditions. First you have to beat Elias and then you need to beat Drew McIntyre. If you can do that, you can have your dream match against the Best in the World. Of course, we go to commercial.

Elias vs. Miz

The match is joined in progress and Miz is down on the mat. Elias punches Miz and connects with a forearm. Elias goes to the ropes and he goes Old School and completes it with Meteora for a near fall. Elias with a chin lock. Miz with a jaw breaker to escape and Miz punches Elias. Miz with kicks in the corner followed by running knees into the corner. Miz with a second double knee strike into the corner but Elias with a Harley Race knee for a near fall. Miz escapes Drift Away and Miz with a kick to the knee. Elias avoids a round kick and hits a sit out power bomb for a near fall.

Elias goes to the turnbuckles for an elbow drop but Miz moves. Miz with Skull Crushing Finale for the three count.

Winner: Miz

Drew McIntyre vs. Miz

Drew charges at Miz but Miz punches Drew. Drew with a head butt and they go to the floor. Drew runs Miz into the ringside barrier, apron, and ring steps. Drew with chops and a suplex for a near fall. Drew with an arm bar and chin lock. Miz punches Drew but Drew with a spinebuster for a near fall. Drew with a boot to Miz. Drew with a chop in the corner and then he sends Miz into the turnbuckles. Drew gets a near fall and then he returns to the arm bar.

Drew puts Miz on the turnbuckles and Miz punches Drew to the mat. Miz comes off the turnbuckles but Drew with an elbow and he gets a near fall. Drew chops Miz. MIz with kicks but Drew kicks back. Miz sends Drew shoulder first into the ring post. Miz with a baseball slide to Drew that sends Drew into the announce table. Miz sends Drew into the ringside barrier. Miz slips on the top rope but Miz recovers and hits a DDT.

Shane gets on the apron and distracts Miz and allows Drew to hit a head butt. Drew sets for the Claymore and hits it for the three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the match, Shane says maybe they should have their match so he wants the match.

Shane McMahon vs. Miz

Shane with punches but Miz punches Shane and takes Shane to the mat and connects with punches. Shane sends Miz into the ropes when Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale. Shane applies the triangle and Miz taps out.

Winner: Shane McMahon

After the match, Shane celebrates as the music hits and we go to replays. Elias and Drew raise Shane in the air as the celebration continues.


Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville approach Ember Moon, taunting her for reading books and suggesting she reads Mandy's new Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine. They have words and Deville bullies Moon some, apparently ahead of their match. Moon throws a fit and screams after Deville and Rose walk off

- We go to the ring and out comes SmackDown Tag Team Champions Rowan and Daniel Bryan. Back to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Daniel and Erick have something to say.

Daniel says you are in for a real treat tonight because the Planet's Tag Team Champion are putting the titles on the line against the YOLO County Champions in a Title Unification Match. Daniel is interrupted by Heavy Machinery, who make their way to the stage.

Tucker says they get it. You are trying to duck their challenge for a title match. Otis calls them Elitist Cowards. Tucker says they are blue collar solid. Otis says they like to have a good time. Tucker says that is why if they faced you in the ring, they would become the new Smackdown Tag Team Champions.

Daniel says that is a cool speech but you have done nothing to earn the titles. Why not earn an opportunity against the Yolo County Champions? Otis says they accept the challenge.

Heavy Machinery vs. AJ Kirsh and Dave Dutra in a Title Unification Match

Tucker takes care of AJ and Dave and then Otis tags in and hits a splash in the corner. Otis with the Caterpillar. Tucker tags in and they hit Compactor on Dutra for the three count.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

Bryan has to hold Rowan back because he wants a piece of Otis and Tucker.


WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth is backstage with Carmella. Truth talks about recent 24/7 Title happenings and how the title is ruining his life, stressing him out. He calls it the 7/11 Title. We hear someone coming and Carmella hides Truth in a large production case. The coast is clear now and Carmella tries to get Truth out of the box but it's locked. A staffer walks up and tells Carmella her match is next. She has to leave but promises she will help Truth get out of the box later. Truth starts screaming. Jinder Mahal walks by and hears Truth screaming about having on oxygen. Jinder tries to sound like Carmella. He tells Truth to stay right there while he goes off to get a crowbar. Jinder walks off as Truth continues screaming inside the locked box.

Carmella vs. Sonya Deville

We go to the ring and out comes Sonya Deville with Mandy Rose. Back to commercial.

Carmella sends Sonya into the turnbuckles and hits a head scissors take down. Carmella sends Sonya into the corner and Sonya sends Carmella to the apron. Sonya with a forearm and knees to the midsection. Sonya gets a near fall. Sonya with a reverse chin lock and body scissors. Carmella with punches but Sonya with a kick and sliding knee for a near fall. Carmella slaps Sonya but Sonya kicks Carmella and gets a near fall. Carmella puts Sonya in the Code of Silence but Mandy puts Sonya's foot on the rope to force the referee to have Carmella release the hold.

Carmella chases Mandy around the ring and then Sonya with a knee. Sonya goes to the floor when she misses Carmella in the ropes. Carmella with a suicide dive onto Sonya and Mandy. Carmella rolls Sonya back in and Mandy pulls Carmella to the floor. Carmella with a super kick and Sonya with a knee to the head for the three count.

Winner: Sonya Deville


We see Alexa in the locker room and she has her coffee and Nikki Cross stops by. Alexa asks Nikki if she is okay. Alexa says it is better to hear from a friend and Alexa says that people are saying things about Nikki for Nikki's interference on Monday. Alexa says that is what Bayley is really like. Alexa says Nikki can get payback tonight against Bayley. Alexa tells Nikki to think of Bayley as all of the bullies and don't hold back.

- The New Day make their way to the ring as we go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Xavier says today is an important day that each of you have been waiting for. Kofi says today is the actual return of Big E.

Big E says your boy is back... again. The way things are going, if he had a title run for every return, he would be Charlotte Flair.

Xavier says it is time to get down to business. For the first time in two months, they are back and they have a match. They will end that match quickly so he can get back to E3. They are going up against Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and Dolph Ziggler.

Kofi says it is three dudes who have tried to hold down the New Day. Xavier asks Kofi what happened when he went up against Sam Zayn? Kofi says he beat him. Xavier asks Kofi what happened when he faced Kevin Owens. Kofi says he beat him. Xavier asks what happened when he faced Dolph Ziggler on Friday. Kofi says he beat him.

Kofi says there will not be any sneak attacks or hit and runs. Dolph will not be able to run away from him. Kofi says he will remain your WWE Champion.

Dolph Ziggler's music interrupts and he comes to the stage. Dolph says he put Kofi on a pedestal and that you earned everything you got, but you betrayed him and everyone in the crowd. You cowered and you betrayed yourself. There is only one reason you are still WWE Champion.

We see the footage from the match on Friday.

Dolph says the footage does not lie and you have to admit that it should have been him. At Stomping Grounds, there will be nowhere for you to run and nowhere for you to hide and no one to save you from him. You and I will be locked inside a steel cage and then the world will know what Dolph has known all along. Without your friends and taking the easy way out, you can never beat him.

Kofi says Dolph forgot to show that Dolph kicked Xavier in the face. Did you think he wasn't going to do anything to retaliate?

Kevin Owens' music interrupts and he is joined by Sami Zayn.

Sami says that he cannot stand injustice. That is what we have going on here. If Sami Zayn came out and kicked Kofi Kingston in his face to help Kevin Owens win the title at Money in the Bank, everyone would have been up in arms seeking justice. When Xavier Woods kicks poor Dolph Ziggler in the face and helps Kofi retain the championship, you are all okay with that. It shows that these disgusting people do not care about justice. These people have no morals or ethical code. All that matters is who you like and don't like. Sami says they only care about righting wrongs.

Sami says Kevin and Sami enjoy every opportunity to beat up the New Day.

Big E says they enjoyed watching you get attacked by Seth Rollins with a chair last night.

Sami says this is another example of hypocrisy. If anyone else wore that referee shirt, there would have been suspensions or firings. You are all hypocrites.

Dolph says the biggest hypocrite of them all is in the center of the ring with the WWE Title.

Big E says this championship run is not about all of you, it is about a man who is will to walk through fire to show that he is the very best.

Kofi says that Dolph said that he took the coward's way out. He will be taking names at Stomping Grounds and he will take Dolph's name.

Big E says they will give you three a free preview of Stomping Grounds.

- Bayley walks in the back and she is asked about Alexa's comments about liking offensive tweets about Nikki Cross. Bayley says she likes Nikki and she says that she hopes Alexa is ringside so she can watch what will happen at Stomping Grounds. Bayley heads to the ring as we go to commercial.


Aleister Black says for the men and women of Smackdown, there is so much conflict, but so little resolution. He offers both and it is so simple. The resolution is that he fights you, but there is no one at his door. We do not have to fight over trivial things like the love of another woman or man, ideologies, or turf. It can be so simple. Aleister asks for the door to be opened. Aleister says the door is wide open and he wants anybody to pick a fight with him.

Bayley vs. Nikki Cross

They lock up and Bayley with punches before giving a clean break. Nikki with a cross body and she slams Bayley's head into the mat. Bayley drop kicks Nikki off the apron. Bayley with a baseball slide through the corner of the ring and then Bayley gets a near fall. Nikki goes to the floor and Alexa has some advice for Nikki. Bayley goes for another baseball slide by the corner of the ring but Nikki sees it cominig and she avoids Bayley. Nikki puts Bayley in the ring skirt and kicks her. Nikki with a reverse DDT for a near fall.

Nikki with a rear chin lock byt Bayley with a snap mare. Nikki kicks Bayley to the floor and then kicks Bayley again to send her into the announce table. Nikki with a straitjacket choke. Nikki gets a near fall. Nikki with a top wrist lock and chin lock. Nikki gets a near fall. Nikki puts Bayley on the turnbuckles and puts her in the tree of woe. Nikki kicks Bayley but Bayley kicks Nikki from the turnbuckles. Bayley drops Nikki on the top rope and then returns to the ring. Nikki misses a splash into the corner and Bayley with a running knee in the corner followed by a boot and rolling thunder splash for a near fall.

Nikki with an elbow but Bayley with a Saito suplex. Alexa distracts Bayley and Nikki with an inside cradle for a near fall. Bayley with a knee to the head. Bayley goes up top and goes for an elbow drop and hits it for the three count.

Winner: Bayley


We go backstage to production cases being loaded onto a truck. Jinder Mahal has a referee and he's trying to find the case that has R-Truth locked in it. Jinder is told that the cases are being loaded up for delivery to next Monday's RAW in Los Angeles. We hear Truth screaming inside a case as it's loaded up. Carmella appears and she's also looking for Truth. Carmella is worried. Tom plays up the seriousness of the situation and says Truth is being shipped to RAW. Back to commercial.

- We are back with this week's Firefly FunHouse.


We go to comments from Apollo Crews. He was asked about the match that never happened with Andrade Almas. Crews says maybe Andrade was trying to send Finn Balor a message. Crews says she is not an afterthought. The next opportunity he gets... Zelina Vega interrupts and says it will be your last mistake. She tells Crews not to instigate him or he will never get another match. Vega walks off. We see Chad Gable standing off to the side taking notes on his pad.

- We go to the ring for tonight's six-man main event as Kevin Owens makes his way out. Back to commercial.

Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Dolph Ziggler vs. The New Day

Woods and Ziggler start things off and they lock up. Ziggler with a wrist lock. Ziggler gets to the ropes. Ziggler with a waist lock and take down. Woods with a wrist lock. Zayn tags in and works on the arm. Woods with a drop kick and he kicks Zayn in the corner. Kofi tags in and he kicks Zayn. Big E tags in and kicks Zayn. Kofi is sent into Zayn with an Irish whip for a drop kick. Kofi with an Irish whip but he misses a splash when Zayn moves and Kofi goes to the floor. Ziggler with a clothesline when the referee was not looking.

Ziggler tags in and he applies a reverse chin lock on Kofi. Kofi with elbows and forearms. Ziggler with a drop kick that sends Kofi to the floor and Owens hits a back senton as we go to commercial.

We are back and Ziggler with a side head lock on Kofi. Owens tags in and kicks Kofi. Owens with forearms and Kofi with a missile drop kick. Zayn and Woods tag in and Woods with a running forearm or two followed by a thrust kick and another kick. Woods with a rolling elbow. Woods with a drop kick to Zayn and Ziggler through the ropes. Woods goes up top and Owens distracts the referee and Ziggler crotches Woods on the turnbuckles.

Owens tags in and drop kicks Woods in the tree of woe. Owens sends Woods into the turnbuckles and punches Woods. Ziggler tags in and runs Woods eyes across the top rope. Zayn kicks Woods from the apron when the referee was not looking. Ziggler wtih a reverse chin lock and body scissors. Ziggler gets back to his feet and Woods with a punch and Woods escapes a slam attempt and gets a near fall with a rollup. Ziggler wtih a leg lace to keep Woods from making the tag.

Zayn tags in and he kicks Woods in the head. Zayn with a knee to the back and a rear chin lock. Woods with punches and chops. Zayn with a punch to send Woods to the mat. Zayn with more punches. Owens tags in and kicks Woods. Owens with a moonsault for a near fall. Woods with a DDT and both men are down. Ziggler and Big E tag in and Big E with two overhead belly-to-belly suplexes and he avoids a clothesline and hits a belly-to-belly suplex.Big E with a Warrior splash. Big E runs into a knee to stop the spear through the ropes. Big E tags in Kofi and they go for Midnight Hour but Ziggler super kicks Big E. Ziggler super kicks Zayn when Kofi moves. Ziggler with a super kick to Woods. Kofi with Trouble in Paradise to Ziggler and then to Zayn for the three count.

Winners: Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods

We go to credits with The New Day celebrating.