WWE Talking Smack Recap: Guests Edge, The Miz and Maryse, Women’s Smackdown Team

Renee Young opens this week’s edition of Talking Smack. Her co-host, Daniel Bryan walks onto the set and joins her. Bryan is out of breath. Says that he just hugged The Undertaker. How he is the luckiest man because of it. Renee tries to ask Bryan a question but he passes because he is out of breath. Renee talks about how The Undertaker laid down the gauntlet. Sent a message to The SD Live team, that they better win at The Survivor Series. Bryan mentioned how it sounded like The Undertaker is back. How Taker said that he won’t let WrestleMania define him. Renee brings up Taker’s line about “taking souls and digging holes.

Bryan goes on to say that The stars from the past, that they bring back to Smackdown, are brought in to help elevate the younger stars. Perhaps guarding against the criticism, He has made towards Raw’s return of Attitude Era stars. Also, taking a dig at Raw and how they handle their returning legends. Renee hints that Bryan is trying to take a shot at Raw. Bryan says, Take from it whatever you want.

Renee talks about the heat that Daniel Bryan and Mick Foley had last night on The WWE Network. How Foley questioned Bryan’s desire to even be involved in The WWE. Bryan says that he loves Mick and appreciates how he supported him during his struggles with the authority. However, Bryan didn’t like the way, Mick questioned his desire. Bryan says that he loves to be called out and loves to debate.

The Women’s Smackdown team joins the show. Immediately, It is pointed out how Nikki has a chipped tooth from her battle with The Raw women. Nikki tries to cover it up with the microphone. Carmella says that she had Nikki’s back against The Raw Women. Even though, she hates Nikki. Renee asks the women if they will be united together. Alexa Bliss says that their team has no chance but to watch each other’s backs. Coach Natalya talks about how proud, she is of all the women on the Smackdown team.

Renee asks the women about Nia Jax. They all talk about how intimidating they can be. Becky Lynch calls their team, a bunch of junkyard dogs. Bryan gets the women to do a Smackdown chant. Natty says that they are more like cats than dogs. She says that she is surprised that Shane McMahon hasn’t followed her cat “2Paws” on Instagram. Naomi talks about how their team is going to shine and glow, or something along those lines. Alexa talks about once sunday is over, This team will dissolve and get back to their individual wars. Renee asks Bryan, how he feels about all of this. Daniel says that he just wants to get out of this alive. They tell Bryan that this is what it is going to be like when he has daughters. Nikki asks Bryan if he can drive her to the dentist tomorrow. Renee brings up how Daniel drive her around on Total Bellas. Renee then plugs Total Divas on E tomorrow night.

The women finally leave and the set gets very quiet. Daniel asks Renee if he can go back to sitting in his chair now. Renee asks Daniel about the Smackdown Tag Teams for The Survivor Series. Asks how they stack up against Raw’s teams. Bryan says that he is impressed with their brand’s teams. He even puts over the teams that aren’t on The Survivor Series teams. Says that he was impressed by The Ascension tonight on the show. Bryan talks about the European tour and how great, all the Smackdown talent looked. He puts over Breezango and says that he thinks that every team on Smackdown is better than The Raw tag team champs, New Day. Renee is shocked by this comment. Daniel says that despite New Day’s long reign as champs. That they lose almost every match, they wrestle in.

The Miz and Maryse join the show. Miz asks Daniel, How incredible he is. Miz rubs it in Daniel’s face that he won back The IC title tonight. The Miz asks Bryan, if he still wants to trade him. Miz says that Cesaro and Sami Zayn have come out publically stating that they want to be traded to Smackdown. Miz asks Daniel again if he wants to trade him. Miz answers for him. Says “No You Don’t”…. Miz says that he is doing what Bryan always wanted to do. That’s bringing prestige back to The Intercontinental Title. Miz asks Daniel if he is going to root for him or Sami Zayn sunday at The Survivor Series…. Daniel stays silent. He doesn’t answer. The Miz says, “That’s what I thought”.. He walks off the show… Bryan admits that he wants The Miz to win, because he wants The IC title to stay on Smackdown. Bryan says that he is worried about Zayn beating Miz sunday and taking the title to Raw…. Bryan says that despite not like Miz. He calls him a success. That he will do whatever it takes to win. Bryan compares his critique of Miz to his recent critique of Kevin Owens. Bryan says that Owens never really earned that championship. So as much as he thinks that KO is great. The fact that he didn’t earn it. Brings the title down. Bryan says that if it’s a fair match between Miz and Zayn. Sami will win. Renee asks Daniel about potential trades. Bryan says that he is not sure how they would work. Admits that he would like to trade for someone like a Zayn or Cesaro. Not only because he despises Miz but because of the quality of performers, that those two are. Bryan talks about The Smackdown PPV Backlash. He uses it to give Miz some credit. Says that he has his backers. Bryan brings up how The Miz and Ziggler’s match should have been the main event. How The WWE Title was put on first because of the debates. How instead of Orton and Bray. Miz and Ziggler should have gotten that spot…. Bryan talks about how great Smackdown Live has been for talents like Miz, Ziggler and Slater. Thinks that is why SD Live is better than Raw because of the opportunity.

Edge joins the show. Edge promises to make the tone lighter. Edge talks about how great The Undertaker’s entrance is. How he always gets goosebumps. Edge talks about how he has always felt a huge responsibility and pride towards Smackdown. Mentions how others felt the same way over the years. Like The Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, Batista, Booker T etc… How Smackdown has always been the place, where there has been less of a glass ceiling. Renee asks Edge how he felt to be out there tonight. Edge says that he is still sweating. Renee blames it on Edge’s long hair and big beard. Edge talks about Beard oil. Bryan and Edge joke about Jojoba oil. Bryan asks Edge if he is disappointed that he didn’t get to do a 5 second pose with James Ellsworth tonight. Daniel then does a great imitation of Ellsworth with both of his hands up and his chin tucked in…. Edge is asked about Shane McMahon. He talks about how crazy his energy is. How he needs to rein it in. Renee asks Edge about The Undertaker’s threat to The Smackdown team and if Styles and Ambrose can work together…. Bryan interrupts and says that he thinks that people can always unite for a common goal.

James Ellsworth joins the show. Edge and Ellsworth stare at each other. Funny stuff. Ellsworth talks about how happy he is right now. How he is enjoying the experience so much. Bryan brings up that Edge is filming the show Vikings. Daniel asks Edge, if James can be on the show. Edge says that James would have to fix his hair. Edge says that when The Undertaker came out tonight. That James had liquid coming out of every part of his body. Edge talks about how much he loved James reaction. How it represented being a fan. Renee asks James how he plans to help Smackdown being a mascot. Ellsworth says that he will encourage everyone and be supportive. Says that his favorite team member is Dean Ambrose. Edge and James Ellsworth do a 5 second pose to end the show. Classic.

Thanks to Leon Milici for the recap.

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