Thursday, April 2, 2020

Georgia Authorities Attemp to Stop AEW Tapings

Georgia Authorities Attemp to Stop AEW Tapings
Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, AEW had to move from Jacksonville, FL, to Norcross, GA, for their television tapings.

According to Wrestling Inc, Georgia authorities arrived at the tapings and attempted to have them shut down. AEW apparently had the proper paperwork in place to allow the tapings to go forward safely. Georgia state officials stuck around to ensure that proper codes were followed throughout the taping.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who stated that he had just learned that asymptomatic people can transmit COVID-19, issued a stay-at-home order starting Friday that will be effective through April 13. From what we've been told, AEW was given the okay to finish taping before the shelter-in-place order takes hold.

What was taped by AEW will likely be used to fill out their shows until mid-May.