Monday, March 16, 2020

Jerry "The King" Lawler Says The Media Is Creating The Coronavirus Panic

Jerry "The King" Lawler Says The Media Is Creating The Coronavirus Panic
Jerry "The King" Lawler sat down with Kevin Cerrito of Cerrito Live last week to discuss how the coronavirus will impact the WWE and Wrestlemania 36.

Lawler said he didn't think the virus would affect plans for WWE's biggest PPV of the year and reaffirmed some of his prior statements on his appearance this week.

"I know I said I do not think they will ever have an empty arena Wrestlemania," Lawler said, "and I did say I didn't think it would be canceled, and as of yet as of this moment it's still not canceled. They're going to wait until the very last moment to make that decision. Whatever I said last week I guess is still right up to this moment."

Lawler's life hasn't been affected by the virus, mentioning how a show he did in Bradley, Tennessee was packed with fans and his local donut shop was busy as usual the next morning. He said he understands the seriousness of the virus but thinks the media has caused the general public to overreact to the virus.

"I just think that the media is blowing this thing, is creating this panic," Lawler said. "You know you can't find toilet paper anywhere. That's the main thing the coronavirus causes you is to make you go to the bathroom a million times a day or something. Other than that, I still think I still feel like this is blown out of proportion and it's a media created panic."

Lawler said the businesses shutting down operations, including the NCAA and Disney theme parks, are doing so in reaction to the panic being created by the media. He said he will be on RAW on Monday night and his travel plans are not affected, scoffing at the CDC recommendation against flying and saying a member of the CDC task force is "a weasley looking little guy."

Lawler said there is no cure for the virus even if one gets it, so he's going to keep living his life. He ends by laughing when Cerrito says he's concerned with Lawler flying.

Personal Note: I strongly recommend NOT to listen to Lawler's words.